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Savannah, September 2007

“Good to see you, Squirt,” my brother Matt said with his bright smile as he greeted me at the airport terminal, standing up from a seat as I walked up to him. He had his sunglasses in the crook of his casual T-shirt, but even indoors I was squinting from the brighter, lower afternoon sun as it beamed in through the glass windows of the terminal. 

We clasped in a quick hug. It was good to see him. I didn’t perv on Matt, not really, but he had inherited a healthy portion of the good-looking McGrath genes. He’d always had that cute boyish look to him, even in his Academy years. Now entering his late 20s, he was growing into the more mature handsomeness that Dad and John shared. He still had that thick chestnut brown hair that was cut akin to Dad’s more military officer style, short on the sides with some length on top, parted to look clean. And the military had only honed his physique and stature. Unlike Dad, Paul, or even myself, Matt and John shared more of the leaner builds from my mom’s side of the family.

“You been waiting long?” I asked as I pulled the strap of my bag onto my shoulder and readjusted my ball cap. Matt had driven up from where he was stationed in Florida, and the plan was for him to pick me up at the airport. My flight was a little delayed, though not too bad.

“Nah,” he said, shaking his head as he flashed his smile and dimples at me. “For the record, there’s no short supply of pretty girls in Georgia. I’ve been more than happy to kill some time.” 

I laughed as we began walking. This was the old Matt for sure, but also the new Matt. He was a fully fledged Navy pilot now and maybe had picked up on the macho ways of the Service. And now that he was off base and away from Jacksonville, maybe he felt a little freer to let his libido roam. 

But I couldn’t help but think of my own Army boyfriend, across the globe on his deployment. I wasn’t in Command Sergeant Major Sean Carter’s neck of Georgia exactly, but I felt closer to him there already. 

Matt offered to take my bag, but I’d packed light. Dad had gifted me a proper weekend bag for my 24th birthday – a nice one, with a kind of grown up look to replace my duffel bag. He’d even bought my plane ticket down to Savannah too, which was me cashing in a standing rain check to visit my brothers, since I hadn’t seen them last Christmas or indeed over the last year.

“This your car?” I asked as Matt led me to a black BMW once we were in the parking garage. “Pretty sweet,” I said. 

He smiled and unlocked the doors. “Dad’s gonna lecture me when he knows I bought this,” he said. As we slid into the warm interior, he asked, “How’s the old Civic holding out?” It had been the car Matt had driven in high school before Dad handed it down to me. 

“It’s not,” I said, setting my bag down between my legs in the low seat. “It died a month ago.” Back in early August, I had it towed to a mechanic in Salem, but by then the car had a ton of miles racked up and a new transmission was going to cost a lot. I talked to Dad, who suggested I just sell it for whatever money I could get. 

“No shit?” Matt replied.

“Yeah,” I said. “Dad had to pick me up from Salem.” I felt self conscious about how much our father helped me out, but it’s not like Matt didn’t know. “I have his Altima now.”

That got a chuckle out of him. “He’s trying to make an old man out of ya, Jim,” he said. “You hungry? What do you say we get some dinner?”

He drove us to the hotel, where I dropped off my bag. It was an economy hotel but central, two double beds, and nice enough. This was Matt’s idea, meeting in Savannah. It was close enough to him, but I guess also a change of pace for him. The early fall weather looked nice enough to get some beach time in, and there was enough nightlife to occupy us.

I wasn’t sure what this weekend would be like. But I knew I missed my brother. Matt and I had a bond from growing up. Not only close in age, but we had to be close knit with our mother’s passing and adjusting to life after. Paul acted in loco parentis a lot, but Matt was second parent, buddy, and brother all in one. My coming out had interrupted that bond, maybe, but Matt seemed more relaxed now, less rigid than he was when he was at the Naval Academy. 

Savannah definitely had a Southern charm to it, at least the downtown part where we were staying, which had a lot within walking distance. With the nicer weather, we settled on a pub with a patio. As we grabbed a burger and beers, I asked Matt if he was glad to be back on shore. 

He nodded. “Yeah, they keep me pretty busy here, too,” he said. “But the creature comforts of home are nice,” he added, sipping his beer. Then he lowered his voice, leaning over the table just a bit. “Between you and me, though, Jacksonville’s a total fuckin’ dump.”

I had to laugh. Matt had been in his more buttoned-up phase at the Academy and still had that earnest side of him, but he was relaxing a little around me. Maybe this getaway was a mini vacation for him, too.

“Where would you rather be?” I asked. Maybe Matt was like me. I was working my way from one minor-league assignment to the next, and I couldn’t be too picky. 

“Fuck!” he exclaimed, leaning back in his seat. “Hawaii? San Diego?” he replied with a slight laugh. “I honestly didn’t think I’d say Norfolk, but it’s closer to other things.” He paused and seemed to reflect. “But, you know, I feel lucky to be with the Tigers… I don’t think that I’d want to be anywhere else, really.”

