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Jojo decided to keep the salty taste in his mouth. The men were on their stomachs having just been rubbed with lotion, they laid close together. He looked at the two  thinking ‘why didn’t I do this a long time ago?’ He so wanted to lick his new masters’s assholes. Yep he was definitely a dirty, nasty, slut-whore. He counted five blow jobs, five loads in his mouth. At the Academy by this time he would have been gang banged for sure, almost always was. Would have sucked plenty of boys. But not one man. This was good. 

One of Wintermen’s hands reached to his buttcheek and pulled one side to reveal his man hole. Not really sure what this might mean, if anything, Jojo did nothing. 

Wintermen  made a fist and shook it up and down. Jojo got it. Stroking urgently he began to feel the familiar warmth spread through his groin. As the cum began to reach the head of his penis, Jojo aimed at Wintermen’s asshole. His load was enough to fill the crack around his daddy’s ass. Without being directed, the boy began licking  his own semen off the bare butt. Taking his time, savoring the bleachy taste and smell, JoJo’s hand found his dick and started pumping it again. It took much longer but staying in this man’s butt crack was worth the wait. 

It took an hour before Jojo finished licking his night’s second load of semen off Charles’s butt hole. Keeping the taste in his mouth he snuggled between the two men.


Rhys sat by Wiley’s hospital bed. There were more bags on the metal rack, lines from them  led to the bandaged spot on his boyfriend’s arm. 

Wiley had his eyes open, searching the room until he found his brother sitting next to the bed. 

“Rhys……………Rhys……” Wiley was trying to raise his hand but it appeared to be too heavy or Wiley’s mind claimed it was too heavy. 

“Baby, I did this to you. I shouldn’t have asked the question. I’m so sorry. I’ll never do it again I promise.” Rhys hadn’t slept since Wiley’s last episode. They referred to it as a seizure. 


“Hospital!! Wiley, hospital”  Rhys watched as his husband/boyfriend/brother stared. So drugged up, Rhys thought.  How can his lover ever talk to anyone about this?

Two white coat-clad doctors walked in. 

“I’d like to explain what we’re doing, Rhys. He needs sleep and nourishing. Two almost mutually exclusive things. “

“Why is he drugged? He can’t talk. If he can’t talk, how can he get better?”

“Rhys, we know you said you were both adopted by the two men you call your fathers.”

“Yes Matt and Dave. They live at the Academy Residence facility”

“Yes, we know. But our offices have done a little research and found Wiley’s birth father. We think it may help him recover from the hallucinogenic state he’s in, if we ask him to come in”

Rhys had no idea Wiley had any living family. They never discussed either of their past lives before having arrived at the Academy. 

“I mentioned his father before he ….”


“Yes, I’m just so worried. We’re all each other has. Matt and Dave are great and supportive and generous beyond reason, I just wanted to try get through to him before he left me again”

The doctors checked Wiley’s medicine bags and monitors while Rhys talked. 

“He used to mention his father in his sleep”

“Well, maybe it’ll be a good idea to see if he wants to help” the doctors were distant, seemed uninvolved. 

Rhys was so torn, he wanted Wiley to talk to him. They could figure this out together. 

“I don’t know……”

“His signs are normal so let’s see how he improves, we’ll take a look at options in a couple days”

“Yes, ok. Thank you”

Wiley’s father is alive?  All Rhys could think was “this can’t be good!”


“Ok boys,  today we’ve been asked to strut our stuff, well, your stuff at a sex club. It runs all night so get some sleep today. We’ll head out at 9. No clothes, load in the van. At 8 take a washroom break and double douche. Smell nice and be pretty. Collars, leashes and the fancy butt plugs.”

Wintermen left the room, the five naked boys lay on the bed having just taken turns eating out Buster. They had been told not to cum today, which meant they’ll be milked tonight wherever they’re headed. That was fine with Buster, he’d get the guys to give him plenty of orgasms, and he had. Two with the double headed strap-on and two with boys faces in his crotch. 

“Another club. Just a party we get to be party favors at. It’s fun, I guess, but I’d like to be on the other side sometime.” Roger was the most talkative of the group. He barely spoke to Master Wintermen or Charles, but with the  group and the film crews, he was a regular chatterbox. 

