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Chapter 11

(Can We Ever Escape the Past?)

The slave, Max, was in and odd bind, not unusual for him. His Master, Richard Koufax, had been practicing fucking all kinds of different ways. The ideal was to learn what was optimal to stimulate his prostate, and easily make him bust one hand’s free. Not a hard job with a cock the size he was wielding. This had a flip side to it as well, he was also learning ways to fuck his slave that didn’t cause enough stimulation to his prostate for him to reach a climax.

This was not the norm, but one of the Master’s big turn-ons was to be in total control. So, yes there would be times he would fuck his slave, get all the benefits, and bust his nut wherever he decided. On those rare occasions at times, he would get his and his slave would be tied down at night unsatisfied and constantly thinking about it. Richard would never go overboard with this, he had begun to genuinely care for his slave, and he had to have his pleasure as well. It was just something that would be done on an infrequent basis. He was in charge here and his slave got to come when he decided it.

The chastity cage had been put away and would only ever be used in the direst of punishment situations. His slave was honest and told the truth to a fault. He had been ordered to never rub one out, unless the Master said it was okay. The big man above him now, knew he would never break that rule, he just simply did not lie.

They had just woken up a few minutes ago, and it was a Monday morning early. They still had to eat breakfast, and shower and shave, then dress and get the day started.  Now, the Master was on his knees between his slave’s legs, who was turned sideways. He had gotten the top leg of his slaves and pulled it up and had it laying on his shoulder.

His slave was also handcuffed behind the back, he could easily overpower his slave and whatever he wanted. For that fact, his hot fucking slave never resisted him. He reinforced his control in the slave by using them and it gave him a thrill to do so. His Master’s big cock had the classic upward curve. From this position, he would be putting minimal sensation to the prostate of his slave’s. Yet it felt wonderful to him coming in at this odd angle as he slowly pumped him.

His slave would feel good out of this as well, with the size of the Master’s dick, it was virtually impossible to not make some contact with his prostate. In the position however it was much less, and he was going to a slow speed and would change up rhythms from time to time. He had also let the slave suck his big cock and balls before they started, and he had really grown to love doing it. He would get him off before the day was over with, just not now.

What good did it do to have such a strong kink of controlling his slave if he didn’t exercise it now and again? They had been going at it for a while now and Master Richard was beginning to feel the burn.

“Oh-Yeah, you tight assed bitch, time for a refill.”

“Uhm-Feels good Master.”

Master Richard was just about to cut loose and thought. Sure, does just not enough stimulation to make you get off. He did get a secret thrill from this. He would however take care of the person below him later, he would get his jollies then. Until then, he would be thinking mostly about one thing the whole time. His Master and his big cock and wondering if he would use it a different way later.

As his balls emptied and his cock began to ejaculate the cum up inside the slave, he went in as far as he could go and held a second. That big cock of his, pumped and pumped away.

“Take it all bitch, I made all of that especially for you.”

He finally finished, pulled out and turned his slave on his knees. Then he slid up and got his cock and balls underneath his head. He always made his slave lick him clean. More control and he got a real thrill out of watching him do it. As usual was careful and did a very thorough job.

When he was satisfied, he got the key and unlocked the handcuffs. His slave needed no instruction, he put on a skimpy pair of underwear and began setting their food trays out. He always got the Master’s ready first and they even had a coffee machine in their cell. Max didn’t care for the stuff, but his Master liked it. He had filled it and set a timer on it the night before. He poured the Master a fresh cup and put it beside his tray, where he as about to sit down. He had pulled on a pair of jogging pants.

Slave Max got himself a couple of small chocolate milks out of the dorm sized refrigerator and sat down and began to eat. They mostly ate in silence, and the slave had much to do today. They had added another bit to his workload, and between his own schoolwork, serving the Master and this other stuff he stayed busy most of the time.

Out of nowhere his master said, “One person.”

The slave was confused for a moment, “I am sorry Master, perhaps I am still all rattled up from that massive boning you just gave me? One person what Master?”

His Master looked at him for a second and then went on, “What I did to you yesterday, I mean when I sucked your cock. I had only ever done that for one person before, and they turned around and stabbed me in the back.”

His slave laid his head over on his shoulder, “I would never do that to you Master, and I am still grateful you did it. I know it won’t be the norm, it was a fantastic experience.”

They finished eating and the slave put the trays and silverware in the carryall hat would be taken to the kitchen to be washed. He set them both out clothing for the day. Then they had a shower together after shaving, the slave had much area to cover.

