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Chapter 10

(Shocking Revelations)

Sunday had rolled around, and Max the slave was kind of chomping at the bits. Yesterday his parents had come for a visit, and it had been a good one. Though every time he saw them it brough such terrible memories to what his life had become and losing his freedom. He kept waiting for his Master, Richard, to say something but till now he had been quiet. He had already been up and done a couple of hours of work, and the Warden said they had enough to violate the guy that had caused the problem. He had returned and they had eaten dinner and helped each other study.

A big head popped into the cell, it was Clyde Owens, “You wanted to see me boss?”

Richard, put his book of poetry down which his slave had been reciting poem after poem after he had memorized. He had not failed to memorize one. He apparently had a test tomorrow on them, that would be an A+. He had helped his Master earlier who was shredding even the most difficult of the Calculus 1020-word problems. So, he could do like everyone else now, go make the A+ on the exam tomorrow, then promptly forget about it as it had no real-world application.

His master looked at big B&T, “Yes Clyde, I want you to close our privacy curtain well, and watch the rail walk. We are not to be disturbed unless the building is on fire or the like.”

“Sure, thing boss, woe be it who would be dumb enough to try and get by me, unless it was to be you, boss.”

The slave’s heart jumped a bit, could this be it?

Big B&T closed the curtain well and the Master reached over and grabbed the back of his slave’s head. He pulled him in, locked lips with him and shoved his tongue inside his mouth. This went on for a couple of minutes and the Mater let him go.

“Okay slave, the cage is about to come off and I am going to end up doing something very rare for me. Fist however, your punishment is not over yet. It is going to be intense, you willing to take some intensity from me. What lies at the end of the journey, will make it all worth it. What do you say?”

His hungry slave looked at him, “Master I am yours and will take anything you want to do to me.”

The big man smiled, “Lose all your clothing and lay on your back on my bed in the center of it. Point your arms towards the top two corners and your legs below the bottom two. Hit it, and let’s get it, I like this intense stuff.”

As the slave was undressing and folding his clothes, his Master had gotten out a rather large lock box, a plastic kit of some kind, of another box. As the slave laid down naked as he had been told to. The Master got in the biggest of the boxes and retrieved some leather ankle bracelets and two matching leather ones for his wrists. He began sliding them into place, on his slave’s ankles first and tightened them down snug. Then he did the same with the ones on the wrists.

Then he pulled out four small lengths of chains, that could easily be clasped back together in several places. He laid a length at each ankle and at each wrist. He quickly went around and attached them to the ankles first then wrapped them around the two bedposts at the bottom. He had pulled them low and made them snug.

He came to the wrists and did the same thing his slave was now chained down and helpless.  Now he pulled a gag out of the big box, it had a three-inch dildo what went in the mouth and was kind of thick and could be strapped down around the back of the head.

As he stuffed the three-inch dildo into his slave’s mouth and took his time strapping it down firmly.

“I know I don’t usually gag you unless I am shoving my big cock up into your mouth and throat. But you are going to make some noise, and these are great for muffling it.”

Finally, he had the gag in place, looked at his slave’s nice body and could not resist. He leaned down and aggressively began sucking on his nipples and it felt good to his slave, who was trying to moan but these things were good at stopping one from making noise. After the big guy did that for a few minutes, he reached down and opened the lockbox. He walked over and pulled something out of a sealed plastic container that looked kind of like a puppy bad. He just handled the outside edges of it and spread it out beside his helpless slave.

Then he took his keys on his necklace found the right one and removed his slave’s cage within a cage. The chastity belt came off and that in and of itself felt good to his slave. He walked over and dropped it back into the box had had several different assortments of them. He reached and unscrambled the combination to the lock box, and it had a plastic seal on the top of it. He pulled that out and got three Hibiclens wipes. He opened one and grabbed his slaves cock that had went instantly hard and began to really scrub the head good with the wipe.

He even creased it and cleaned the end of the slit on his cockhead with it. He cleaned it very thoroughly. He opened another and cleaned the top of his belly button area where his would lay when he let it go. He scrubbed that part down thoroughly as well. Next, he took a larger packet of Hibiclens and thoroughly wiped his hands down with it, he took a few minutes to do this and made sure he scrubbed them well.

“This is a chemical called chlorhexidine gluconate and if it is microbial, or bacterial it will toast it. It is what they clean pre op areas with.”

He let his hands dry then got a couple of nitrile gloves out of the box and put those on, they were tight on his big hands. Next, he took out a small thin rod that was sealed in plastic, which he began to remove.

