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Frank puffed on his cigar, enjoying the cool September air. It was a perfect Saturday night on the porch of Rawhide, the leather bar he frequented in the gayborhood of the bustling college town he’d lived in for about 15 years. Frank leaned over the railing of the porch, watching the parade of young gay college guys walking down the block, headed to JR’s or Metro down the street. The fall term started a few weeks ago, bringing a fresh crop of boys into the mid-size city, along with those returning from summers at home or abroad. Frank was in his usual getup of black leather boots and faded jeans that strained to contain his thick, muscular legs. He was shirtless under his leather vest, showing off his strong hairy chest and arms, tanned and muscled from a life of laboring as a contractor. Pushing 50, his metal nipple piercings gleamed in his mostly gray chest hair. He sported a full, shortly trimmed gray beard and kept his partly gray hair high and tight, reminiscent of his years in the Marines. 

“How’s it going Frank?”

Frank turned to see Raj and his boy Topher walking out to the porch from the bar. Raj was a younger dom in his late 20s and also a Rawhide regular, strong and lean, with dark Middle Eastern features. His boy Topher, a fair-skinned, stocky ginger in his early 30s, was in his usual pup hood, lock collar and leather briefs. Raj had shared Topher with Frank on more than one occasion, as all three enjoyed sex both with and in front of crowds. If he was being honest with himself, he was a bit jealous of Raj, having a boy under his ownership. Frank wasn’t big on guys acting like dogs, barking and tail wagging didn’t do it for him, but Topher loved being dominated and could take a hard spanking session with the best of them, which Frank loved to dish out. As a burly, muscular leather Daddy in a college town, Frank didn’t have trouble getting a hot young guy restrained for his pleasure in his playroom, but it’d been years since he’d owned a sub completely.

“Raj,” Frank nodded in acknowledgement, taking a sip of his whiskey, “just enjoying the view.”

“And what a view,” Raj gestured to a trio of twinks walking by across the street. None of them looked old enough to drink, but all were more than attractive enough to get away with fake IDs. Two of the guys were in skimpy, almost see-through tops and painted on jeans, actively displaying their thin, toned young bodies. They looked like they had been manufactured in a twink laboratory by an evil, horny genius. It was the third boy that caught Frank’s attention. His dark golden blonde hair was perfectly tousled, his features looked like they were cut from glass, high cheekbones and full, soft lips. Unlike his more glamorous friends, he was dressed in a pink polo shirt and dark, slim fitting khakis. From what Frank could see his body was lean, his posture a bit withdrawn. The boy looked across the street and locked his wide blue eyes on Frank and chewed on his bottom lip nervously.

“Hey boys, come on over and sit on Daddy’s lap!” Raj called out playfully to the trio.

The two louder boys looked over and unleashed mocking laughter, calling out “You wish!” and “Nice dog freak!” The third blonde boy blushed and looked down at his feet, following his friends toward the dance club further down the street.

“You are a nice pup,” Raj cooed to Topher, scratching under his chin. 

Topher barked and wagged his ruber tail playfully.

“Those brats need to be bound, gagged and taught a lesson,” Raj said to Frank.

“Doubt they’d be worth the effort,” Frank replied.

Later that night Frank was sitting on Rawhide’s secluded back porch area watching the end of a flogging session between a Dom and sub, where the sub was bent over one of the wooden picnic tables, while other guys sat around watching and chatting with each other. The night had been slow; he’d chatted with a few regular buds and watched the flogging, but not much in the way of potential action. He finished his drink and walked back into the bar, debating on whether he should settle up and head home or try his luck at the after hours sex club, when the sight of a familiar twink in a pink polo, sitting alone at the bar caught his eye. Frank took the seat next to the beautiful boy, who shot Frank a painfully shy smile before averting his eyes to stare at the bar and nervously pick at the label on his bottle of beer.

“You want another drink boy… or are you just gonna pick at that one all night?” Frank asked.

“Okay,” Abel muttered quietly, feeling dizzy with self consciousness.

Frank put his large, calloused hand firmly on the blond twink’s hands to stop the fidgeting. The boy’s breath caught in his throat and Frank could almost hear the kid’s heart pounding as he leaned in closer and asked “Okay you want another or okay you want to play with that one?”

Abel turned his head and peaked at Frank from under his eyelashes and with a smile said, “I’d like another drink Sir, please.”

Frank took his hand off the boy and called to the bartender, “Sammy, another for me and one for the boy.”

Sammy nodded and poured another whiskey rocks and set it in front of Frank, then uncapped a bottle of Bud Light and set it in front of the boy then walked away to another customer.

“Cheers,” Frank said, holding up his glass.

“Cheers,” Abel tapped his bottle to Frank’s glass, “Thanks.”

“What’s your name, boy?” 


“Nice to meet you Abel. I’m Frank. I saw you earlier… glad to see you again.”

“Me too, I mean I saw you too… and I’m glad to see you again,” Abel said with a shy smile.

A minute of awkward silence passed between them. Finally Frank asked, “What are you doing here alone boy? What happened to the boys I saw you with earlier?”