I asked him more about what he did, the plane he flew, his role in the Patrol Squadron, that kind of thing. Military talk was always like a familiar second language that I half-knew. And unlike Sean’s Army details, I was more intimately familiar with the Navy.

I listened and could sense Matt’s excitement for both the role of being a Navy pilot and also the mission he was doing. “Well, I worried about you, Matt,” I admitted. “While you were underway.”

That surprised my brother and I think touched him a little. “For real, Squirt? I’m fine,” he said. With a nonchalant tone, he added, “There’s probably more danger of a training accident than enemy fire.” He took another sip of beer. “It’s the Army and Marines taking the brunt of this one.”

Matt paused, because he could see the look on my face, and knew he’d hit a nerve.

“Sorry, Jim… Dad told me,” my brother said in an apologetic tone. “He even told me not to bring it up.”

“I guess we haven’t talked about the fact I’m dating someone,” I said softly. Matt had been the most standoffish of my family when I came out. I still didn’t know what he thought. Maybe he was figuring out what it meant to have a gay brother. I did know from Dad that Matt was pretty supportive of him now that our father was dating a man. 

“Dad’s filled me in, a little,” he said, treading a little lighter than I was used to from him. “Sean?”

I was nervous in replying with specifics, and I think Matt misread why. “You don’t feel comfortable talking here?” he asked. It was a noisy pub kind of place but still in public. I didn’t know if he was addressing more my own closeted nature or wanting to be discreet about Sean, given Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

I shook my head. “No, I’m good.” I paused and looked at my brother from under my ball cap. I figured I should feel free to talk to him. “I just feel weird talking about him sometimes because he’s older.”

I didn’t get any judgment from Matt. “Dad dropped a hint,” he said, a look on his usually mischievous face that said he was sorry for being so nosey. “But he didn’t give a lot of details. And you’ve been cagey as hell.”

I blushed. I had talked about Sean only to my gay friends, Holt and Scott, and to Dad. “Some of it is me not wanting to jinx anything, you know,” I tried to explain as I spun my half-empty draft glass. “He’s my first real boyfriend,” I said, blushing self-consciously all of a sudden to say that word with my brother. 

Matt gave an earnest half-grin and nodded for me to continue. 

“I dunno, I guess part of me doesn’t want to make a big deal out of Sean in case it doesn’t work out.”

Matt took a sip of beer. “Christ, is dating a dude that hard, bro?”

I shrugged. “Maybe I make it hard,” I quipped. “I sometimes worry I overthink things,” I said more seriously. “I don’t know, like it’s some McGrath trait I inherited.”

“Probably,” Matt agreed. He then shot one of his playful grins. “Fortunately chicks go for serious guys. They think it’s sexy or something.”

I had to laugh. Matt had a sense of humor that could be impish and dry at the same time. It wasn’t that different from Sean’s style, actually – a connection I’d never made before.

“It’s not like you’ve been bringing girlfriends home for Christmas,” I shot back.

“There’s no one serious, really,” he explained. He didn’t seem bothered by that fact. Maybe he was enjoying playing the field as a young, very good looking guy in the Navy. I think the pilot thing helped. 

“Didn’t stop John,” I said. That made us both laugh.

Matt sat back in his chair. “Dude, John thinks every girl is The One until the next one comes along in a few months.”

I laughed. Matt exaggerated, but there was some truth there. At every family function, John always had a new girl as his plus one.

Matt enjoyed seeing me laugh. Like Dad, Matt could be serious at times, but he could be a wiseass in the best way, too. 

“So…” he said, his blue eyes getting sharp once again. “Your guy… Sean… he’s older.”


“Like, how much older?”

“44,” I admitted in a soft voice. I shuddered to think the man had his birthday just three days earlier. I’d sent him an email and a package, but I wasn’t able to celebrate his birthday for real.

Matt let out a low whistle. “Yeah, that’s weird,” he said. My brother could be judgmental without being judgmental. It was hard to read. But he nudged my arm playfully. “Is that why you don’t talk about him?”

“Part of it,” I admitted. “I don’t think Dad approves.”

At first I didn’t know why I admitted that to Matt. Then I realized it was because I wasn’t ever able to talk about this to anyone else. Even my buddy Holt.

“Dad’s old fashioned in some ways,” Matt said knowingly. Then he asked more directly, “What’s his rank?” 

“Command Sergeant Major,” I replied. I was proud of Sean’s military accomplishments, but felt self conscious once more about the fact that Sean was much older than me. My brother’s eyes widened a bit. He knew how much rank Sean held as well, the equivalent of a Master Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. 

Matt reflected on it, and I wasn’t sure if he was thinking more about Sean’s age or enlisted status, or both. “I’ll have a talk with him if that helps.”

It was endearing to see my big brother’s protective streak come out. 