“You have a good day Master I must start that tutoring crap today as well as the stuff for the Warden. Then my classes, I will be in and out several times.”

“You have a good day as well my handsome slave, Max. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are always my heaviest days or classes.  Regardless, you will be on my cock like a duck on a June bug again today at some point.”

Max grabbed his book bag and laptop up, patted his master on the shoulder and headed out.

He said as he left, “At least I have something to look forward to Master.”

The next bit was sort of a flash, Estes had been waiting on him to escort him up to the administrative wing. He had insulted him the whole way, and Max was nothing bug dripping with honey nice all the way. He could see that drove the guy mad. Once he arrived the Warden ha hired an outside accountant to help him go through and assess just how much money had been stolen. He was a nice, bookwork type of guy in thick glasses named, Oliver.

They had got to work, as Max had most of the critical points identified, he worked at disposing of documents after recording them. Oliver dove into the accounting part more deeply. He did not mind Max listening to his music, he had told him he had two teenaged sons and at least he had good taste. The stuff they listened to sounded like someone was trying to murder an electric guitar.

He was surprised the Warden had left the desktop, knowing how easily he could manipulate. He had figured correctly though, he could not use it against him, as he had given his word. The time for that though would come.

After his days work there was complete, he had his English elective, Western Poetry, Biochemistry 1010, and then the principles of engineering, (2010). They all ran back-to-back right up until lunch. He headed up to the habitat, with big B&T who told him his Master had other matters to attend to. He would see to his lunch for him.

He had eaten his food quickly, he had two tutoring appointments coming right up. If the individual he was tutoring was a 2 or 3 on the security scale, they had a tutoring room that was manned by a guard, and it had to be done there. He quickly looked at the slips these both were 1’s so he could go to their cells. One was marked for general chemistry (1020) and the other for, what a surprise Calculus II (1020). He just got the cell numbers and didn’t pay attention to much else.

His chemistry guy was named Renfro, and he was not having a problem. That teacher just sucked. So, he began during their hour to show them, how to use the periodic chart, as other than something to hang on the wall. They would meet here every Mon, Wed, and Fri, till he got him to where the teacher had failed to.

There had been renovations here, he had been told, some several months before his arrival. The other cell was in a new wing of the building he had not been on yet.

He walked in, and this was a pretty good-sized guy, but he smiled.

“Hi, I am Max Stapleton, I am here to tutor someone in Calculus (1020).”

The bigger guy came over to him and stuck his hand out, “That would be for me, have a seat at the desk.”

Max took a seat and began his MacBook loading and got a copy of that textbook he had been given.

He said to the bigger guy who had moved in behind him, “So where is it you are stuck man? I took this as an AP course in high school so I may have to review a little bit. Rest assured we will get you on a road to an A.”

The bigger guy came up behind him and put his hands on his shoulders. He was not hurting him, just making Max knew he was back there.

The big guy finally said, “I can see why he likes you. You are courteous, come across as very intelligent, and man you sure are a looker. So, tell me Maxwell Stapleton how does it feel to be under Richard when he is running his big dick in and out of you?”

Max froze for a moment, this could be trouble, what the hell was this. Then his eyes moved over to the voucher order for this guy’s tutoring.  He had not looked at the name well, he had been in a hurry, under name it read, Martin L. Fraser. ‘How did he even end up back in this facility? Why was he only rated as security level 1?’

Max asked nervously, “Is there some sort of issue here Martin.”

“Oh, off the voucher, in such a hurry you didn’t bother looking at the names?”

Max said, “I really don’t want any trouble man. What got you back here, which was all on you. Not sure how or why you are even here as you are outside the age range?”

The bigger guy tightened his grip on Max’s shoulders, “Warden Stanton can be quite creative. He couldn’t exactly bust me for skimming drug money, of which the drugs he has run in here. So, there was enough significant proof found that I had cheated to pass my classes. Parole violation, and they revoked my degree. He went to the state board and wanted to make it alright.”

Three more familiar people came into the cell, it was Javier Del Cid’s crew. They were all grinning wickedly.

Martin went on, “So, this is the way it’s going to work, officer Estes, who is a friend of mine, and doesn’t like you either. Well, he is over this floor today, and darn, what bad luck seems to be nowhere to be found now. So, you got a couple of choices, and I am not known for fucking around with people. You are following me thus far, pretty Max. He reached around and firmly put his hand on Max’s cock and balls, and he was none too gentle.”

