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“Hey Jojo, when are you gonna come orgy with us?”

Roger and Jojo sat in the back of the steam room, unseen from the outside, both surrounded by the swirling mist. They had just been sucking each other but neither had thought it a good idea to cum. This had become a ritual, since their first accidental meeting here. 

“I’ll ask. But I doubt they’ll let me, they’re so possessive. I like it that they’re like that;  but sometimes I’d like some free time to fuck around and make some friends or just hang out. The videos get repetitive after a while, the guys are always the same. Nice, but the same. I love the fucking!!  The fucking is great but then I need to cum so bad, but I have to wait until we all get to bed.”

“You don’t cum in the videos?”

“Never once. The guys who fuck me get to cum a hundred different ways but I can’t cum unless it’s with my…. men .”

“What’ll happen if they find out we meet here?”

“I don’t know, can’t lie. I know I’d miss it if I had to stop” 

“Me too. “

A silence settled over them, only the hissing of the steam jets. It wasn’t uncomfortable   The steam was so thick they only saw impressions of each other. They sat quietly , eye’s trying to focus on their misty shapes. 

Jojo slid off his bench and slowly walked toward Roger.  Standing close their faces came into view. It wasn’t so much eye contact, which the Academy had pounded into their brains as a show of respect, as it was an attempt to see further, deeper.  Searching for an explanation of what seemed to be happening. Jojo raised his knee cautiously and as Roger’s arms reached out, climbed onto his lap. The warm wet contact of their naked bodies brought smiles. Cupping Roger’s face,  Jojo   melted  into his embrace, arms having wrapped around him. Safe, Jojo thought, this feels safe. So this is what it feels like. 

Inching forward their lips  met in a soft kiss. Jojo’s tongue pushed into Roger’s mouth and the kiss instantly became intense, passionate. As they kissed Jojo began grinding his skinny bottom into Roger’s  lap. They were both naked and soon both were aroused; Jojo raised his body and placed his asshole on Roger’s stiff manhood then slowly sank and let his hole consume it, he began a rocking motion, stimulating his prostate with what was inside him. The kiss continued, as did the rocking. Roger began pressing further into JoJo’s bottom. The steam whirled around then, the hissing noise muted as they focused  on one another. 

Roger stood and supported the smaller boy by the haunches. Turning and sitting him on the stone bench Roger was able to penetrate the boy’s tight  hole deeper. He didn’t understand what he was feeling but it was different. “Um… how do you like it? Rough? Or slow and…..”

“Roger, right now I’ll take it anyway you give it to me.”

They held each other tight, as Roger nuzzled JoJo’s shoulder, Jojo wrapped arms and legs around the man inside him. 

“Yes, yes. Like that. Like that. Oh. Roger. ” their hearts racing, the heat between then was growing, both heading dangerously into bringing the other to climax. Roger put his knees on the bench, making Jojo lean back and raising his butt into a position where Roger could penetrate even  deeper in a drilling motion. Roger was caught in the whirlwind of emotions he was feeling, scared to death of what he was feeling. He began pounding down into the smaller boys interior, that quickly evolved into a jackhammer assault. 

As the rhythm quickened and Roger felt Jojo reach between them to  grasp his own penis. They moved in sync, like they had  done this a thousand times before . When Roger felt JoJo bite his neck he also felt the warmth of this boy’s issue as it shot out and rubbed between them. Roger’s orgasm rocked him like few ever had. He was holding Jojo so tightly he was afraid he’d crush the smaller boy. They didn’t move, heavily breathing in the hot misty steam. It was as if they were meant to stay like this. A timer jingled outside the steam room door signaling they had been in the steam room long enough. Disengaging, the two  resumed their kiss, hands touching, not wanting this new closeness to end. This had not been just another fuck like the hundreds before it. Roger had penetrated many holes, had countless orgasms, shot what seemed like liters of semen. But this was definitely different and it shouldn’t be. Wasn’t it just a fuck in a steam room?  

Jojo left first. After what Roger believed was enough time for JoJo to return to his bedroom, he also left the steam room. Arriving at their quarters, Roger snuggled in with the other boys, the  smell  of cum was rife on the bed , he closed his eyes tight and imagined himself back in the steam room. The boy he snuggled turned around and then made Roger  turn away from him. Roger felt the stiff hardon rub along his crack, a hand guided it to the moistened  asshole. As Roger was about to be fucked by the  other boy, he was thinking of Jojo, imagining Jojo’s stiff manhood about to enter him. His thoughts were still on the small boy from the steam room when the hard dick slid inside him. 

Jojo re-entered his bedroom, both his men lay on their backs eyes closed. He reached a hand to his bottom, felt the liquid still around his hole. Putting a finger inside himself he found there was a lot of Roger’s cum resting there. He smiled broadly. The boys face became hot,  time to shower.  Standing under the warm spray Jojo closed his eyes and relived the adventure in the steam room. He had developed a hardon, touching it he remembered their bodies rubbing together in the sweat from the steam and the semen from his orgasm. The boy turned the shower temperature to cold and stood until the hardness became soft. 