“That’s OK,” I said. “It’s just nice to talk about actually. Maybe I should tell Paul and John.”

He chuckled. “They kind of know,” he admitted. “But like I said, Dad has been short on details.”

I had figured as much, but the news made feel bad I’d held off talking to my brothers about things going on in my life, other than baseball.

We got our burgers, and I realized I was hungrier than I thought. As we ate and enjoyed our beer, I got caught up on everything Matt. His time at sea, his life in Jacksonville, and his career goals in the Navy. Even though he was an officer as well, his experience so far was already different from Dad’s – a different role and different rank. It was cool to have more time to talk like this, beyond our regular phone calls.

After dinner, we wandered around downtown a little bit, then hopped into a bar where there were baseball games on the big screen TVs. Matt wasn’t a die-hard fan like me or Dad, and for that matter, he wasn’t a die-hard fan of any sport. But he’d watch just about any game, and we enjoyed settling into a couple of bar seats, watching the game some but not getting too caught up in it. 

By the end of the Astros-Brewers game, we decided to call it a night. 

The air was still warm and humid, even at night. It made me a little sad that summer was over. As a baseball player, summer was never purely vacation for me, and now that I was playing professionally that was doubly true. The compensation was that fall was usually pretty nice in Virginia, and I had at least one trip ahead planned to visit Holt and Scott. 

“Beach tomorrow?” Matt asked as we turned down a side street that led closer to the river and toward our hotel. He wasn’t drunk but seemed in a good buzzed mood. 

“Sounds great,” I said.

I almost didn’t notice it. It was a nondescript brick building with a basic awning. Only the rainbow flag colored lights in the window gave away that my brother and I were across the street from a gay bar. I tensed some and wondered why. For some reason I was embarrassed by the idea my brother might notice.

He didn’t though as he kept talking about our beach plans. And soon we were at the end of the street and turning toward the hotel.


The water at Tybee Island was warm, very warm, and it felt nice to swim some and even wade in to cool off. It was ideal really. I’d worked hard all season, and I had my seasonal job waiting for me back in Norfolk the following week. For now, it felt great to relax in my boardshorts on a spare beach towel Matt had brought. The sun wasn’t so hot to fry, but it felt nice and warm. In all, it was a low key day. Matt and I napped some on our beach towels. And later we played paddle ball.

It was like being kids on a beach holiday again. 

Once again, I observed Matt’s Navy-honed physique, the lean muscle capped with strong arms and rounded shoulders, his dog tags lying in the thick darker chest hair he had. And he had more of a chestnut tan. If people paid attention, they could probably figure out we were brothers, but we also looked so different. 

The peacefulness of the day made me surprised by Matt’s question as we watched the ocean as the sun got lower behind us. 

“What do you think of Dad dating Jack?” he asked. 

It was a very complicated question for me, given the secret history I had with both men. Matt was used to seeing Jack and Dad as work friends from when we were young. Even so, I knew the answer. “I’m happy for Dad.”

He nodded, kind of looking out on the ocean before looking back at me. “I definitely expected him to date a woman,” he said, almost like he was still getting used to the idea. I had the feeling that Dad’s bisexuality was new to my brothers. He’d told me about his past back at Paul and Megan’s wedding when I came out to him, but I think he hoped that admission would make me feel better about myself. 

I think Matt thought I was going to take issue with my comment or something, but he just gave a soft shrug of his shoulders. “I just don’t want his career to be affected.”

I don’t know why that hit me so emotionally, but it did. I knew Dad looked out for Matt, like he looked out for all of us, so the idea of my brother feeling protective of Dad was strange and moving. Maybe it also gave me some reassurance I could be open with my brother about Sean, without hurting Sean’s career. 

“You think it will?” I asked. I knew Dad and Jack were very low key in their dating, and not really public. But people might figure it out at some point. 

“Not predicting,” Matt said. “But it’s occurred to me.” 


Matt and I were in casual T-shirts and shorts as we enjoyed drinks that evening back in town. I was a little tired from the day in the sun, but as we had our second beer that evening, Matt got a second wind. 

He had a playful, almost conspiratorial look on his face as he leaned in some. “So Squirt… would you be offended if I went to talk to those girls over there?” he asked. The day’s sun had given his cheeks a reddish tan and rosy glow as he smirked at me, sunglasses perched on his head in the mess that was usually his Navy neat hair.

I slyly looked behind him. I hadn’t even really noticed them, but indeed there was a group of four twenty-something women at a high top, having margaritas and looking over our way.

“Have at it,” I laughed. 

It was wild watching my brother try out his game. He played the goof a little as he went up to ask the table if he could buy them drinks. I couldn’t hear everything said, but I heard some laughs and giggling, and then Matt sauntered over to the bar to buy a round, but not before looking over at me with a grin. 