“This is what we must be so careful about, this is the ‘Vigor Corona E-stim Urethral Insert Deluxe Edition.’  You will notice not much diameter of it is only 0.16 inches, but it has a length of 4 inches. It is sterile, after I use equipment like this, I have a contact in medical that autoclaves it. Yes, I am going to insert this in your dick, it is perfectly safe with such a small diameter, and you have over seven inches it will only go down four. When I insert just take a deep breath and hold it. It is not that bad, I promise, or I wouldn’t do it.”

He also took a medium sized plastic bottle which was also wrapped in plastic well.

“I will lube it with this, this is called Zeus Incite Electro Gel +, it acts as a lubricant and is also a TBE buffer. I will lubricate well and conducts electricity well. Deep breath and hold it when I tell you.”

He coated the thin rod well with the TBE buffer, took his gloved hand and was careful to only touch the bottom of the head where he had cleaned. He angled the cock up good and poured dispensed some of the TBE buffer well over the slit which opened to the urethra. He was not slow as it was best to hurry it along. He inserted it down to a flattened end that rested on top of the slave’s dick. It had a tight elastic band that he rolled down over the slave’s cock head which would hold the rod in securely.

Next, he pulled out a substantially bigger rod and showed it to his slave.

“This little jewel of modern technology is the Zeus/Corona anal grounding rod, and vibrator Deluxe Edition. It is five inches in length, and the average thickness of the human cock is 4.59 inches in diameter. This rod is only 3.59 inches and trust me you take a whole lot more than from me every time I throw my rod to you. Again, when I get ready to insert it, take a deep breath, it should not be too bad.”

His Master coated it well with that gel that would lube and help increase the electrical conductivity. He got it in place, and it slid right in there, the slave noticed but it was not that bad. It was also flattened on the end had a place to hook a wire to it. It also had straps built on each side, so the master pulled the around front and strapped it firmly into place.

Nest out of the box came a big silver thing that was some sort of electronic device. He did not have to worry about infection now, so took some of the gel and smoothed it out on two places on his slave’s balls. This controller united had two wired in electrodes he took loose, and they adhered to the gel. There was a wire marked ground, that he unwound and connected well to the ground and vibrator up his slave’s ass.

Then there was one marked ‘Penile E Stem,’ he took it and connected it the rod in his slave’s urethra. The last thing he pulled out was a rechargeable battery pack, that snapped onto the controller unit. He had several and a charger. As soon as he snapped the good-sized battery into place, the screen on the controller came on and said, ‘Initializing, Diagnostic Testing.”

That would take a minute, so he said, “You are about to experience two things. You are going to get the whizzbang shocked out of you, and the rod up your ass will vibrate to stimulate your prostate. I Have it positioned where it will feel good but have other ideals about you getting off. You will like it I assure you and you might be surprised.

“Now on normal settings it is likely this sequence you are about to be exposed to would get you off. I however have different ideals about that as well. As I once told you, all the workers here are a bunch of perverts. A friend of mine in maintenance jail broke this unit, and no worries it was well done and will cause zero harm.

His Master was above him looked down into his nice yes as he talked.

Now the usual range on these things for voltage is 10-30mA, that most assuredly make you bust your load. This one will deliver 60mA. It is still way too low to harm you, but it will sting like hell. That current will not begin your cycle off all those good chemicals you need to shoot. As I said I have other ideals about that. You with me, move your head left, and right?”

His slave did, so he continued, “The reason it won’t damage you is because of the amperage it runs at. Typically, these CBT units are set to 80mA, this one has been knocked up to 110mA, which is still way too low to cause damage. The vibration will make you feel great, even the shocks will begin to feel good, but it is all too out of range to get you off. I am going to deal with that a different way. So, hang with me, it will be somewhat painful at first but no damage at all is being done. I will never willy hurt you, but this will get your attention. You will grow to love it in a short time.

His Master leaned down close pulled the endcap off the top of the three-inch dildo gag and let a good stream of spit run down into his mouth. Then he sealed it back closed.

“This thing has 8 cycles on it, with 1 you would barely notice and 8, if one is not used to it would bring tears to your eyes. I am setting it to random shocks, at level 4 for 30 minutes. Then I have something so good for you that you may in fact not believe. Shall we begin, relax, breathe regular, wait for the endorphins and acetylcholine you are producing to start making it feel good.

The Master walked over to the silver controller, made sure the startup test passed, set it appropriately and let it begin.

When the first jolt hit, his slave jerked against his bonds. Perfectly normal. When the device would pulse, it was delivering electrical shocks inside his urethra, to his balls and the amperage was not enough on the outside of the body to penetrate the skin, so it was drawn down the grounding rode up his ass and was also vibrating.

His Master didn’t make contact but stood there and looked down into those mesmerizing blue eyes.