Max had to wait a second to recover from that as he had racked him, “Not a subtle point.”

The bigger guy said, “I believe you want to do the right thing you seem like the real standup type. Your first option is you tell the Warden, you will happily do his books, but want to be moved out of Richard’s cell. He will ask to where and you will put you self on Javier’s block and join them for use. I will patch things up with Richard and be back where I should be. You are in my place bitch, time to move out. Otherwise, you will never be safe here, get my meaning?”

“That is also not a subtle point.”

He was really clamping into those shoulders now, “Here is a secret Max, I am not really a slave, hell I am not even a bottom. I did what I had to do to get in the best position here I could. Now we better get started as me and Javier’s bunch are going to gang bang you, call it pay back for all the SKU time they had to spend after Owens worked them over.”

A new voice said, “That is going to be when that monumental day, of hell freezing over occurs. Get your hands off the King’s property motherfucker, I don’t care if I do get punted, we are going to convert you boys to tomato soup!”

Big Clyde Owens followed by Johnny Eubanks came into the room. They were truly massive men and neither looked happy.

The hands quickly pulled away from Max’s shoulders. Javier’s group looked like they had seen a close flash of a nuclear explosion.

Martin said, “What’s the problem Clyde? You know I served him for two years, if I am here, it is my place.”

Big muscular Eubanks came and gathered up Max’s school stuff. “Go on back to you cell man, we got this.’

Martin watched his replacement leave unhappily, but they could not handle these two.

He told Clyde, “Better tell Richard to deal, you can’t watch over him all the time.”

Clyde grinned, “No one can watch over your punk ass all the time either. You are nothing but trouble no matter where you end up. I fix trouble, rest assured you are not the first exception to that.”

Eubanks took a muscled-up arm and hand and swept all the stuff on the desk out onto the floor. The two Herculean men backed out grinning. Then they left for their side of the habitat in the first section built.

Richard’s slave had returned and was shaking, he put his stuff down on the desk and took a seat.

“Am I going to have to explain why I don’t need Sherlock Holmes again?”

His slave was too upset to answer, and he had never done that. In a few moments his Enforcer and Lieutenant came into the room They quietly explained, and now Max’s Master, the King, and one big solid block of solid muscle individual was fuming.

“I will make them sorry for that, leave us guys and close the curtain please. From here one, and I don’t give a fuck how much extra work it takes, one of you two is with him when he leaves this habitat.”

“You got it boss.”

“Sure, thing boss.”

They left closing the curtain behind them.

Big Richard went over to the blue cartons they had unloaded, searched, and found what he was looking for. He got a pill and wrote it on a logbook. Then, he came over an opened his slave’s mouth and put it in there.

“Swallow that, it’s a milligram of Xanax, come on now do it.”

His slave broke the bar in his mouth and swallowed it down.

The big guy reached down and picked him up like he was nothing and took him and laid him on his bunk. He got in and said down beside him and hugged him closely. He waited a little bit for the Xanax to kick into his system. He reached over and got his cellphone.

He dialed a number and waited a minute, “Yeah, it’s Richard, Warden that stupid fuck Martin and Javier’s clan just made another move on what’s mine. You take care of it or me and mine will. I will fucking tear this place down with them. That fucking Estes is in on it too, he’s got to go, or things can collapse on him as well.”

There was a pause as he listened, “Good, because if we must do it, things will not be pretty for any of them. We do a lot for you, and this one from what I have heard found someone had been stealing from you. This one might be under your custody, but he belongs to me, and I will not have him terrorized but fucking brain damaged zombies.”

“Thanks Warden, I am sure they will love that shit.”

He gave it about twenty-minutes for the Xanax to hit his system. He rolled him around towards him, put his lips to his and shoved his tongue into his mouth. He responded, so he was calming down. He grabbed a bottle of water-based lube an got his slave up and took him into the bathroom. He stood him facing the bathtub and undid his pants and pulled those down along with his shorts to his ankles.

He squirted some of the water-based lube onto his cock to get his attention. Then wrapped his big right hand around it and slowly stroked it. He got hard almost instantly. His Master got a better grip and at a medium pace began jerking him off.

There was no need for restraints, his slave did not resist him at all.

As he was giving him the hand job he spoke closely to his ear, “I am going to make you come, afterwards when it becomes sensitive, and I begin working the head of it remain perfectly still.”     

