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Chapter 4

Booth Bro

A big protein company contacted Wilbur to be a booth bro for a fitness convention being held over the weekend.  Wilbur wanted to go to the convention regardless, so by helping with a booth for a brand that he genuinely enjoys, he was more than happy to accept.  It wouldn’t be the first time Wilbur was asked to be a booth bro, but typically that would be for comic book or anime conventions to be a specific character.  For the fitness convention, he’s simply himself and helping advertise the protein.

The convention floor was filled with a lively energy.  The fitness convention was a place for people of all walks of life, professionals and amateurs alike that have taken a shine to fitness.  Whether you’re just beginning and wanting to learn more or already established and want to educate others or yourself, the fitness convention is for everyone.

Tank stands in front of the booth of the protein company he’s helping.  Of course, the best incentive to catch the attention of the convention goers is to be shirtless.  Tank stands in black gym shorts that are short enough to show off his muscular thighs and calves.  He started off the day wearing a muscle tank top with the company’s logo on it however he now has it hanging out from the hem of his shorts, but still showing the company’s logo.  His large and juicy muscles glisten from a mixture of sweat and oils that cover his body.  Aside from his dazzling smile and bulging muscles, Tank’s demeanor is friendly.

Throughout the day, Tank talks to hundreds upon hundreds of people about the protein and workout routines, making new friends upon the shared love for fitness.  Chase and Noah dropped by at one point to say hello to Tank before they went off on their own.  Zixin and Cami took Tank out for some lunch when he was able to have a break and relax.

During some downtime at the convention, Tank decides to walk around to see what else there is. He converses with other happy-go-lucky people that are enjoying the convention and sharing the same passions. He even witnesses a few competitions as he walks around the convention floor. From doing the most amount of push-ups or holding onto a bar as long as possible, Tank cheers for people as he walks by.

Displeasing to Tank’s ears is a hulking guy who wails like a wild animal. This guy’s muscles are large, almost looking like they’re about to burst out from his skin as he deadlifts a heavy barbell. His fair complexion is mixed with the right red as the blood of his body rushes to his face and neck. His buzzed hair is covered by a backwards facing cap that is drenched in sweat. The guy is practically screaming in taunts at another muscular man after slamming down the barbell, “In your face! Ha! Fucking weak bitch!” He rushes up toward the other man, flexing his large arms and puffing his chest out.

Tank is very familiar with muscle heads like this guy, they’re a very common occurrence in his line of work. He can hear the wave of annoyed sighs from the crowd watching and the quiet murmurs of displeasure from the man’s peacocking mannerism.

A very athletic woman approaches the man with a big smile on her face that’s almost as smug as the man. Her long blonde ponytail flows out from under her cap. Her loud voice says, “Oh my God, babe! You’re so strong! You’re the strongest guy here!”

“You bet I am babe!” the guy responds with a loud and proud laugh. He wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her in for a very mouthy kiss that solicits grunts of disgust from many of the people in the crowd. He turns to the crowd and loudly asks, “Who’s next? I bet you can’t lift more than me!”

Tank can hear someone nearby whisper, “Holy shit, someone needs to shut this guy up.”

The man scans the crowd, grinning widely as soon as he locks eyes with Tank. He points and says, “You! Glasses! Get up here! I bet you can’t lift more than me!”

Tank looks around for a moment, unsure if he’s the one being spoken to. The people in the crowd all turn their heads toward Tank. Without missing a beat, Tank walks up toward the man as the crowd separates a bit to allow Tank through.

Once Tank gets onto the platform, the man says, “What’ll it be? Deadlifts? Overhead lifts? Curls? Whatever you choose, I’m sure I’ll lift more than you.”

“How about push press?” Tank suggests.

“Push press? Ha! That’s such a basic bitch choice, but you’re on!” the man sneers.

Tank nods, not phased by the rude comment. While Tank notices that the man has thicker and bigger muscles than he does, Tank knows that they’re primarily aesthetic muscles rather than practical.

Tank loads up the barbell to a number that he knows he is more than okay managing. Tank has perfect posture as he lifts the barbell up, swinging the barbell in front of his shoulders and lifting upward. Tank gently lowers the barbell back down and moves to the side.

“Ha! You think you can impress anyone with that weak display? I’ll show you what real strength looks like!” the man says. He adds a couple of more plates and assumes position to lift the barbell. He grunts with effort as he lifts the barbell. His arms shake as he slowly lifts the barbell over his head right before slamming it down. He immediately cheers and gets in Tank’s face. “Woo! I’m stronger than you are!”

Tank tilts his head and smiles. He loads up the barbell with a couple more plates, nearly doubling what Tank had initially lifted. Assuming position again, Tank almost makes his lift look effortless, he maintains his smile as he lifts which irks the man that watches him with wide eyes. Tank’s muscles bulge and flex nicely, showcasing the years of hard work Tank had done to get to where he is now. Tank gently lowers the barbell back down and steps to the side.