“Anything new going new going on, Green?”

That was Paul, their hair started growing back so they all got dyed a different color. Roger was Kelly green. 

“Well, orange, the new fuckboy is driving the men upstairs nuts.”

“They’re already nuts” Buster was blue but more commonly called ‘twat’, ‘three-hole’, and just plain old pussy, except here, the boys call him Buster. 

“We hit the steam room at the same time. He likes to talk. I don’t think the film guys or the masters make much conversation with him. But he sees a lot.”

“Have you fucked him?” Gene was now red. 

“Not yet. He said if we ever do a video together he’d like all of  us to fuck him”

“His ass is so hot” Lyn finally walked out of the washroom, his hair was kinda purple.

.”Any one of you guys up for another muff-dive?” Buster was waving his  hands and pointing to his  upturned butt. The answer was a collective “NO”

“Why don’t we ask if he’ll spend the night sometime?” Gene’s was an innocent question but the other boys all stared at him. 


“Gene, he’s exclusive to the partners. Everybody knows that” Roger the mouthpiece. 

“I don’t think so… I see him with Alvin all the time”

A collective “Who’s Alvin”

Now Gene was embarrassed. Ashamed he might know  something the others didn’t 

“You know, the guy who drives the van”

“So maybe this Alvin guy drives him somewhere ” Lyn started fingering Buster’s ass. 

“I’ve only seen them sitting there talking or when fuckboy gives him a blowjob” Gene was gaining a little more confidence but was still embarrassed. 

“Holy shit. I wonder if the partners know that”

Paul interjected. 

“I’ll ask him in the steam room tomorrow “

The boys were waiting in the garage when Charles and the  driver ambled up. “This should be fun guys, let’s go.” Lyn and Buster sat together not having completed their play. They were right behind Alvin , who eyed them through the rear view mirror. He’d seen Buster around and knew he  was trans and he found that fact intriguing, and exceptionally sexy. Until he got this job his sex life was limited to his wife. She wasn’t a fan of sex anymore, though deferred to Alvin when he was in the mood, which seemed to happen a lot more since he started working for Wintermen. 

“Charles, so what are we gonna be doing at this club?” Roger thought he might have to prepare himself for something vanilla. 

“It’s a gay BDSM club called The Black Hole. After they stop serving liquor the bar turns into an orgy. They have rooms upstairs where the dungeon stuff is. Thought you guys at the Academy knew about it”

“We used to be sent there to help out the owner, Joseph. He likes young naked guys walking around getting everybody into the spirit. I guess a few boys got placed with masters from that”

“Well tonight you guys are on your own, just don’t leave the club. All we care about is that Joseph is happy”

Roger knew that if Joseph was happy with himself and the boys entertaining his customers they’d be asked back. Definitely an upside. 

“Green was right, if you’re asked if you have a master the answer is yes. “

“But I thought we were just rentboys” Gene gets confused easily. 

Roger decided to clear the air, afraid Charles would just piss the guys off   “We are and we’re under contract like subs, but we get used almost exclusively for sex”

Buster had bent over and was throating Lyn, whose hand was down his back playing with Lyn’s  buttcrack. Alvin found it hard to concentrate on the road. 

Besides sucking Lyn’s dick Buster was massaging his ball sack and will eventually have a couple fingers up the boy’s asshole. Paul was sitting next to Buster and couldn’t help but watch the two. Getting bored he grabbed his dick with one hand and reached the other around to play in Buster’s holes. 

Since none were supposed to cum they were all horny as hell.

Roger and Paul were sitting together in the third row closest to the back end of the van. They had a little privacy so starting with stroking each other they were enjoying a deeply passionate kiss. 

Charles was in the passenger seat up front with Alvin. The two rarely had anything to talk about. 

“So Alvin, has our fuckboy Jojo been paying you a visit?”

“Oh yes sir. He’s very punctual. Gets to the garage right when I show up. “

“He gives you a blow job every day, right?”

Not wanting to get his friend in trouble Alvin decided to be mostly truthful. “Oh sir his blow jobs are the best I’ve ever had. A real wake up treat, sir. I sure appreciate you having him come by………”

“Well, good. Has he ever asked you to fuck him?”