I stepped up to him. “OK if I head on?” I asked. As amusing as this ritual was to watch, I wasn’t in the mood to make small talk with the ex-sorority crew. 

He nodded and gave a half-apologetic look. “Yeah, sorry, Jim. I’ve just not had a chance to unwind in a while.” 

“No problem,” I said, patting his shoulder. “For real. I’m kind of tired.”

“You got your room key?” he asked. 

I told him I did and to have fun.

As I left the bar, stepping onto the sidewalk and adjusting my ball cap, it all reminded me of the night I met Sean. Army-Navy game weekend in Philly. Matt and his Naval Academy buddy hitting on girls in the bar before leaving me alone. It all felt like fate that night.

And now CSM Sean Carter was serving overseas, while I was on my own in a strange city, where everyone seemed to be partying and in a different mood than me.

I started my walk back to the hotel, but as I passed that familiar side street, I paused. 

Normally, I wouldn’t be inclined to go into a gay bar. I’d only been to one in my life, and that was almost two years before, with Scott and Charlie as part of a drunken New Years Eve in New York. 

Somehow now I felt anonymous. Or maybe I was just in the right mood. I walked up to that nondescript awning and the glass door, and I entered.

It was dark and loud with music inside. Not that busy, but a few men were scattered around the bar area. The place smelled a little like stale beer. I pulled the brim of the ballcap down a bit more and went up to the bartender before I lost my nerve. He was young, shirtless and fit, and flirted with me as I ordered a basic bottled beer.

I’d barely paid him and taken a sip when a man in his 30s came up to me. 

“You look like you made a wrong turn, honey,” he slurred in his drawl. 

He wasn’t my type physically, I guess, but mostly I was annoyed at his taunt. I couldn’t tell if his words were a pick-up line or just meant to be aggressive. 

“I know where I am,” I said, defiantly from under my ball cap. 

“Ooh, butch… I like that,” the guy cooed, moving in a little closer, too close. 

Maybe he was just doing what guys did. What Matt was doing with those ex-sorority girls just then. But I began questioning what I was doing there. My eyes darted around. 

“Nice talking to you,” I said in a curt forced politeness, tipping up my bottle to him before turning to walk away.

I drank my beer too quickly. I thought of leaving, but the place was picking up some. Not a younger crowd, but that suited me. I stood alone, leaning against the wall opposite the bar. I smiled to myself, handling my empty beer bottle as I realized that this is exactly what Sean was doing the night we met. 

I looked back up, scanning the new crowd and my attention zeroed in on one man who pushed my buttons. Medium height, nice build, but in a more average man kind of way. He was dressed preppy, in a polo tucked into cotton shorts, and loafers. He was older, with lighter hair like mine, combed and parted to look professional. 

The man was with a friend, but he kept looking over my way. Whispering to his friend, or at least talking in the guy’s ear over the music. 

Our eyes connected and I gave him a small slight smile. It felt funny being caught out in the eye contact game. Still, with his friend next to him, I felt too shy to go over and say hello. And he wasn’t making a move either. 

In all my time dating Sean, I’d not had sex with anyone else, other than the one threesome we’d had. I knew Sean had fucked other men when we were apart, maybe not a lot, but he had insisted on keeping things open between us. Back in July, I’d told myself I wouldn’t sleep around while Sean was deployed, but a couple of lonely months into his deployment had changed my feeling. He’d had his fun, and I didn’t like the one-sided-ness of it.

I missed Sean like hell, but I was going to be open to some no-strings sex if the opportunity presented itself.

I figured I’d get another beer and see how the evening would play out. At the worst, I’d have a little flirty fun. I fished out my dollar bills and counted out the amount for another drink.

I walked up to the bar, where the shirtless, buff bartender came my way. He had a smile that was more knowing than flirty this time. “Another, stud?” he asked, lifting up a beer bottle. 

I nodded and he undid the cap, handing the frosty cold bottle to me with a napkin on the bottom. I started to hand him the cash but he shook his head.

“Treat of the gentleman at the end of the bar,” he said with a wink.

I looked down and there was polo shirt guy, looking at me expectantly. Alone now. Emboldened, I decided to walk over.

“Thanks,” I said, over the music as I got closer. 

“My pleasure,” came the reply in his syrupy Southern accent as he held his own mixed drink. “I couldn’t help but notice ya.”

With the low light in the bar, I finally got a better look at him. About 5’9″ and compactly built with a nice chest under his polo. I was definitely bigger than him. He had nice forearms coated in thick blond fur. His hair was thinning some but he still had it, straw-like blond hair that was going part silver. The gray had taken over the temples and made his blue eyes more striking. The lines on his face betrayed his age, especially his laugh lines. His shave was close, clean, fresh, a far cry from Sean’s perpetually dark, 5 o’clock shadow. 

As he looked back at me, he seemed to be taking in my features, too, and I saw him laugh.