With pride on the line, the man loads the barbell with another plate on either side. He gulps as he grips the barbell. With grunting effort the man tries and tries to lift the barbell off the ground. The girl cheers him on to help hype him up. The man’s complexion becomes a bright red as his efforts only manage to get the barbell to lift mere inches off the ground. He releases the barbell and stomps on the ground like a crazed beast.

Tank, however, maintains his cool, stepping to the barbell and completes the whole motion of a push press with some strain before lowering the barbell back down. The crowd of people cheer loudly for Tank’s victory, drowning out whatever words the man may be screaming at the top of his lungs.

Out of breath, the defeated man slams his fists on the ground one final time as the woman near him clings onto him, trying to console him. Tank steps down from the platform and the crowd parts to allow him to move again, however many people continue to cheer for Tank. Tank walks away from the crowd, feeling quite content humbling a muscle head.

As Tank walks down through the convention floor again, he hears the man calling after him, “Hey glasses!”

“J-Jared!” the woman says, chasing after the man.

Tank turns around, flashing his dazzling smile and says, “Oh, hey.”

“Don’t ‘oh, hey’ me!” Jared says, stepping very close to Tank. His face inches away from Tank’s, their big chests pressing against each other. “I want a do over! I’ve been lifting all day, I got tired, that’s why I couldn’t lift that. Rematch me!”

Tank cocks his head again and smiles, responding, “Oh, you’re mad about that?”

“Damn right I am!” Jared yells, stray spit hitting Tank’s face.

“You tell him babe!” the woman says.

“Sorry, I can’t give you a rematch, I have to get back to the booth I’m working. But I hope you can find someone you can challenge again,” Tank says, trying to move away.

“What? You a pussy? Think you’re gonna lose again?”

“Nope, I’m busy though!” Tank responds.

As Tank walks away again, Jared quickly stomps toward him and pushes him. Tank immediately drops his nice guy demeanor, furrowing his brows and narrowing his eyes out of frustration. When Jared goes in to try to shove Tank again, Tank steps to the side and shoves Jared into a vacant room. Jared stumbles and falls.

“Jared!” the woman calls out chasing after Jared.

Tank steps into the room and closes the door behind him. Jared and the woman look up at Tank who steps up to them with a menacing aura. The woman yells, “Y-you pussy bitch! You think you’re tough?”

Tank kneels down, speaking in a low voice similar to a growl. He leans forward and says, “You want a challenge? I’ll give you a challenge.”

Tank lowers his gym shorts, his big cock springing free. Jared and the woman watch with a bit of panic and confusion, their eyes unable to avert away from Tank’s hard and veiny cock.

“Wh-what the fuck are you doing?” Jared mumbles, his heart beating rapidly.

“You wanted a challenge didn’t you?” Tank says. “Well, here’s your challenge. Taking my cock in your ass.”

“What the fuck!? I’m not some homo!” Jared yells, recoiling at the thought of Tank’s words.

Tank stands up and waves his heavy cock around. He looks down his nose at Jared, smirking a bit. “You scared there, Jared?”

“W-wow,” the woman exhales. She couldn’t help but stare at Tank’s engorged member, her breathing growing a bit shallow.

“L-Lila, what the hell?” Jared mumbles, looking at the woman with bewildered eyes.

“Looks like she’s pretty interested, but you were the one that wanted the challenge,” Tank comments, smirking, “you’re not gonna make your girl fight your battles are you? Not that I would mind much.”

Lila’s eyes widen and a blush crept up her neck and flushes her cheeks as she realizes that the challenge extended out to her.

“Wh-what? You’re not fucking my girl!” Jared protests.

“Well, I guess that means you’re taking on the challenge then aren’t you?” Tank taunts, his cock leaking precum. “You talked a big game earlier, are you backing out now?”

Jared’s face turns bright red, his mind racing with indecision. He clenches his fists, feeling a mix of anger and embarrassment at the prospect of having to take Tank’s challenge. Tank knows exactly what buttons he needs to push to get Jared, these types of guys hate having their pride be on the line.

The moment of contemplation is interrupted when Tank asks, “So what’ll it be?

“Fuck!” Jared shouts, he quickly slides shorts off and says, “Get it over with!”

“You want me to go in raw? No, you’ll have to get it wet first before I stick it in you, let’s make it easier on you,” Tank says.

“I-I’m not sucking your dick!” Jared protests

“If not you…then she can, she’s been eyeing it a lot since I’ve taken it out,” Tank says, smirking. He shoots Lila a quick wink which makes her start blushing brighter.

