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Chapter 2

I stuffed my spent dick back in my pants, purposely not making eye contact with Jamie. I wanted to get out of this hell hole of a man cave. Horror, fear, and regret all flooded my mind as I moved quickly past him, and out of the secret door into the office and out into the yard. I exited through the side gate before crossing the lawn and into our house. The lights in the house were already out, indicating that Claire had already turned in.

I mindlessly paced the living room for a few minutes, trying to make sense of what had happened. In my 32 years, the thought of doing something with a man never crossed my mind. Claire and I had been together since college, and except for some heavy petting with a girl in high school, she was the only woman I had ever been with sexually.

Then Jamie’s words kept playing over in my head; “Neither of us is getting any at home. We can help each other out.” The part that sucked, but I knew it was true was that I wasn’t getting any at home! It was true that Claire and I just stopped having sex. At first, the sex was good, I guess; Claire was more into the romance of it. Then slowly it faded to a couple times a month then less, then nothing. I jerked off to relieve sexual tension and to satisfy the need.

All these thoughts played over and over in my head, but it was late and I needed to get some sleep. Since I didn’t want to disturb her, or so I told myself, I grabbed a pillow and blanket and went to sleep on the couch. Claire wouldn’t ask about it as there were many nights I ended up on the couch anyway. I pulled off my jeans and saw the dry cum on my briefs. A pit formed in my stomach as images of what had happened flashed back to me.

I covered myself with the blanket, closed my eyes, trying to quiet the thoughts, and drifted off to sleep. I heard something and blinked my eyes open; Jamie was standing by the sofa. “What are you doing here? I asked, but he just smiled. In an angered move, I pushed back the blankets and stood up. I looked around the room but didn’t recognize it at first. It was our old house, the one that Claire and I rented when we first got married. The room was dark and there were lots of boxes in different states packed and unpacked. I turned to Jamie, and I felt an anger rise in me. “Why are you here?” I asked, again, not wanting to raise my voice and wake Claire. Jamie didn’t answer, he just stood there.

Without a word, Jamie sank silently to his knees in front of me and looked up at me. This only seemed to make me angrier, and I had a desire to hurt him, to punch him in the face. As my irritation grew, I grabbed Jamie’s hair and pulled his head back. What do you want from me? I asked, but Jamie just looked at me. While still holding a clump of hair in one hand I reached for my cock, pulled it out of my briefs, and began to slap his face with it. Jamie smiled, which added to my anger.

“Is this what you want?” I asked, holding my hard dick in front of his face. Jamie’s mouth opened and in one gulp he took my dick past his lips into his bearded mouth, swallowing it whole. “Fuck,” I hissed as I felt the warm mouth engulf my quickly hardening dick.

I placed my hands on Jamie’s shoulders which were now somehow bare, and I began to pump my dick in and out of his mouth, shoving it in as hard as I could, wanting to hurt him with it. Jamie didn’t seem to mind, he kept up with me fucking his mouth, sucking and slurping on my hardness. I pulled my dick out of his mouth and watched as cum sprayed out coating his dark beard in my white cream.

Just as I watched cum release from my dick, something warm and wet coated me. I felt it on my hand, my chest, and even my face. I opened my eyes and realized I was lying on the sofa, my hand in my briefs coated in a pool of cum.

For a moment I was disoriented, having no clue what had just happened as the memories faded away and the realization of having a wet dream hit my consciousness. I carefully moved off the sofa, not wanting to get any mess on the furniture. I found a towel in the laundry room and tried to wipe away the mess from my body, then returned to the sofa and tried to go back to sleep

“Honey,” I heard Claire say and blinked my eyes open, daylight streamed through the blinds filling the room. I looked down and was glad to see the blanket still covering my body and any of the mess I may have missed. “I am glad you and Jamie are getting along. You must have gotten in late. Well, I have an early meeting, so I gotta run,” she said, quickly, before giving me a quick kiss and leaving the house.

I waited until I was certain she was gone before I pushed back the blanket. Sure enough, there were remnants of dry cum on my abs, shorts, and blanket. Fortunately, none seemed to get onto the sofa. I got up and quickly dropped the messy blanket into the washing machine before heading to the bathroom to shower off the mess.

Over the next few days, I tried to put everything out of my mind. “It happened. Move on,” was what I kept telling myself. I did a pretty good job of moving on, but then night would come, and thoughts would permeate my dreams. I managed to avoid another wet dream, but there were times I woke up to random thoughts with my hand wrapped around my hard dick.