When the first pulse hit, the slave felt as if his whole body was being electrocuted everywhere. It was nothing more of an illusion of confusion of his central nervous center. First that was not powerful voltage, and the current carrying it was not powerful. It was just the most sensitive cells in the body, being hit with a lite dose of electricity that lasted for seconds.

Richard Koufax was good at this, and in about 5-7 minutes this slave would start to feel good. But one had to endure the initial pain first and get the right biochemicals flowing first. By getting this unit adjusted as he had the body would prioritize producing Acetylcholine first, he would never produce enough of all the other good stuff to reach climax. He lightly grinned, he knew what would take care of that, however.

Max was thinking now that devilish machine would not stop its cycle for the half an hour. Master had told him no real damage would happen, and he was looking up into his eyes and another pulse rocked him. He still trusted him, he believed him, so he began working on moderating his breathing.  After this had been wearing him out for six minutes, he noticed a different sensation. It was starting to feel good, and his prostate was getting some stimulation from the grounding rod.      

Master Koufax could see the subtle change begin to happen in his slave’s eyes.

“There it is bitch the most innervated parts of your body are all being stimulated. You are drowning in horniness from being caged and edged a bit along the way.”

 Electricity was interesting in this way, if used correctly. You could stimulate those cells like crazy, but the body would always go to Acetylcholine first and endorphins, you need about two more biochemicals and two more neurotransmitters which the bodies defense mechanism was fooled to stop making in enough quantity to trigger an orgasm.

The dildo gag he had his slave all locked up in now, was not conductive, so he reached down and popped the plastic hatch on the bottom of the dildo that had his slaves mouth good and full now. He let loose with another line of spit and looked into those blue eyes as he did it. When he was sure it was full, he snapped the cap back closed.

His slave was breathing normally now, and he would jerk a little when a pulse hit him, but he saw pleasure in his eyes. He was looking forward to when this was over. This is something he rarely if ever did, but this one was special. It was not going to blow anything up or kill anyone. He looked on the controller and only three minutes left to go. He pushed a button and moved it from level 4 to level 5. The slave jerked against his bonds once again. He wanted his Gaba levels down and Norepinephrine this would do it. He watched the final minute tick down.

Then it was over, the display on the machine said, ‘Cycle Completed.’ He needed about a five-minute cool own period, so the Master left him as he was and sat down on top of their computer desk.

When the five minutes was up, he came over opened that cap one more time and let a long line of spit leave his mouth and travel through the gag and into the slave’s mouth. After he had swallowed that down. Master Koufax, took the dildo gag loose and said it over to the side,

“What do you know? You survived, apparently none the worse for it. What did you think about that?”

“I could have done the first few minutes without it but then it started to feel so good.”

His Master told him, “I don’t want you to get the wrong ideal here so listen up.”

“Yes Master.”

The big man removed all his clothing and laid down on top of his bound slave, so they were face to face. Master Richard Koufax stared deep into his slave’s eyes.

Finally, he said, “Look, I don’t………..Well this is not typically me or how arrangements like ours work in places like this. I am about to do something well I am doing it because I really like you Max. Doesn’t mean you are still not my slave. I might do it from time to time, but it will not be the normal, it will most of the time you that is performing this for me. So, it had to be said, I want to show you how much I think about you, and I didn’t want to punish you this week. Are you following me?”

His slave said, “Master, I am glad to hear that you like me because I have grown to like you to. As far as what we do, we are like an orchestra, and you are the conductor. I will always submit to you and what you want. Not just because I gave my word, because I want to if you want me to.”

The big man reached over on his barrel and got something and put it into his mouth, then put is lips to his slave’s. He slave opened to let him kiss him and his big tongue slid in, he pulled away in a second and he had left a pill in his mouth.

“It is okay, I asked the medical people that treat us, they know your records and said it would be perfectly safe, swallow that for me.”

His slave did, “What was that Master more dispensary marijuana?”

His master grinned pleasantly, “No, it is a drug called sildenafil, more of my strange biochemistry, it something in the body called an enzymatic PDE5 inhibitor. Not teaching a class, but for most kicks in after taking close to 20 minutes later of average. It relaxes the blood vessels in the chest, which will increase blood flow.”

He reached down and put his big hand in his slave’s hard cock and balls and massaged them a bit.

“It increases blood flow to that, and it will last about four hours. You are 18 so we are going to see just how many times I can make you get off. Sort of an apology from me for punishing you, and a thrill as I get to control that as well. So, we will find out if you can, if not our refractory period is only about 15-20 minutes.”        

The big man on top of him put his lips to his, and shoved his tongue in his mouth, he didn’t have to hold him he was totally restrained.