“What?” I asked with a laugh of my own. 

He got a friendly, shy expression. “Don’t worry… I know you’re out of my league, but I figured I could buy you a drink.”

Something about the way he clearly desired me was not only an ego boost, but made my cock firm up in my shorts. “I was about to call it a night,” I said, feeling flirty. “It’s nice to have a reason to stay out.”

That made the man smile. “Chris,” he said, offering his hand. 

I took it for a quick handshake. “Jim.”

“So Jim… what brings you out tonight?” he asked, his body language now more relaxed as he stayed leaning against the bar top.

“Just visiting family in town,” I said, before taking a swig of my overly cold beer. 

As he asked me more questions, I kept things vague. Nothing about baseball, no mention of the Navy, and no mention of my boyfriend.

We made more small talk, and I learned Chris was a realtor in Savannah and had grown up near the city. 

His body language was receptive as he talked about his work, and he leaned in a bit, closer as we continued our conversation. I recognized the lust in his eye. He definitely wanted me. As our eye contact got heavier, I figured why hold back? And he seemed very excited to be chatting me up. Finally, Chris said, leaning in some. “Can I press my luck to ask you back to my place, handsome?”

The moment felt fateful. It had been well over a year since I’d been with a man other than Sean, or at least without Sean present. I’d told myself I wasn’t going to do this, then decided in an abstract way that I’d let it happen. This wasn’t abstract, though. This was a real man who wanted to hook up with me. I felt a twinge of misgiving, but I also wanted this. Bad.

I nodded, feeling a thrill that I was actually going to get laid. “Are you far?” I asked. I didn’t want to make things conditional on where he lived, but I’d have to get back to my hotel.

“A quick drive,” he assured me. “I’ll bring you back, wherever you need to go.”

“OK,’ I said.

The man wasn’t Sean Carter hot, not remotely. I didn’t feel the same dizzying rush as I did in Philly when I met the Sergeant Major, nor did I have the Army man’s playfully dominant approach adding to my lust. I missed Sean, even as I was going home with this other man.

As I accompanied Chris out the bar and down the block to where he parked, I wondered if that was the attraction for me. Maybe I was so into the prospect of sex with this man because he felt like a safe quick fling. He certainly met my desire for older men. Good looking in a country club, tennis-built kind of way. 

Still, as we drove on I got a little nervous. This was a big step for me. Even if it had been only a year and a half since my last hookup like this, pure no-strings fun, a lot had happened to me in that time.

“You OK?” Chris asked as he turned into a small tree-lined street. The houses weren’t quite as grand as in the part of the historic district we drove through, but they were old, too. 

“Yeah,” I said, nodding from the passenger seat. “I’m good.”

He gave a gentle smile as he pulled into some street parking. He put the car in park and turned off the engine. “I was surprised at the bar, actually,” he said, in a hesitant tone, like he didn’t want to spook me. “You were more confident than I expected.”

I undid my seat belt. “How so?” I asked with a slight chuckle. I was nervous about having sex with someone besides Sean, but the rest of this was familiar, and all too easy. And now I knew I had the athletic build and good looks that drew men like Chris. I didn’t like to be conceited, but it was the reality. At that moment, I enjoyed the pull I had on the older man. 

“I don’t know,” he hemmed. “Guys like you, when they come into a bar like that, they’re usually figuring stuff out. Or maybe trying to satisfy a curiosity.” He paused, and I knew he was trying to figure out my deal. 

“I keep a low profile,” I admitted. “But I’m very much into men.” 

As if to show him, I leaned in. He didn’t need more of an invitation to kiss me. I took initiative of the kiss, sliding my tongue between his lips. I was maybe a little buzzed since I wasn’t concerned about being seen. It was a quiet block anyway. 

“God,” Chris hissed as we broke our kiss. I could tell he was rock hard in his shorts, without even looking. Sometimes you just know. I was boned, for sure. 

I nodded down at my crotch. “See what you did?” I teased. I felt a new energy. Maybe I was channeling Sean a little, and drawing on the more verbal side we’d been exploring as a couple. And my own confidence with this daddy was feeding it, too. 

“That looks fucking huge,” he hissed. His eyes widened as he looked at the tent in my shorts. Even in the dim streetlight, he could probably make out the length and girth of my boner. Looking up into my gaze once more, he asked, “OK if I touch it?”

“Please do,” I urged, leaning back in the car seat and spreading my legs. I felt his fingers trace up my bare thigh, which was a nice surprise that made my cock twitch. Finally, his fingers traced over my hard ridge. 

“You’re not a hustler, are you?” he asked with a laugh. Though maybe he was making sure. 

I laughed and shook my head no. I was eating up Chris’s horny attention. He looked down and then back up at me with a sexy leer. I helped to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my shorts. He was pulling my zipper down and soon reaching into my boxer briefs. With a deft move, he wrapped his fingers around my shaft and hauled my cock out over the waistband of my underwear. His eyes widened at the girth and overall size.