“Sorry about what they said. I left them at Metro.”

“You’re friends won’t be worried?”

Abel flushed with resentment at the thought, “They’re not my friends…I only met them a week ago… I’ve never been to a gay bar before and they invited me to come out with them… We’re not really into the same things.”

“What things are you into boy?”

Abel blushed bright red, looked hungrily at Frank and then took a large swig from his beer, his mind screamed “You! I want a strong Daddy like you!” but he said nothing.

Frank smiled at the boy’s obvious lust. He leaned in closer to the boy and quietly said, “You are beautiful. You could have any man in this bar… Probably any man on this street.”

“I don’t know…” Abel whispered.

Frank put his hand on Abel’s thigh, squeezed seductively and said “A sweet boy like you can have anything he wants, all you have to do is ask.”

“I… I don’t know how,” Abel said with painful yearning.

“Do you want Daddy Frank to help you boy?” Frank asked, sliding his hand up Able’s thigh, brushing the boy’s hard cock through his khakis.

“Yes,” Abel said almost inaudibly.

Frank tightened his grip, “Yes what boy?”

“Yes Daddy, please help me.”

Frank removed his hand from Abel’s thigh, and in a quick movement, grabbed the boy’s chair and spun him around so he was facing Frank. Abel gasped and Frank felt his blood surge with lust.

“We’re going to play a little game boy. For the rest of the night I’m your Daddy, which means you do whatever I tell you to do.”

Abel chewed his lip nervously, he wanted desperately to say yes but was afraid this was too good to be true and there would be a catch.

Frank put his hand under Abel’s chin and gently tilted the boy’s face up and looked into his bright blue eyes, “If I ask you to do something you don’t want to do, say “Red” and we’ll pause the game and talk about it. I’m going to push your boundaries but I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. Do you want to play? Be Daddy’s good boy?”

“Yes Daddy.” Abel said, completely enraptured.

Frank sat back, took a sip of his drink and said, “Take your shirt off boy.”

Abel’s eyes went wide, “But-“

“For every time you disobey an order without saying “Red” first you’re going to get 5 spankings when I take you out to the back porch. Do you understand boy?”

Abel made his face resolute and said “Yes Daddy.”

“Take your shirt off boy.” Frank said firmly.

Abel pulled his shirt off, exposing his smooth, toned body.

Frank reached out and caressed Abel’s nipples, “Good boy. Such a beautiful boy.”

Frank pulled away from Abel, revealing in the slash of disappointment that crossed the boy’s face when he stopped caressing his nipples. 

“Let’s go out to the back boy,” Frank said, standing up and holding out his hand. 

Abel moved quickly to put his shirt back on but Frank quickly said, “Keep it off.”

Abel stood and placed his small hand in Frank’s. Frank pulled him close and kissed the boy roughly, exploring his mouth with his tongue, excited when the boy returned the kiss with equal passion.

Frank broke off the kiss and said “That’s another 5 spankings for trying to put your shirt back on boy. How many are you at now?”

Trepidation colored Abel’s expression and he answered hesitantly “10?”

“That’s 5 more for not keeping track for Daddy. What are you at now boy?”

“15 Daddy,” Abel answered quickly.

“Good boy,” Frank smiled and led the boy through the bar and onto the back patio. 

There was a large oak tree in the middle of the space, which was surrounded by a collection of old wooden picnic tables. The only source of light was from inside the bar and the surrounding street lights beyond the high wooden fence, allowing a fair amount of dark seclusion. There were a few guys seated at various tables outside, most wearing leather, watching a large, muscular leather clad Hispanic Dom, using a leather crop on a small, Asian sub, bound to the oak tree with bungee cords, wearing only a collar and jockstrap.

Frank led the boy to an empty picnic table in a dark corner, tugging the boy into his lap. “What do you think of the show boy?”

“It’s hot Daddy.” Abel said with awe.

“Would you like Daddy to tie you up next? Give you your spankings in front of everyone?” Frank asked, tweaking the boy’s nipple with one hand and groping his hard cock through his jeans with the other.

He felt the boy tense up. When a few moments passed with no answer Frank wrapped his arms around the boy and spoke softly in his ear, “You can give any answer you want boy. You must always be honest with Daddy. Never be afraid to be yourself with me, understand?”

“Yes Daddy,” Abel said softly.

“Do you think that man using that boy in front of everyone is hot?” Frank asked.

“Yes,” Abel said, relaxing into Frank’s embrace.

“Yes, what boy?” Frank asked sternly.

“Yes Daddy.” Abel chuckled.

“That’s 5 more. What’s your number boy?”

“20 Daddy.” Abel replied.

“Good boy. Would you like to be spanked like that in front of all these hot men out here?” Frank asked, tightening his grip slightly on the boy.

Abel answered quickly, “Part of me would Daddy, but part of me would be afraid to let you do that and then I’d never see you again, that it wouldn’t matter to you.”

Frank took a slow deep breath and kissed the boy’s neck softly before saying, “My sweet boy. Daddy loves that answer.”