Sexual tension grew and I found I was having to jerk off with greater regularity, to relieve myself. Claire didn’t seem to notice, she never did, which made it even more frustrating. As I stood in the bathroom, slicking up my hand with spit and precum and stroking my hard dick, my mind would go to Jamie’s mancave thinking about what he had offered and what had happened. I would ask myself, should I go back? But then I would shoot a load into the sink and those thoughts would fade away, temporarily.

I started to become obsessed with trying it again, of going back to his mancave and letting him touch me. Or maybe even letting him blow me. Did he do that? Would he want me to do that to him? I shook my head at the thought. There was no way I could suck a dick. Maybe I could touch it if I had to reciprocate, but the thought of taking a dick into my mouth made me feel ill. Then I started to think about how I would do it. Would I just go over there and ask him to jerk me off?

“Bobbie and Jamie asked us to come around for dinner on Friday night,” Claire said, pulling me out of some of my thoughts. We hadn’t been to their house since the night it happened in the mancave. At first, I felt a jolt of excitement, but then I felt anxious and nervous. I started to think of an excuse why I couldn’t go, but I knew Claire would not let me off the hook.  

All Friday, I thought about what could happen. Would Jamie invite me into the mancave? Would he reach into my pants and jerk me off? Would I feel his hard body against mine, his beard against my skin? My dick would get rock hard at these thoughts, but then I would feel nervous and scared. After showering and dressing for dinner, I pledged that nothing would happen, and I would steer clear of the mancave and not be left alone with Jamie.

The night was pretty cool, and Bobbie had set the table in the dining room for dinner instead of the patio. I tried to stall Claire long enough so that there wouldn’t be too much time before dinner for Jamie to invite me away to his man cave. “Welcome neighbors,” Bobbie called out, as she greeted us at the front door and led us into the kitchen. “Help yourselves,” she added, pointing to an assortment of drinks and appetizers she laid out on the counter.

I looked around and didn’t see Jamie and a brief calm washed over me. Was I being crazy to think something would happen again? After the last time, I assumed Jamie got the hint and understood, I wasn’t into that sort of thing. Yeah, that’s it I said, trying to convince myself. “Jamie, are you coming to dinner?” Claire asked, pressing the intercom button on the counter. “On my way,” I heard Jamie respond, and all the fear washed back over me.

A few minutes later Jamie entered the room. “Sorry folks, I was in my office,” he said, then gave me a firm handshake and gave Claire a quick hug, before taking his place at the table. Jamie wore another plaid shirt, the top couple of buttons open, revealing some of his hairy chest.

This was the first time I saw Jamie since that night. This was the first time I looked at him since the wet dream where he was on his knees sucking my dick and I sprayed my white cum on his dark bearded face. As the memories flooded, back blood began to flood my dick, forcing it down my pant leg. “Honey, did you hear the question?” Claire asked, pulling me back from my thoughts. “Oh sorry,” I said, as my face flushed with heat.

“Jamie is going to their cabin at the lake this weekend and wanted to know if you wanted to join him and do a bit of fishing. I told him how much you missed fishing with your dad,” Claire explained. It felt as if someone hit me in the stomach and the air left me for a moment, as I looked around the table. “Oh, this weekend may not work,” I started, as I tried to find an excuse, but nothing came. “Brady, you have been so deep into your work the past couple of weeks. It’s ok to have some fun with Jamie this weekend. Besides, Bobbie and I are going shopping,” Claire added. Her words “Have some fun with Jamie” seemed to echo ominously in my head. “It’s settled then. We will leave at 0630 on Saturday morning. Dress warm, it’s going to get cold up in the cabin,” Jamie said before I could put up any further excuses.

“I don’t want to go,” I said to Claire on Friday night as she began to pull out clothes for the trip. “Don’t be silly, honey, you and Jamie will have a great time,” she countered. Again, the idea of having a great time with Jamie haunted me. Something in me wanted to find out if he would make a move on me again. Secretly a part of me wanted him to, but then I would play it out in my head and convince myself that I wasn’t going to allow it to happen.

I felt drained when I pulled myself out of bed to get into the shower. I tossed and turned all night thinking about the trip with Jamie to the cabin. I got dressed and grabbed my duffle and my fishing gear and waited outside for Jamie to pull up. “Morning,” He said, sitting behind the wheel of his large SUV. I threw my gear in the back and climbed into the passenger seat.

We stopped a few miles away at a diner and grabbed a quick breakfast before getting back on the road. “We are here,” Jamie said, pulling off the main road onto a dirt road that led to the A-frame cabin. Beyond the cabin in the distance, I could see the sun, gleaming on a glass-like, still lake. Jamie stopped the SUV, and we grabbed our stuff from the back. Jamie took some groceries and put them in the small fridge in the kitchen, before dropping his bag on the bed.