“Why no sir. Never. I’m married you know. I don’t know what I’d say if he ever asked that. I mean I’d say no, of course……”

“Of course you would. But you’d tell me if he ever did, would t you?”

“If that’s what you want me to do Mr Charles, but I can’t imagine him ever asking that. He’s a nice bright boy. We share a few words once in a while before he goes back inside”

More like every day, Alvin thought. Since the boy came here he hasn’t had more than two blow jobs. And those he ended up feeling ashamed for doing. Alvin liked the way Jojo took his time about it, not like the first time in the driveway when he was gonna bust,  he was so horny. Since then, Jojo asks him to sit and feel comfortable while he does his work. That’s  cute, he calls it work. But he builds me up so bad I feel like I’ll shoot to the moon. Swallows right there in front of me with a big smile. Craziest damn thing. Alvin thinks he’ll say yes more often. Every man should feel an orgasm like that. No woman’s blow job ever came close. 

 The boys were let out in the alley at the club’s entrance. A round of applause greeted them as they came in. This was fresh. 

“Have a good time boys and remember why we’re here. This is work. ” Charles sent them into the crowd where they were immediately grabbed and hauled away. 

“Shall we go upstairs and see if we can draw a crowd of our own?” The man who cornered Roger was in his fifties, a little overweight but definitely not embarrassed by a wide belly. 

“What do you have in mind? I don’t mind being tied up and whored out, I love getting gang banged”

“Well son, I have something a little different in mind”

The two climbed the stairs and found an empty room. Lyn had followed and just spectated at the other rooms. He wanted to see what the guy would have Roger do. 

Roger was on his knees, which were strapped in place ,his hands behind his back and pulled upward to make him lean dramatically forward. On a side table the man put paddles, whips, crops and a few other things Lyn couldn’t quite see. 

The scene was the man slapped Roger with the whip, paddling his ass and drawing a velvet wand across his body. The wand caused Roger to moan and yell in protest. But that was expected. Lyn concluded it would be a good performance. And fun if he got boned and face fucked. 

Lyn walked further down the hall to find a man with his hand on a boys head as the boy was apparently giving a line of guys blowjobs. The line wasn’t long but the boys face was covered with the white goo. His chin was dripping and his dick was hard. 

“This boy getting punished?” Lyn asked the last guy in line. 

“Hell no. Daddy’s rewarding him for something. They’ve been here for hours. Non stop. This is my second time through. “

Lyn had to smile. He got it. Personally he would have preferred a gang bang. But getting all cummy was hot too. 

He felt a warm hand caress his butt. “Can me and my buddy tap that?”

“You read my mind” Lyn was led down the hall. The man’s finger found his butthole. 

“Maybe we’ll sell this tight hole”  

“Sell it cheap, I’ll take all comers”. Lyn was ready for whatever. 

They found a room with a waist high ottoman type thing where Lyn sat then laid back with arms holding his legs up. His pretty little hole was already dripping lube around a red jeweled plug.  in anticipation.

“I hope you like it rough” the man had his cock in hand and started rubbing Lyn’s hole. 

Smiling, “Is there any other way?”

The man removed the plug then lined up and not slow, but quickly drove his 7 inches as deep as he could. 

After the initial shock, Lyn was  in nirvana. His dick was hard and he guessed he had license to stroke himself,  the thick cock inside him started a grinding sort of fucking.  Within minutes it became a clap-ass pounding. His ass was sending the mating call to all cocks wanting release, or just rough action. Lyn settled in and just smiled.  

“You want my cock boy?” An anonymous bearded bear growled at him

“Daddy I been waiting for your cock all night. You gonna leave a present in there?”

“Well that’s all up to you, son”

The next twenty minutes Lyn moaned and cried for his daddy to fuck harder. “Hurt me daddy. Hurt me. Hurt your bad boy”

Lyn realized he sometimes went overboard so he limited himself to loud moaning. 

“I’m close, slut, where you want this? Ass or mouth?”

“Both daddy. Both. Please daddy”

The bear accommodated with a quick  pull out and a dash to Lyn’s smiling open mouth. After Lyn sucked it all out the bear returned and stuck his still stiff cock back into the boys hole. 