“As I said, don’t get to thinking this happens a lot as it is your job bitch.”

The big man began to slowly work his way down his slave’s body, licking as he went. He got to the nipples and sucked each one hard and even gave them a good nip with his teeth. Now he licked down to his belly button area, and licked around the smoothness of the skin where he made his slave keep it nice and smooth. He looked up and grinned and licked on down to the base of hs slave’s cock. He made a slow, long lick all the way to the top of the head and swirled his tongue around it a few times.

His slave, Max, thought is this really happening, and was in sheer delight, almost sensory overload.

His muscular Master took him in his mouth, and with his strong jaw pulled a great deal of suction and went down to almost the base of it. Then began a good pace of working his mouth up and down him. The slave felt so good, he wanted to move but the Master had him bound tightly. He worked him an worked him like this and looked up at his eyes and he went up and down on it.

It had been five days for his slave, and he had been taking two to three loads from his Master. He was already feeling the sting, and his Master was not easing up.

“OH-Fuck! That feels so good I don’t know how long I can hold out.”

His Master reached a hand below him and began massaging his perineum as he sucked his cock powerfully.

“I am going to come, that feels so good.”

The big muscular guy went even faster now, and all the signals in his body were sent, it started to happen. His balls emptied, and his cock began pumping inside his Master’s Mouth, who swallowed but never slowed down. He shot quite a load and then he was about done.

His Master stopped up at the top of his cock, held the head and maybe an inch below that and began swirling his tongue around and around the head, and he still rubbed his perineum.

The sensitivity hit the slave and he pulled on his arms and legs only to find they were pulled tight and not giving.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

The big man never stopped swirling his tongue around his sensitive head and still massaged his Perineum that was tied into the same nerve bundles. The slave wanted to move but could not, and it felt, well it was a feeling of high intensity, and it was good. Finally, the sensitivity passed, and he started to soften a little.

The big man went all the way all the way down on him and came off in a second leaving it slick with his saliva. He took his big right hand and began to jerk his cock quickly and powerfully. He never let up on the perineum and his slave stated to harden again. The big man knew it would take longer this time so jerked him, good and hard. He hopped up quickly and grabbed his bottle of silicon-based lube, moved down, and released the chains on his ankles.

The Master once again seized his cock in his strong hand and jerked it. He was not slow about it and his slave was hard again. The big man had been using his other hand to lube himself up well. He put a thin layer on his ass, after pulling the E Stim + vibrator out of him. He pulled is legs up and pushed them back by the ankles. He got himself into position and it was easier to enter than usual because of the E Stim device.

The Master got in the best angle to fuck him where he would be hitting his prostate. Once he was satisfied, he pushed all the way deep then began pumping hard. He was really angling over towards where he knew his prostate was hard, and his big cock, was rubbing it strongly with every pump. That was so fucking tight, and it had been too long.

His slave wanted to say something but only managed to get out an “Mihm!” Master was really hitting that prostate and rubbing it hard, and it resonated throughout the slave’s body. He was not slowing down and working him hard.

“Like that big cock on that prostate bitch?”


His Master continued to hold his eye contact and drill him good. He kept is good angle and laid down till his head was over his slaves.

“Open your mouth!”

His slave did, and Master let a trail of spit fall, he was so busy pumping he was a bit off, and some landed right below his slave’s nose first, He quickly adjusted aim and it was going into that nice mouth. He pounded him and let a good bit go in there.

“Close and swallow all of that bitch!”

His slave worked hard at it, when he had room, his master reached up, rubbed it off the face where he had missed and pushed those two fingers into his mouth. His slave obediently swallowed what he had in his mouth down and sucked his fingers clean.

Finally, the slave went, “Oh, Fuck, again!”

His Master looked into those blue eyes and did not let up one bit. He looked down at his slave’s hard cock and it was bounding up and down on his toned tummy.

“Oh-Hot damn!” His slave said as he began to spurt a bit more.

The Master, who never let up pumping hard, reached down and kept his cock aimed at the center of his tummy. He was already getting sensitivity from the pounding his prostate was taking and the Master went on.

He was most of the way through that when he began to feel the tingling and burning. He went in as far as he could. Laying on top of his slave with all his weight, and began pumping his ass full of cum.

“Get it all you fucking bitch, as you know you want it!”

Moments later he had released his slave, scooped up most of his second load, and made him suck it off his fingers. Then laid up beside him to make him lick his dick clean. He set a timer on his watch for 30 minutes. Until the Sildenafil worked out of his system, he would keep giving his slave the minimal time to recharge and make him get off again. The dry spell was over, and he had all fucking day to use his property.