The cabin consisted of one large living space divided into living, kitchen, and bedroom areas.  A large stone fireplace sat on one wall with a large, overstuffed sofa facing it. The furniture was all rustic and looked as if it were custom-made for the cabin.

“This is the only heat in the place,” Jamie said, going to the fireplace and starting a fire. A few minutes later the room was illuminated with a red-orange glow and warmth began to fill the space. Jamie went to the kitchen area and began to make a pot of coffee. “Make yourself comfortable,” he said, as he set up the coffee. I sat on the edge of the sofa, peering at the fireplace, listening to the wood crackle and the flames dance.

“Ready for some fishing?” Jamie asked, grabbing a large thermos of fresh coffee. We grabbed our fishing gear and walked down to the dock by the lake. Jamie opened a couple of chairs, and we baited our hooks and dropped them into the water.

Not even 30 minutes past when a strong wind picked up followed by an icy cold downpour that seemed to come out of nowhere. We grabbed our gear and raced back to the cabin, but the rain was so hard that we still ended up soaked. Jamie removed his wet clothes and hung them near the fireplace. “You better get changed,” Jamie said, I glanced at him standing in just his boxer briefs.  

I turned away quickly from him and stripped off my jacket and shirt. I felt the cold air surround my naked upper body. “Get those wet pants and shoes off too,” Jamie said, I bent down to untie the laces of my shoes before kicking them off, then nervously removed my pants. I hung my stuff near the fireplace to dry.

Jamie moved to the cabinet next to the bed and pulled out 2 blankets. He handed me one and then wrapped the other around his body before taking a seat on the sofa in front of the fireplace. I was glad to have something to cover up my body, as I wrapped the blanket around me and took a seat on the sofa as well.

Heavy wind and rain buffeted the cabin outside as we sat quietly watching the fire. As the howling wind filled the room, I felt my heart beating heavily in my chest. A surge of excitement washed over me anticipating him making a move, but then my mind would counter the thought telling me not to let it happen before another surge of excitement pushed out the negative thoughts. I became restless as the anticipation grew and I found it increasingly difficult to sit still.

“Did you start on your detached garage project yet?” Jamie asked, breaking the silence. I told him about my plans for how I wanted to set it up. “I think I may need a man cave like yours,” I added, hoping to get him talking about what happened. “Let me know if I can give you a hand,” Jamie offered, and I immediately thought about his hand in the man cave. My dick grew hard, and I wanted to ask him to use his hand again.

“You said you used to help your buddies out…” I started, before trailing off nervously. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. Jamie didn’t respond immediately, which made me feel like I did the wrong thing. “I can help you with that too,” he said, finally, and I let out a quiet breath.

“Come over here,” Jamie said, pulling back one side of his blanket and holding it open. I looked at him confused then stood, leaving my blanket behind. I took the seat next to Jamie as he wrapped me in half the blanket. Jamie’s arm wrapped around my shoulder as our bare bodies pressed against each other.

Feeling another man’s body felt very strange and yet oddly comforting. Jamie’s free hand was large and rough, but he managed to gently run it over my chest and abs, making small, soft circles. “You have a great body,” he said, softly near my ear. His words, his hands, the closeness, and the warmth of his breath on my skin made my dick pulse with blood.

I moved my hand to Jamie’s lap and touched his thick, hairy thigh, running my hand gently against his skin. Jamie moved his head closer, and I could feel the bristles of his beard graze my cheek, and then his lips touched my skin. My body trembled with excitement and sexual energy.

Waiting for Jamie to touch my cock was driving me crazy with anticipation. The more he didn’t touch it the more I wanted him to. Finally, I guided his hand down my chest to my dick. Jamie’s fingers touched it for a moment then pulled away, making me even more frustrated. “What do you want?” Jamie asked. I couldn’t answer and tried to show him by pulling his hand down again, but he stopped me.

“Tell me what you want?” Jamie asked. “I need to feel your hand on me,” I said, feeling strange for voicing the words. Jamie pulled back the covers and I could see my dick hard and popping up over the elastic band of my briefs. Jamie slid his hand down over my abs, toward my dick but stopped short adding to my already deep frustration. Again, I tried to move it into place, but he was stronger than I was.

“Take your underwear off,” Jamie ordered, I reached down and worked them under me and down my legs, clear precum coated my lower abs. Then Jamie stood up and removed his underwear. This was the first time I saw his dick. It was thick and like the rest of him coated in dark hair. I waited for Jamie to take a seat but instead, he moved to the bed and waited.