This kind of thing went on for hours. He’d gotten so much cum shot in his ass there was no need for lube. Lyn’s  face was streaked with drying white goo. Nirvana. 

The club’s hallway was noisy, moans, groans, yelps, pained screams and it sounded like every room had the happy thigh-butt cheek clapping. There was no negative sounds to stop or ease up. Everyone was exactly where they wanted to be and doing exactly what they wanted to do. The “happiest place on earth”. 

Both Paul and Buster stayed in the bar but action was just as intense as upstairs. Buster was sitting with a cock in his ass while a crowd was growing to take turns in the boys pussy. 

Buster was groaning as the stream of men stuck their cocks in and tried to slam harder than the last guy. Buster’s  hand wandered to his clit half a dozen times to bring himself to what felt like a never ending orgasm. His ass ached but it was the good ache. The kind where he craved a cock plowing his face. Off and on that night the three/holer was filled. His chin had grown a patch of drooling cum. 

Buster, like the other boys,  loved the taste of cum. He’d hold it in his mouth until it magically disappeared down his throat. 

Paul and Gene had been lashed to a two sided contraption where they were unable to move. The contraption was on a pivot so the whole thing could turn 180 to 360 degree. When one boy was facing out in a vertical position the other was upside down. Gene was upside down and his balls were being smacked and pulled. His cock slapped and sucked. The same abuse was being dished out to Paul who was right side up. Gene was now being tickled by two subs, he was losing control it hurt so bad. Both boys had been pinned with clothes pins and metal clamps. All over. Their ball sacks were littered with pins and clamps as was their chests.  Both boys were yelping in agony over the abuse as a scaffold was rolled and stopped over them. The boys’s contraption was  turned horizontal to deliver the hot wax dripping from lit candles. One boy was waxed, then  the contraption turned over again until both boys were equally covered in hot wax. 

Both boys considered hot wax pretty lame. After all, they waxed themselves and each other almost daily. The only time it was “anything” other than lame was when hot wax was poured into the dick slit or gaping ass hole. 

As if they were mind readers, the wheel was set to allow Paul’s ass, which had been stretched open, to have hot wax poured in. At the same time hot wax was being poured on and in the other boy’s dick head. 

The first scream was loud enough to silence the room, the second brought a boisterous ovation of glee. 

The scenes were limited to an hour, enforced by Joseph’s personal subs (he owned six) so all five boys walked away from one scene and were dragged into another. 

At four in the morning the fun ended. Charles rounded up the five and Alvin drove them all home. To hear the boys relate their adventures one might think they hadn’t been awake 21 hours. They were all grabbing and fondling while talking. Gene was the most excited, he’d found the club had a piss pit downstairs. And there was a boy (one of Joseph’s subs) who had stayed there all night. Gene had a full stomach of piss from so many men he lost count. He was asked to suck cum out of a few of the same cocks that had just unloaded piss in and on him. He found his bliss. He still exuded a faint odor despite his shower and mouthwashing before he came upstairs. 

It was tallied that Buster had more orgasms than any of them, most had only managed it once or twice the whole time at the club . Some hadn’t showered before getting in the van and all showed patched of dried cum and some dried wax. 

Roger had been taken to a room where he was suspended upside down, fitted with a ring gag and took throat fuckings while his asshole was filled with hot wax. When the wax dried , it was brushed off and replaced with more hot wax. His cock and balls were covered as well. Thank goodness it only lasted an hour. He was proud of the seven or eight loads that were shot down his throat.

The consensus was that the Black Hole was a great time. 

They all begged to go back sometime. The sooner the better. 

“How about if we recreate those scenes in our videos?” Charles wasn’t deaf to the ravings of these boys. It won’t be the first time this very idea was put to good use. 

Roger had a nagging question, the mood in the van made it seem the right time “we see you have a new video actor,  the one you call your fuckboy. Will we ever get to meet him?”


The van drew silent 

“What do you mean  meet? You really mean fuck?” Charles was clearly upset. 

Buster the clown “What’s the difference?”

The rest of the journey home was a steady speech of how they can never even talk to Jojo. Off limits. Don’t ask again!!  

This went on for the forty minute ride. 

The challenge had been made.