Crawling onto duvet he saw the two men’s eyes were closed giving the appearance of sleep. Creeping carefully forward he straddled Wintermen’s knees. The man’s cock was large, looking thicker than Jojo remembered. The fuckboy began  by just taking the head into his mouth. Wintermen’s cock  was hardening now as the boy licked then took it deep into his mouth.  Remaining there, tongue licking the base and shaft, lips pressed to the man’s crotch, he breathed  slowly through his nose.  He rose and licked the outside of the member on all sides and tickled the slit on the top. The taste was salty, a remnant of the man’s last urination. Again his mouth swallowed his man’s cock. He waited with the head rubbing againt his throat, as if wanting to allow  it to go in further. His hand cupped the man’s scrotum and gently massaged the nuggets . He let his fingers travel lower onto  the perineum but received no signal to proceed lower.   Jojo’s  mouth moved to the scrotum and after a thorough licking took one ball into his mouth, tongue whirling it around in the wetness . JoJo moved to the second nut and then skillfully had sucked both nuts gently into his mouth. His lips gave a  gentle tug before  his mouth returned to the stiff penis. Again it slid easily to the back of his mouth. 

Hands rested on JoJo’s head keeping him in place. His breathing became more difficult. Wintermen had nudged his mushroom dick head into JoJo’s throat. The monster cock began to throb, the man pushed harder and began a deep fucking. Only once did the man allow the boy to take a breath, then his head was pushed down again. The man took control and moved the boy’s head up and down. The pace got faster. The noise in the boys throat became sloshy mixed with light gagging. 

Music to both these men ears. The sloshing of throat fucking. Whatever moment was making Jojo feel hotter, more involved,  was deepening . 

Holding the boy’s  head hard to his body the man shot his thick creamy cum. Jojo could taste the bleachy liquid and swirled it around in his mouth. 

Charles’s hand reached for JoJo but instead of pushing the boys mouth onto his standing manhood, he lifted the boy to settle his tiny pink asshole on top of it. With an effort he pushed JoJo down hard and fast. Jojo was not super tight having been roughly fucked only a half hour earlier. In good form his face registered surprise and faked a shooting pain which would accompany such a rash act. Smiling, Charles wasted no time fucking the boy to near climax.  Before he came he turned the boy around so Charles could watch his cock plow into the pink hole. He marveled at how tight the boys hole could remain. Just as he felt the flow start Charles again turned the boy around and gripping the fuckboy’s head shoved the throbbing cock into his mouth. A fierce stab into Jojo’s throat preceded the gush of warm semen,  made Charles groan; relaxing, the boy took the man’s cock and sucked and rubbed  his tongue against the  now sensitive skin. Charles welcomed the extra assault and after a few moments pulled the fuckboys head up. 

After a period of recovery, the men closed their eyes and did not give Jojo another thought. The boy crawled off and again fingered his hole, and again brought the sour-sweet taste to his mouth. 

JoJo silently walked the quiet hallway to the bedroom the five shared. The boys were cuddling and still appeared to be asleep. He saw that one of the boys had fallen asleep with his dick still lodged in Roger’s ass. He stared, not feeling anything like jealousy about the sight. Amused by it, actually. He saw Roger’s eyes flutter open, a smile appeared. Jojo moved to be seated on his haunches directly in front of the boy he had been with earlier and with one hand on his hard penis and the other hand forcing two fingers into his own ass he began stroking while Roger watched. Roger’s smile broadened as he shifted his gaze from the boys face to the act he was performing for him. Two fingers brought out a healthy glob of Roger’s semen. He put his fingers in his mouth, licking his lips he then reached forward and put the same fingertips on Roger’s waiting tongue. The fingers returned to his wet asshole. 

Jojo felt  them jab his g-spot and the initial feeling of discomfort turned into an alien good sensation. The more he rubbed the closer he felt to the climax he was engineering. Roger had crept closer but still kept eye contact and anxiously awaited the finale building in front of him. The closer Jojo got to his orgasm the deeper his breathing became. Roger noticed an urgent twitching in the small boy’s legs and  arms. He was dangerously close now. Roger licked his lips in anticipation of what he planned to do. Stifling what would have been a tremendous groan of pleasure, the semen that was burning to rise, began shooting from Jojo  into Roger’s now open mouth. 

Roger savored the bleachy tartness as he swirled it around in his mouth ; then 

sucked  all the remaining drops of cum from Jojo’s slit. He worked his tongue over the sensitive penis head and into the gaping slit. The sensitive skin screamed in Jojo’s mind but he wouldn’t move to end it. Roger continued and felt the boy’s body tense as the discomfort increased.  Tears were forming in  Jojo’s eyes, then started sliding down his cheeks. 

Jojo couldnt scream, though every fiber in his body wanted him to. Roger kept torturing the boy, watching his face. He didn’t know why but he loved seeing Jojo fight the urge to pull back, or push him away, not making a sound but the gasping he couldn’t stop. Roger replaced his tongue with his hand. Rubbing and pinching. 