“This dick is unreal,” he grunted as he gave me a slow stroke. I thought he was just wanting to feel up my bare eight-incher, but turns out he was impatient. “Keep a lookout, OK?” he asked as he held my cock in its straight up stance. 

I nodded dumbly and then watched him lean over.

“Fuck,” I hissed as the man licked at the tip to taste my fist ooze of sap before wrapping his lips around the swollen head to begin blowing me. 

This had that risk element I sometimes enjoyed with Sean. It was definitely impetuous and hot sex. I took a look around the dark, shady street outside, furtively sneaking glances as the man’s head bobbing up and down on my lap. Chris wasn’t able to take all of my thick meat in one go, certainly, but he was pretty skilled at working the first three fat inches. 

I was now very glad I’d decided to hook up with him. It had been a few months since I’d gotten head, and the grind of baseball season had made it feel longer. Chris’s warm, talented mouth was reminding me how great a blowjob could feel.

Finally, he spit my cock out as he took a heavy breath and gave the head a steady lick before leaning up. 

“Take this inside?” he asked. Even in the dim light of the car interior, I could see that his lips were wet from the blowjob.

I nodded, doing my best to tuck back in and zip up. We got out of the car and walked a few houses down to where Chris lived. I kept looking over at him, taking in his compact build and enjoying how he was clearly walking with a boner. He looked my way too and smirked. 

“You’re into daddies aren’t ya, handsome?” he asked in a soft, sultry voice. 

“Pretty much,” I admitted. “That bug you?”

“I guess if it did, I shouldn’t chase a younger gentleman,” he said. I didn’t know if that was a yes or no, but it was as much a green light as I needed. 

I was feeling pretty amped up, so as he led me inside his place, I took the initiative to feel up his back through the polo shirt. “You’re fucking hot, man,” I hissed as I pulled his warm shorter body back into my hard chest. Kissing along his neck, I moved my hands around to feel up the front of him. There was a little padding but a lot of solid muscle beneath. “I don’t know what you’re into, but I’d love to fuck you, Chris.”

I felt his body tense some and I worried he was going to say no. “That’d be hot,” he answered softly. I felt his torso twist as he spun to face me, and hungrily he leaned up into me for another kiss. I obliged, balancing a sensual kiss with a sloppier, horny French kiss heavy on the tongue. 

His fingers traveled up beneath my T-shirt, touching the skin still hot from the sun exposure of the day. I tugged at his polo, a signal for him to back off to peel it off, just as I took off my ball cap and stripped off my T and tossed it aside.

“Fuck!” I gasped. His front was super furry, blond fuzz from the waist of his shorts to the shaved and trimmed part of his neck. 

He smiled, stepping back and undoing his shorts. “You like?”

“Fuck yes,” I hissed, undoing my own shorts and kicking off my sneakers.

“You’re not so bad looking yourself,” he said. “You an athlete or something?”

I peeled down my shorts and, with them, my briefs. My fat prick stood up, perpendicular to the ground at first before bouncing up to a more standing position. 

“I used to be,” I fibbed. 

He stepped out of his loafers before dropping his own shorts. He had regular trim briefs and he slid them down his furry thighs. Compared to my athletic jock build, or Sean’s military-honed physique, Chris’s middle-aged body was fit but more average, and his cock matched it in size and thickness. Not big, not small, just a nice hard tool that stood out from his thick blond crotch.  

He didn’t really look like Jack Grant, but all that blond fur reminded me of the man who was now Dad’s boyfriend. 

“Go easy on me with that weapon, OK?” he asked, teasing but serious, too. “You seem a little charged up.”

“I’m coming off a dry spell,” I said, stepping up to him. “But I’ll go easy, man.”

I now enjoyed his nakedness as I pulled him back into me. My prick pressed into his lower abs while his own hardon nudged against my upper thigh. His smaller body was warm and hard and softly furred all at once. We kissed again. I tried to rein in the impatience and kiss more softly. But his hands were between us, frigging my cock as we both worked up into a hornier kiss. 

I leaned down and ran my hands down his lower back until I felt up his buns, one in each hand, giving them a firm squeeze. The man worked out regularly, I could tell. But he also had a daddy kind of ass, thicker and with a little give to the muscle. It was a contrast from Sean Carter’s muscle ass. I loved it.

“Come on,” he finally whispered and pulled away, taking my hand and leading me back to his bedroom. 

Methodically, he pulled down the sheets and brought out some lube from his nightstand. Already I was crawling onto the bed, and I gave a horny grin as he got on to join me. 

We didn’t take our time, but we made out just a little before I pulled back and tugged at my hardon in a showy slow stroke. 

“On your stomach,” I softly ordered. OK, maybe I was channeling Sean in a major way. But this guy seemed into it, plopping on his belly and hiking his ass up.

