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The introduction of Uncle Erik seems to have stirred something up 😉

Kevin and I returned to the hotel room, both looking forward to going out on the town.

“It’s been forever since I had seen Uncle Erik” Kevin exclaimed with a hint of joy in his voice.

“Seeing you two together brought a warmth to my heart” I returned in kind.  “He’s been asking about you a lot on the few occasions that we got together.  I think seeing you made his day!”

We both headed for the dresser to grab clothes to change into.  I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to wear, but definitely wanted something different to business attire.

Kevin had already taken off his shirt by this point.  His smooth athletic frame outlined in the glow of the hotel room light made me chub right there.  I quickly readjusted myself without him seeing.

Kevin was always a good looking kid, but he really grew into his looks now.  I guess I hadn’t really noticed it before, but I did see what Erik was saying about the similarities between father and son.

My eyes trailed his torso as he was still figuring out what to wear.  A slight bend at his waist exposed more of his backside to me.  As my eyes scanned the round curvature of his cute butt, my cock stood at full attention in my shorts.  I turned away from him as quickly as I could and grabbed a pair of underwear, grey chinos and a white polo shirt from the drawer.

I disappeared into the bathroom to change, hoping that Kevin didn’t see the excitement of my seeing him.

“Dad, you almost done in there?” I heard coming from outside the door.  “I gotta take a leak!”

I don’t even know how much time I had been in here, yet I still hadn’t even changed out of my shorts.  I stood there in the mirror this entire time reeling from the sight of my half naked son in front of me and the excitement it brought to my whole body.

I reached over and opened the door.  Kevin walks in wearing a light green t-shirt and tan khakis.

Kevin starts laughing “Dad what have you been doing in here? You’re not even changed yet!”

I looked over at him, my eyes did a once over.  “Looking good son”

Kevin stopped right behind me and all I could see was the reflection of his eyes traveling down my body landing squarely at my ass.

I kept my eyes on him until I saw them come back up and look right at me.  I gave him a curt smile, as he proceeded to the toilet.

“We don’t have to be strangers around each other” he said.  “We are two grown men who can change in front of on another”

He was right though.  We really did have nothing to hide.

As he lifted the lid to the toilet my eyes caught a glimpse in my peripheral, the swift release of his cock.  I tilted my head slightly in his direction and glanced down.  He pulled the foreskin back exposing the head of his member as it began a stream of piss into the bowl.

I quickly looked away, and began taking my shorts off to change.  My dick popped out of the waistband with a purposeful swing.

“Holy fuck!” I heard coming from Kevin.

Kevin’s eyes looked right down at my rock hard cock.  His own dick had finished pissing, but his hand hadn’t let go of it.  Rather it took hold and wrapped itself around the shaft.

“I have never seen it, but I imagined what it would look like” Kevin said nervously.  “It’s bigger than I envisioned”

His hand began light strokes up and down his cock, covering and pulling back the skin over the head.  My eyes watched his hand slide over that beast in a soft rhythmic pattern, yet there was nothing soft about what I was looking at.  The movement made it hard, and in turn I felt my cock pulse in response.

“You have a nice looking one, yourself, there son” as I reached down and gripped my dick.

We both stood there staring at each other’s cocks.  The air grew thick and each stroke propelled a glob of precum at my piss slit.  I took my index finger to massage the lube over the head and down my shaft.  Kevin’s cock was already glistening.

I walked one step closer to Kevin and reached over to grab his shaft.  As my fingers laced around his, Kevin let out a soft moan as he tilted his head back.

My hand tightened around his cock as it slid over the wet skin.  The soft suctioning sound bounced off the walls producing more pre-cum in its wake.

I bit my lip as I looked down at his cock.  We were now at a point of no return.  I had been thinking about how our first encounter would go for many years, but was too chickenshit to initiate anything.

“Dad…..” Keving let out softly, “ that feels so good”

His body started gently fucking the palm of my hand.  Each thrust saw his dick disappear into and out through my hand.

This all felt like it happened organically, but seeing Uncle Erik seems to have awoken something in both of us.  Something that has been simmering for years.

Kevin started increasing his thrusts.  The sound of our skin contact got louder.  His breathing became shallower and were soon followed by soft moans of pleasure.

I quickly let go of his cock and dropped to my knees, taking no time to take his cock into my mouth.

Kevin let out a gasp of surprise, as he certainly didn’t expect it.

As his dick entered my mouth, my tongue felt the slickness encasing his cock.  I roamed all around the head, causing Kevin to tremble.  His hands found the back of my head and lightly interlocked his finger.

My hand reached around and pulled his pants the rest of the way down exposing his ass.  I reached back up and gripped both cheeks as I took his cock deeper into my throat.

He began fucking my mouth with more conviction, pumping more globs of precum across my tongue.  I sucked and savoured the sweet flavour, while I felt the head of his dick hit the back of my throat.

The excess mixture of saliva and precum slipped its way past my lips and trailed down my cheek.

“Fuuuuucccckkkk dad” Kevin exclaimed in pure ecstasy “your mouth feels …..amazing”

I continued to blow my son for all it’s worth, polishing the length and taking in the sensation of his cock.

“I’m getting close dad”

I increased my rhythm, knowing full well I would be rewarded with his load.

“Uggggghhhhhh, I’m gunna cuuuum” his hands gripped tightly on the back of my head as I clamped down with my mouth.  The firm cock hardened just as I felt the release

A thick coating filled my mouth, as pulse after pulse hit the back of my throat.  Kevin’s body shook as his cock shot endless streams of sperm down my throat.

I swallowed immediately, sucking eagerly for more.  I let go of his still hard dick for a moment to catch my breath, when a single volley hit my mustache.  I reached up my tongue to claim it, but couldn’t reach it.

Kevin’s hand let go of my head and a finger brushed the glob off my mustache and placed the concoction into my awaiting mouth.  I sucked back on his finger, tasting his cum.

“Holy….. shit……. dad, that………..was……..” Kevin said trying to catch his breath.

“Tasty” I said with a laugh as I licked my lips searching for anything remaining.

Kevin shared in the humour….”fucking awesome!”

I looked at his softening dick, reached over and took it back in my mouth to clean off any residue.  Kevin’s body jolted back at the sensitivity, to which I let it fall back out.

I placed my hand on his thighs and looked up at him.  Kevin’s eyes met mine, a smile appeared on his face.  My eyes glanced over his body once more, before I got myself up on my feet.

My dick had softened at this point, but the head was dripping precum like a faucet.  Globs formed strings from the head and swung down to the floor.

I watched as Kevin’s eyes trailed down my chest to my leaking cock.  His hand reached out and touched my dick.  His finger rubbed the tip spreading my lube and brought it up to my mouth.  I gladly accept his offering and sucked it off his finger.

“We better get ready for Uncle Erik, don’t you think?” he said.