He showed his tongue to Jojo whose mind found it impossible to focus on anything as the sensation flooded his senses. Roger continued the torture and kept his tongue in view. Jojo saw Roger’s tongue, the reprieve was being offered. The boy bent and crushed his lips on Roger’s mouth, sucking out his own cum.   The penis torture stopped to be replaced with gentle caresses and soft kisses. Again Jojo dipped his fingers into the stored cum in his ass, offered it Roger, who’s lips sucked and tasted his own cum. The two tastes blended and brought a bright smile. 

The small boy looked questionably at Roger as he swayed his hip toward him. Arms grabbed ahold of Jojo as together they maneuvered his drooling asshole to Roger’s mouth. 

The boy felt the tongue jut into the waiting pool of cum and begin sucking, a squeeze from Roger and Jojo began lightly pushing the captured liquid out and into a hungry and waiting mouth. Roger held it all inside, turning the small boy around once more they smashed lips together, and began  sucking each others mouths and breath until they had to pull away, gasping for renewed breath. 

 Eyeing each other they shared a conspiratorial smirk. Both mouths decorated by rings of cum. 

“That was the sexiest  fucking thing I’ve ever seen.” Buster raised his hands and silently pretended to clap. 

Jojo couldn’t help blushing and looked down at Roger’s cum smudged mouth. They wiped each other’s faces and delivered it to waiting lips. 

All eyes were on them and all but Gene and Roger had their hands  in their crotches furiously stroking and rubbing. 

Jojo shuffled off the bed but before leaving turned to bow, then curtsy. 

All available hands rose to offer a silent ovation. 

Gene’s dick had grown hard and throbbed in Roger’s ass. He wouldn’t let Roger move away. Without leaving Roger’s warm and clenching asshole Gene turned Roger over on his stomach. Spinning around his so  dick could push down deeper, Roger’s ass sprung up to greet the assault. The other boys looked on as Gene became frenzied and began drilling harder and deeper. 

Roger had gotten into the scene and soon felt Gene’s dick turn a 180 in his ass. He loved being helpless and drilled into “unconsciousness “. He had tried to help Gene find the deepest regions while getting his prostate hammered in the process. 

The three other boys we’re gathering closer to this action instead of creating a scene of their own.

Gene’s thrusting was becoming epic, so deep was it  in Roger’s ass. Paul had walked up to Gene’s strain filled face offering an already precum-dripping dick for sucking. Gene was gagging on it within seconds. Paul’s dick wasn’t that long but it made up for it in girth. When his throat began to sing it brought smiles to all faces watching it. Lyn walked up behind Paul placing the length of his stuff dick along the boy’s crack. He began rubbing, teasing the clenching and unclenching pink hole there. 

All but Roger were close to cumming. Lyn’s tongue  had speared Paul’s  asshole with a sudden surge. This pleased Lyn who held the boy’s  hips as he rose up on knees and groaned at the sudden attack. In turn Paul shoved his dick as far as he could into the singing throat. 

Gene came first, furiously drilling into Roger. The moment the earth started climbing to the swollen dick head he pushed down with all his might. Roger greeted the action by pushing his ass further on Gene’s dick. He wanted to feel new anal territory breached and conquered . Gene growled through his mouth clogged with Paul’s dick. His now blocked airway was secondary to the explosion still occupying his whole body. As he enjoyed this warmth Paul’s dick began a frenzied and rough mouth fuck. As Lyn’s dick continued a solid barrage against the prostate Paul stiffened, withdrew a few inches to feel Gene respond in wait for the load shooting up to Paul’s dick. Gene’s tongue found the slit and flicked over it mindlessly. Warm  salty cum shot into his mouth while the tongue still tormented the sensitive tissues the cum had just passed through. A prolonged  groan and an effort to break away failed as Gene continued and Lyn, holding on to Paul’s waist pushed forward keeping him in place.

Buster had positioned himself behind Lyn and spread his butt cheeks, his small butt made it easy to bury his tongue deep in the pink hole. His hand was rubbing his clit and began slipping in and out of his pussy. Lyn pushed back wanting the tongue to fuck his hole, Buster’s tongue was replaced by two fingers, they started gentle then began a rough finger fuck. Then there were three fingers, Lyn responded to the new stretching feeling by yelping and clenching hard. This was all but signal to Buster to up the roughness. Four fingers were dangerously being slammed in and out of the boy’s  ass. 

Busters orgasm slowed the finger fucking but made him bend forward and rest his head against Lyn. Lyn knew he was going to cum, the question was always ‘ ass or mouth’. His legs shook and his strokes into Paul’s ass became frantic. He decided on Paul’s ass for the delivery but Butch didn’t stop  what he was doing and brought an open mouth close to Lyn’s dick. 

With a strained look on his face, Lyn clutched the soon to shoot dick and shoved it in Butch’s smiling mouth. The orgasm was powerful and the cum was plentiful. Butch stuck  his tongue out in offering and the smiling Lyn began tongue dancing with him. The cum leaking out the sides of their mouths, which they licked clean.