I maneuvered behind him, down on my belly as well between his spread legs. I ran my hands up the back of his thighs until I was cupping his ass cheeks once more. The man’s back had a dusting of stray hairs but his buns were surprisingly smooth in my grip. And as I pulled his cheeks apart, I could tell he shaved his crack and around the dark pink hole. I took a half second to enjoy the view before diving right in. 

“Oh yes!” Chris gasped. He reached back with his hands, taking over for mine as he pulled at his buns. Some men enjoy getting rimmed more than others, I was discovering. Chris apparently LOVED it.

His excitement spurred me on to really go to town, munching his shaved smooth hole and tongue fucking him in alternating motions. I probably could have kept at it, too, but I was facing the chance for my first fuck in two months, and I wanted this. 

I pulled back and saw the pucker wet with my spit. I reached over and squirted some lube onto my finger, then some more. 

Chris lay dead still and braced himself for my finger’s penetration. It went in easy enough, and I slowly worked his ring with my lubed digit. 

“You bottom some, right?” I asked. His hole wasn’t giving too much resistance. 

He nodded and slid his hands up to his sides, next to his shoulders. “Yes, but usually the tops don’t have a baseball bat between their legs.”

I let out a soft laugh. “I’ll make it feel good, man,” I said. 

“Fuck,” he muttered as I lay on his back to get into a classic mounting position. I don’t know if that was from being turned on or nervous. 

Undaunted, I reached down to aim my prick into place. Smearing my natural lube on his ring, I teased Chris for a minute before contracting my abs to steady myself in a mounting position. I gave a soft kiss along his neck, enjoying the firmer muscle of his back against my chest. “I love how your hole is smooth,” I said. I don’t know why I was focusing on that, but something about his shaved ass felt novel to me. 

He now leaned up into my body, and it took me a second to realize he was mostly pushing back against my cock. 

I did the rest, using my glute strength to gently prod him open. It took a second, but then I felt him dilate, opening slowly so I could feed him the head of cock. Instinctively, I knew to stop once I’d cleared the breach. The man’s ass was nice and warm, and its snugness pulsed around the head of my prick.

Chris was breathing heavy now. I gave his neck some soft kisses to calm him and to let him know how appreciative I was to tap his ass.

Topping Sean Carter had been an amazing experience, and I suspected it was a turning point in our relationship. But the act had only made me realize how much I’d missed fucking men. 

The man below me was probably in his early 50s, and I loved the idea he could be my father. Same blond hair as me, same blue eyes. 

And an ass that was relaxing for me. I took advantage to slide a couple more inches in. I planted my hands next to his shoulders, holding myself slightly over him as I let my hips take over, feeding him some more of my girth and length.

“You’re so big,” Chris said. Now it was said in sexual excitement. 

I pushed more in, feeling his final walls being wedged open. “And you’re so tight,” I grunted. It took some willpower not to just plow the man. “I’m probably not going to last long inside you,” I said as I hung my head a bit.

“That’s OK, handsome,” he said softly below me. 

I don’t know who drove what from there on out. Chris bucked up to my crotch, and I pushed all the way in. I grunted and kissed him on the back of his neck. I felt very alive and channeled my thrill into a physical fuck. Deep long strokes that had a hard shove at the finish. 

“Fuck me!” the daddy hissed. He was a great bottom, skilled and accommodating. He reminded me of David, the professor I fucked back in college. And like David, this guy made me feel like a real stud. 

I thrust faster. He bucked back against me, but mostly it was the verbal encouragement that urged me on. The angle and my weight was pressing his chest down into the mattress.

“Yes!” he hissed. 

I kissed along every inch of bare skin I could reach, my hands now pawing at his arms and shoulders as I fucked deep and fast. The more I got into my fuck, the more my own verbal nature took a back seat. I was going to cum very soon.

Finally, I let it happen, my hips speeding to maximize the pleasure in my cock. His ass felt slick and tight and was going to milk me off good. 

“SHIT!” I growled and felt my body jerk into a rigid position, my dick buried deep inside him. The first shot fired into his guts, then in the aftershock, I pushed another hard thrust. Then another, as the cum pumped into him. 

This was as good a way as any to celebrate the end of my baseball season. 

I relaxed finally and took a second to regain my senses. I pushed myself off him gently, my cock sliding out, long and slick, sated and still half hard. I rolled off him. I asked, “You OK?”

Still on his belly, he nodded and replied quietly. “Yeah, that was hot.”

I knew from his tone he still hadn’t gotten off. I sat up and urged him to get up into a kneeling position. It took a second of awkward adjustment, but he figured out what I was going for. He got some lube for his own dick and started stroking off as I came back in close from behind. 