“What the fuck? No, the only dick she’s sucking is mine!” Jared yells.

“Either way, someone is getting it wet for you,” Tank says.

“Fuck…” Jared mumbles, trying to avoid any sort of action.

Tank looks at Lila and says, “Well, I guess it’s you then.”

Without any hesitation, Lila kneels right in front of Tank, her tongue running up and down the long shaft. Her tongue swirls around Tank’s swollen cockhead, tasting the salt-sweet precum flowing out the tip. Lila’s lips wrap around Tank’s cockhead, she sucks and kisses the hot meat in her mouth.

Watching with anger boiling inside him, Jared yells, “S-stop! I’ll do it!”

Jared pulls Lila away from Tank’s cock, making her whimper a bit. He kneels before Tank, hesitant in his motions. He glances at Lila, whose eyes are brimming with anticipation and hunger. With a deep breath, he finally takes Tank’s engorged member into his mouth, savoring the salty-sweet taste and texture.

Tank watches with satisfaction as Jared takes his first tentative licks before gradually trying to take in more of Tank’s cock. Jared’s lips stretch out to be able to wrap around Tank’s girth, struggling to take more in. Soon, Jared’s mouth was bobbing up and down the best he could, spit and precum dripping out of the edges of Jared’s mouth. Tank could tell by the way Jared’s eyes fluttered shut and the way his hips started to buck that the tamest part of the challenge was over.

As Tank’s cock filled Jared’s mouth, Jared’s thoughts were a whirlwind of emotions. Part of him was consumed with humiliation and anger—the other part was undeniably aroused. Jared’s face flushes bright red.

Lila sat nearby, feeling her own arousal rising as she watches the scene unfolding in front of her. Her pussy grows wet as Tank’s cock slowly pushes further into Jared’s mouth. She could see the effect Tank was having on Jared as he worked to take in more of Tank with each passing moment. Slowly, Jared’s facade breaks down with hidden enjoyment.

Tank grabs both sides of Jared’s head and thrusts his cock in, immediately making Jared gag and choke. Jared pulls away, coughing and trying to catch his breath. Jared looks up at Tank and before he could say anything, Tank pushes his cock back into his mouth. Jared’s throat convulses around Tank’s member.

“Come on tough guy, try to take it in,” Tank groans, his eyes locked on Jared’s trembling lips around his dick.

Lila watches with bated breath, her own desire rising. She bites her lip, trying to stifle her own moans of pleasure as she years to being taken in a similar manner. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined she’d be watching her own boyfriend sucking another man’s cock. There was something so undeniably erotic with the action in front of her.

Despite Jared’s initial hesitancy and reluctance, his own throbbing cock grows fully hard as Tank pushes the back of his head further down. Jared’s still unable to take even half of Tank’s cock into his mouth, needing to back away once his gag reflex is hit. However, Tank pushes beyond making Jared gag and convulse.

“Look up at me,” Tank orders.

Jared does, seeing the glory of Tank’s strong muscles glisten and tower over him. Jared’s eyes meet with Tank’s and Jared can’t help but feel so aroused being looked down at in such a manner. Tank smacks Jared’s cheek a few times which solicits a muffled moan from Jared. Jared’s anger has turned into enthusiasm as his sucking becomes more vigorous.

Tank grins at Jared’s newfound intensity. Tank coos with joy, “That’s it, show me how much you want it.”

Jared moans instinctively, taking more of Tank’s cock, swallowing as much as he can. With each of Tank’s thrusts, Jared strokes his own cock in time with Tank’s movements. Jared gags a bit, but the sensation only spurs him on further. His eyes water as he struggles to breathe. He wants more, he needs more.

Recognizing the hunger in Jared’s eyes and movements, Tank grins. He looks over at Lila who is mesmerized by what she’s watching. Tank asks Lila, “You wanna see me fuck your man here?”

Lila perks up and gazes up at Tank. She nods and says, “Yes! Fuck him!”

Tank’s eyes return back to Jared. He pulls his cock away from Jared and says, “You heard the lady. She wants to see me fuck you. Get on your back and raise your legs.”

“Wh-what?” Jared questions.

“Did you forget? Your challenge is to take my cock in your ass. And your girlfriend really wants to see it happen, don’t you?” Tank says, shooting a quick glance at Lila.

Lila nods feverishly. “Yes! I want to see that so bad!”

“B-but…” Jared mumbles.

“Yes your butt, I will be fucking your butt,” Tank says. Tank kneels down and pushes Jared onto his back. He lifts Jared’s legs up onto his shoulders and positions his hips closer to Jared’s hole.

Shivers shoot up Jared’s spine when he feels Tank’s big cockhead probing and poking at his tight entrance. He tightly holds his thighs, shuddering in anticipation for when Tank pushes in. His breaths are rapid, his heart is pounding.