He finally spoke, “Yes Master.” That big strong hand was making his feel so good. Master Richard looked down at what he was doing, and his slave obediently was not moving at all.

“Uhm, oh, that is going to make me shoot off a load of cum Master.”

He spoke close to his ear as he worked his pretty cock, “We don’t Sherlock Holmes to deduce that one either. You better believe you are going to cum and it will make you feel so much better.”

His slave was breathing harder, and the Master jerked it steadily.

“Oh-Uhm, here it comes!”

His Master kept the same pace and watched him began to shoot ropes of cum into the bathtub. He would not stop till he had shot completely off and got all the sensitivity rubbing as well. He shot quite a load as soon as he had his master began working the head of his dick like crazy.

“Uh-Uh! Shit!”  That was sensitive, but he obeyed and did not move or interfere. It was as if all the stress he was carrying washed away. Some of the um he shot, had gotten on the side and back of his Master’s hand. When the sensitivity had passed, he master put his big hand up to his mouth.

“Lick that hand clean like you love it, do not miss any my cocksucker.”

He quickly replied, “I do love it if it makes you happy.” Then he slowly went to work with his tongue and cleaned it as well as any cocksucker on the planet could have.

His Master got a thrill out of watching him do that so thoroughly.

Once his hand we clean, “Take your clothes and put them in the dirty and get that cute ass on my bunk. My turn again bitch, move it!”

They were both naked as they got on his bottom bunk. His Master took a moment to handcuff his hands behind his back. He put his shins flat on the bed and leaned back a little.

“Crawl over here bitch, and slowly and thoroughly worship my balls. Stuff your mouth with both, I will help.”

His hot slave did not waste any time getting into position.  He was just in the right spot and opened his mouth wide and stuck his tongue way out.

Master held his balls out, let a long trail of spit cover them and carefully stuffed them inside his mouth. He pulled just a little suction and continuously liked them like they were some sort of narcotic he just couldn’t get enough of. The Master let him work them for about twenty-minutes. He never tired of paused, he stayed on task and worked them hard.

“Now lick up and get my cock primed to fuck you.” His master let liberal amounts of his spit trail down and cover it as well. His slave went to busily slurping away on it.  He only had him do this for approximately ten minutes. His destination was up that tight ass,

After sucking for ten minutes his Master said, “Lie flat on your stomach and spread those leg. My cock wants up into that tight ass, with you I will always get what I want.”

When he got on his stomach and had his legs spread to suit the master. The big man got him by the shoulder and easily moved him into the exact position he wanted. He was going spit only this time, so he spit liberally on his shaft and head. He spread the slaves ass cheeks and spit on the hole good and put his head into place to enter it. In moments he was sliding inside, and did what he called his special entry,

He got the head a just a bit more in and let it set a second, then drove it in balls deep all at once. He pulled it out a couple of times and repeated this process. Then he laid his full weight on his slave beneath him, and it was time to pound away.

He was breathing heavily into his left hear from above, “Take that big cock bitch. Take every inch of it.”

His slave’s only response was, “Uhm-Yeah!”

He managed to pound him like this for almost 17 minutes, and finally he buried as deep as he could go. He began filling his slave up yet once again.’

He licked him behind his right ear as he unloaded every time his cock jerked deep inside him.

Some 12 minutes later, his slave was seated on his ass with his back and head against the wall. His Master was on his knees watching him carefully lick and suck his member clean. When finished they sat side by side with their backs against the wall.

“Master, may I speak?”

“Please do, that was fantastic by the way.”

“What you said before, do you really like me? Or is it more that I am like a piece of property for you use when you want to?”

“You are mine, and you are the only fucking good thing about this place.”

“Not necessarily Master, you are here as well, I am glad you are.”

The slave of his own accord reached over and gently played with his Master’s big balls. He was always just right about that kind of stuff, never too hard, but just hard enough.

“Mm, I think at lights out I am going to throat fuck you again.”

“That will be nice Master.  Martin and Javier are going to be problems.”

“Well, they will be in SKU for some time, but yeah me and the guys will have to deal with them.”

His slave was very relaxed because of the Xanax and his biochemicals. “If all of this centers around me, I don’t want to be trouble Master.”

The Master looked at him, “You are no trouble, and you are where you are supposed to be, serving me. It won’t take them fools long to learn that I can guarantee you that.”

Whatever those fuckheads come up with, it would not even be close to enough. Master Richard Koufax, who everyone here called the King, would have to demonstrate just one more tie to another set of fools. Just where the road they were on led to.