My dick was still rigid, at least rigid enough to press back into his still lubed and loosened hole. I gripped him around his waist, letting him feel my shaft fully rooted back inside him. That seemed to hit his inner spot just right, and he let out a choked growl and pressed his back into my chest. I began to slowly pump into him, letting him enjoy the feeling of a slow sensual fuck while he jacking off. It didn’t take long. I heard a soft cooing sigh then felt his body tense in my arms. Then cum flew out onto the headboard and pillows.

“Oh my fucking God,” he finally said. Then. “You better pull out, OK?”

I complied. In another circumstance I could have gone for seconds, but I was fully satisfied then. My dong was softening, and when it slipped out a good bit of my cum came out with it, dripping off my shaft and sliding down Chris’ inner thigh. 

Chris turned to face me, face red and flushed. 

“Thank you,” I said. “That was amazing.” We met in a quick, soft kiss. 

He nodded. “There’s the master bathroom if you want to get cleaned off,” he offered. “Then I can take you wherever.”

I felt a little bad for being all business after getting off, but indeed I worried Matt would be waiting for me back at the hotel room. I was already wondering if I’d make up some lie about staying out. Certainly I wasn’t going to explain about my and Sean’s open arrangement. 

As I came out of the bathroom, Chris had my previously discarded clothes placed in a pile on the bedroom chair. Already he was slipping on a more casual pair of gym shorts and worn gray T-shirt. 

He had a relaxed but friendly look on his face. “You made my week, handsome,” he said.

I grinned and picked up my briefs, stepping into them, arranging my junk in the center. “You’re an incredible bottom,” I said, honestly. 

He let out a soft laugh. “I don’t hear that much.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, before pulling on my T-shirt. Maybe Chris didn’t bottom much, but if so that would surprise me. 

“Just that. I don’t hear guys say that much.”

I felt the need to kiss him again. It was an affectionate part of sex that I loved, but I also wanted him to feel appreciated. So I stepped up to him once more and we started making out. 

“Can I give you my number?” he asked as we finally parted. “You know, in case you’re ever in town again.”

“Sure,” I said. Maybe I should have said no. Already I was pushing things, given that I had a boyfriend. But he seemed grateful that I accepted the scrap of paper he wrote his number on. I folded it and placed it in my shorts pocket before slipping those on as well before finally putting back on my ball cap.

In short order I was ready to be driven back to my hotel. We weren’t too chatty. Maybe it was the late hour, maybe it was the sex that drained us. We’d fucked in what was clearly a one-night stand, and there wasn’t much else to say.

“It was a pleasure to meet you, Jim,” he said as he pulled up to the front of my hotel. 

“You too, Chris,” I said. I was tempted to claim another kiss, but the lights were brighter on this street. Instead I reached over and patted his legs, running my fingers along the fur one more time before opening the door and getting out.

I had my words prepared for Matt, but the room was empty when I got back. I guess both McGrath men were getting laid that night. 

I pulled out the slip of paper with Chris’s number and crumpled it, dropping it into the wastebasket. I had no business keeping it. 

I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. It was late and I was really tired now. 

But as I lay in bed in just my boxer briefs, I didn’t go to sleep immediately. I thought of Sean. I didn’t feel guilty for the sex I’d just had, not exactly. But I felt weird. I’d enjoyed it, a lot. Maybe Sean was right that it helped to get my need to top out of my system, even if Sean was going to indulge me in that some now. Maybe this is what would let us have the long distance thing work.

Or not. 

The sex with Chris had been really hot. Not quite the sexual chemistry I had with Sean, but that was a high, impossible bar to clear. But for an hour or so just now, I’d been looked up to as the hottest man on earth. I knew I turned Sean on, but he never made me feel like THAT. It could be a selfish desire on my part. But a part of me wanted Sean to look at me the way Chris did. Hell, even the way I looked at Sean. 

Impossibly, my prick was hard again. I rolled onto my back. I slid my hand into my boxer briefs and felt myself up. I was under the covers, so if Matt came back, I wouldn’t get caught masturbating. Slowly, I slid my left fist up and down my thick tool. Reliving the fuck I’d just had. And imagining fucking Sean Carter again. It wasn’t a specific fantasy in my head, just an enjoyment of my horniness.

I wished I didn’t have the overcharged sex drive I had. But I was also glad for it. I loved sexual pleasure too much. 

I spit in my palm and went back to stroking. Now that baseball season was over, I’d have a lot more time for this. Alone time, me time. Maybe too much alone time. But I knew how to pleasure myself, how to handle my cock and focus my erotic thoughts. Rimming Sean’s Army-hard ass. My dad’s cock sticking out of his uniform. Coach Weir leaning over and spreading his meaty buns. 

My body jerked as I came into my hand, catching the pulses of sperm that dribbled along my thumb and fingers. I held my voice to a soft grunt. Then I grabbed some Kleenex to wipe off. I tossed that in the waste basket too. A two point shot.

I pulled up my boxer briefs and lay back. I quickly fell asleep.