“Take a deep breath,” Tank says, waiting for Jared’s heaving chest to slow down, “and take it!”

Jared’s whole body jolts with pain and pleasure as he feels his ass getting filled with Tank’s massive cock. Tank slowly thrusts in and out, stretching and filling Jared’s ass with each movement. Jared’s hole loosens up a bit to accommodate Tank’s thick cock. He moans and groans from pleasurable agony as it feels like Tank is about to rip him apart.

Lila watches in awe, her fingers rubbing against her wet clit through her skintight pants. The sight of her boyfriend getting fucked in the ass by another man was a fantasy she never knew she wanted to have fulfilled. The eroticism and sight is so much for her that her whole body is shaking out of arousal.

Jared’s legs start to shake uncontrollable, his eyes rolling back in his head. He’s starting to get a little dizzy from the high of being treated like a fuck toy. Tank’s massive shaft keeps stretching him out more and more with each successive pump. The blissful torment is overwhelming and he can’t help but scream out, “Oh fuck! You feel so good! I can’t believe I’m taking your cock in my ass.”

Tank chuckles, his voice low and gravelly. “That’s right, Jared. That’s my cock in your tight little ass.”

“Fuck! So fucking good!” Jared howls, his mouth agape.

Tank looks over at Lila. He motions with his head to have her come toward him. Lila crawls toward Tank without question. Despite being out of the action, she’s panting with excitement and joy. Tanks wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her close.

“You like what you see?” Tank growls, grinning widely.

“Yeah, I do,” she responds.

“You like watching me fuck your man?” Tank asks.

She nods, almost whimpering. “Yeah, I do.”

“Want me to fuck him even harder?”

Lila’s voice turns into an erotic whisper, “Yeah, fuck him harder. I want you to fuck him harder.”

Tank’s thrusts become rougher as he hits a deep spot in Jared’s ass. Jared cries out in newfound pleasures, feeling his prostate being stimulated with every thrust and the pleasures going beyond being even more thrilling. Lila moans as if she’s feeling every single thrust inside her. She presses her forehead against Tank’s right before their lips meet each other and their tongues explore each other’s mouths.

As Tank thrusts into Jared’s tightness, his hand snakes under Lila’s pants to feel her soaked panties. Tank’s fingers find their way to Lila’s clit and wet pussy. He squeezes her clit between his fingers, making her hard clit rub directly against her panties. Lila moans into Tank’s mouth, her bated breaths becoming shallower.

With Jared attached to his cock and his hand busy with Lila, Tank has surrounded himself with two moaning bodies that are so drunk off of his pleasurable body that their moans fill the room. Jared thrashes his head, slamming it against the floor as he feels his hole getting stretched and filled. The sensation is so intense and pleasurable that he’s unable to think or see straight.

“F-fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Jared screams. His legs shake violently as he muscles flex. Shooting out of his cock are ropes of hot cum that coats his chest. “I can’t believe I came from getting fucked!” Oh my fuck!”

Tank continues fucking Jared’s hole through the orgasm. Jared’s hole gets even tighter, making Tank’s thrusts a bit more difficult. However, Tank powers through and gives Jared’s hole an even harder pounding. Jared even holds his hand up to push against Tank’s abs in an attempt to push Tank off, but Tank retaliates by going even harder.

“Fuck! This is too intense!” Jared cries out, his whole body bright red and sweating.

As Lila is feeling her own orgasm rising up from Tank’s expert hands, she throws her arms around Tank’s neck and pulls him in even closer to plunge her tongue into his mouth. Tank keeps stimulating her clit more and more until he can feel her body shiver and shudder. Her moan becoming long exasperated sighs. Her legs squirm as she releases her climax.

Tank pulls his hand out of Lila’s pants, licking the fluids that have coated his fingers. He then says to Lila in a low growl, “I’m gonna cum in your man.”

“Cum in him,” Lila responds, “shoot deep inside him.”

Tank pistons his cock in and out of Jared with no mercy. Each thrust harder than the last, making Jared wail. Tank’s muscles flex as he can feel his climax getting closer. With a good final push, Tank’s cock erupts with thick hot cum that fills up Jared’s quivering hole.

Tank pulls his cock out, seeing Jared’s once tight pink hole has puffed up into a messy mass that oozes Tank’s cum. Lila promptly licks and cleans up Tank’s cock from the residue of cum before Tank tells her, “Eat my cum out of your man’s ass.”

Lila obliges, her tongue licking up all of the streaks of cum that flood out of Jared. Tank stands up, pulling his shorts back up and sees Lila eating Jared’s ass while Jared tries to regain his breath and composure.

Chuckling under his breath, Tank leaves the room, leaving the couple in their dazed, cock drunken state to get back to where he was needing to be.