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There was a new sex club that opened in the town of JASPER. All the men who were at the club say that it is amazing experience there is nonstop sexual fucking. Who the owners are is still a mystery they are just known as THE COMPANY. They are very interested in human males and their seed. When you enter the club they give you special purple rubber outfits to wear.

These purple rubber outfits are different than normal rubber they seem to be alive and enhance sexual production thus producing more human seed for this what the COMPANY wants. And if you are lucky to be selected by the company for your human seed you will suddenly just disappear and never be heard from again.

By the way this where our story continues. A human who was called Dennis was looking for his friend who suddenly just disappeared after attending the club. So he decided to investigate what happened to his friend Trevor.

So that night Dennis arrived at the club and by the way the name of the club was called OUT OF THIS WORLD  It had a giant bright red sign with a picture of a flying saucer. So Dennis enter the club and went over to the Manager of the club he was told that he had to put on the purple rubber outfits.

So Dennis went into the changing room and put on the purple rubber outfit. Then he was told to wait in this room and he would have his answer to his question about his friend. After an hour someone in a silver metallic spacesuit came into the room they touched  button on their spacesuit and suddenly Dennis was being fucked hard.

He was Cumming nonstop and his seed was being consumed then after the spacesuited figure had sampled his seed he found himself in somewhere else with more figures all wearing silver spacesuits and he was being harvested and his seed was being collected he found himself lying on some medical examination table as his seed was collected by not humans but some kind of alien lifeforms.

Dennis had his answer what happened to his friend for Dennis saw his friend was placed inside a clear tube and was being milked like some human cow for his sperm by alien lifeforms. So this was the COMPANY and the sex club was in fact an alien spaceship.

The aliens would lure human males to the sex club and make them wear these purple rubber outfits make of alien living rubber substance to enhance sexual activity and collect samples of human seed and test it. If the aliens find it to be prime stock then the human male is sent to the spaceship as a member of the herd for the rest of his life.

They knew that human males were sexual active and this is what the aliens wanted. Why they came to planet earth for. To collect s new food source. It turns out that human male sperm contains a special protein that the aliens feed on. So planet earth will become the aliens harvesting center.

Yes there is going to be a part 2