Nervously I stood up and followed him, my hard dick swinging back and forth as I walked, then lay on the bed next to him. Jamie was so much larger than me that I felt dwarfed lying next to him. Jamie moved closer bringing the length of his hairy body against mine. He propped himself up on one arm,  then he moved his hand once again over my bare skin.

Jamie looked into my eyes as his hand moved lower on my body towards my hard cock. I could feel his fingers getting close, anticipation made it hard to control my breathing. Closer and closer I felt his hand, it slid over my abs, down my lower abs, then the back of his hand grazed the tip of my cock.

I sucked in a breath as Jamie’s hand covered my dick. The amazing feeling of someone touching me, someone wanting to touch me. Jamie closed his fingers on my dick wrapping it in his big hand. I closed my eyes as the feelings washed over me.

Jamie was moving his hand so slowly that I was getting frustrated. I wanted him to jerk me harder and I began to raise my hips driving my dick into his hand. Jamie pulled his hand off of me and placed it on my abs. “Slow down,” he said, softly. I opened my eyes and looked at him, a bit of anger adding to my frustration. I moved my hand to my dick, as I didn’t want to slow down. I needed the release.

Jamie took my hand pulling it away, keeping me from touching myself. I turned to Jamie and looked at him realizing how close I was to him. Jamie looked back and then we moved closer to each other, and my lips touched his. Jamie released my arm and it wrapped around his large muscled body pulling myself to him. Jamie wrapped his arms around me and for the first time in a long time, I felt wanted and desired.

Our mouths met and I felt his beard brush my lips, his thick tongue intertwined with mine as I completely let myself go. There was no resistance. There was no holding back. I forgot what it felt like to be connected to someone, but at the same time, I never felt this connected to anyone, not even Claire.

I could feel our bodies, and our cocks grind against each other as we continued to make out. Jamie’s large, hairy, muscled frame wrapped around me. His big dick sliding against mine. I moved my hand down Jamie’s back and over his hard ass and I felt Jamie moan. Without even thinking about it, I ran my fingers down the crack feeling his hairy ass and then his hole.

As I touched his hole, I felt Jamie’s body react, his dick jerked against me. I ran my finger around his hole feeling it open and spasm against my touch, then I slipped a finger in. Jamie pulled his lips from mine just long enough to let out a loud moan, before driving his lips back against mine. My finger pushed in even deeper, and I felt his ass muscles relax allowing me access.

“Oh fuck, man. Oh fuck,” Jamie moaned, rocking his head back and forth. I was excited by his reaction to what I was doing. I continued to play with his hole and eventually, it seemed to relax enough for me to slip a second finger in. This only made Jamie moan even more. I began to push and pull my fingers in and out of his ass in a fucking motion pressing deep inside him.

Jamie’s body tensed and I felt his ass tighten. Jamie let out a moan, his muscles went rigid, and his face turned beet red. Thick cum, began to erupt from Jamie’s cock, splashing over my body. Warm drops hit my abs, stomach, and chest. While more cum flowed from his dick, Jamie bent down and began to kiss me again. I felt the passion in his amazing release as it flowed through his body, his kiss, and his dick.

Jamie pulled his mouth from mine, then began placing kisses on my cheek and forehead, my ear then my neck, before he lay back against the pillow drained of all energy as well as cum. I was still rock hard, and my dick was covered in Jamie’s cum, but I felt less frustrated and more relaxed. I felt a strange power come over me from the encounter.

“Fuck that was incredible,” Jamie said, breaking the silence. Before I could respond he turned back to me, bent down, and sucked my cum coated cock into his mouth. Immediately my mind went to the wet dream as he engulfed my hard cock.  

The few occasions when Claire tried to give me a blowjob it never felt like anything special. I assumed it was something that never would feel good, but Jamie’s mouth was beyond words. This was the most intense feeling I had ever experienced. Jamie’s mouth was warm and wet, firm and gentle. His lips and tongue seemed to know what each spot needed.

As he continued to suck me, I ran my hands through his hair, feeling his head bobbing up and down, pushing me closer to a long overdue release. “I want to cum,” I moaned. Jamie slowed his sucking motion slightly and placed a hand under my balls and began to roll them in his fingers. The combination of his mouth on my cock and his hand on my balls was more than I could take. The orgasm was so intense that I was sure that if I had been standing I would have fallen over. It was the most incredible intense feeling I ever experienced.

Jamie didn’t stop sucking as cum filled his mouth and throat. My body twisted and writhed as he continued to drain every last drop. Jamie finally stopped sucking and let my still-hard, spent dick slip from his mouth. My body shivered from the power of the orgasm as I lay on the bed trying to come down from what had happened.