Abel nuzzled his face against Frank’s beard and cooed “Thank you Daddy. Would you like to do that to me? In front of everyone I mean?”

“Oh yes, you’re such a beautiful boy, Daddy would love to show you off. You should be proud to let everyone see how perfect you are boy. But Daddy is patient, we can save a public display like that for another night.” Frank said.

Abel spun himself around slightly to look Frank in the eye and asked “Does that mean you want to see me again Daddy? Not just the game tonight?”

“Yes boy. I’d love to be your Daddy for real. There’s so much I can teach you. Would you like that my sweet boy?” Frank asked, hoping his excited nerves weren’t showing.

“That would be amazing Daddy,” Abel answered, beaming with excitement.

“My townhouse is just a few blocks away boy, can you spend the night or do you have to go home soon?” Frank asked.

“I can spend the night Daddy, if you want.”

“Daddy wants that very much, but first I need to give you your spanking. I want you to feel my handprint on your sweet little boy butt the whole walk back to my place,” Frank said unbuttoning Abel’s pants. “Lay down on Daddy’s lap, boy. I’m going to pull your pants down and spank your bare ass right here. You can say ‘red’ if that’s too much.”

Abel didn’t say a word, he just readjusted himself so he was lying face down across Frank’s lap.

“Good boy,” Frank said with a firm tone, then he pulled the boy’s pants down around his thighs roughly, making sure the boy knew Daddy was in charge. He rubbed his hand in a circular motion on Abel’s bare ass. “I can feel you excited little cock poking into my thigh boy. I want you to keep count for me okay?”

“Yes Daddy,” Abel said, his eyes focusing on a trio of leather bears one table over who had all stopped watching the sub tied to the tree to focus on him, splayed bare-ass up across Frank’s lap.

Frank’s hand came down with a sharp smack on Abel’s ass and Able hissed “One.”

Frank landed a quick series of  five more smacks on Able’s ass, loving how red the boy’s cheeks were turning, his fair skin coloring beautifully. Abel took some deep breaths as Frank rubbed his stinging ass with soft circular motions.

“How are you doing boy?” Frank asked.

“Good Daddy,” Abel said, watching the bears at the other table watching him, the thought of them being turned on by him being used by his Daddy excited him much more than he would have guessed.

Frank unleashed a torrent of smacks on Abel’s ass as Abel counted “Seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen!”

Tears had started to well in Abel’s eyes and he felt Frank stop and gently rub his hand in a circular motion over his ass, which burned from the spanking.

“You’re doing so good boy,” Frank cooed reassuringly. “You should feel so proud to make Daddy so happy. I can’t wait to take you home and have my boy all night.”

“Thank you Daddy!” Abel said, followed by a pained gasp as Frank landed another hard slap on his ass. “Fourteen! Fifteen! Sixteen! Seventeen! Eighteen! Nineteen! Twenty!” The tears in Abel’s eyes blurred his view of the voyeuristic bears watching him. His ass burned like it was on fire. 

Frank gently rubbed the boy’s ass and listened for him to catch his breath before tugging Abel’s pants back up. “You did so good sweet boy. Daddy is so proud of you. Stand up now, button your pants and put your shirt back on. Daddy’s going to take you home and show you what a special boy you are.”

On the short walk from the bar to Frank’s townhome, Frank kept his hand tucked in Abel’s back pocket as a means of guiding his new boy along and reminding him that his freshly spanked ass belonged to Daddy. Upon entering the townhome Frank instructed the boy to strip and place his clothes in a neat pile by the door.

“Whenever you’re in Daddy’s house you are to be completely naked at all times unless instructed otherwise.” Frank told the naked 19 year old.

“Yes Daddy,” Abel obliged.

Frank sat on a small bench in the foyer and said “Kneel before Daddy.”

Abel knelt down and stared up into the burly man’s bearded face, taking in the lust and authority shining in his dark eyes. Abel felt his five inch cock grow rock-hard.

“Take off Daddy’s boots and socks, then stuff one sock into each boot.” Frank said sternly.

Able complied, unlacing and tugging off the leather boots, then pulling off each sock, damp with sweat, and stuffing them into the boots.

“Now, lower your face into the right boot.”

Abel positioned himself on his hands and knees and lowered his face inches over the top of the right boot, the smell of leather, sweat and feet wafting into his nose.

“All the way,” Frank said, placing a strong hand on the back of Abel’s head and firmly pressing his face into the leather boot. “Take deep breaths for Daddy.”

Abel tried to take a deep breath but was overwhelmed by the smell and sat up coughing and gagging, “I can’t Daddy!”

Frank sat back and looked down at Abel, “Do you remember the safe word boy?”

“Red, Daddy,” Abel replied meekly.

“And do you remember how to use it?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Okay, then if you can’t do what I want boy, use your safe word. Now, Daddy wants to see you lower yourself and take three deep breaths from each boot to show Daddy how much you cherish and respect him. I want to hear my good boy breathing in and out and I want to see your back rise and fall with each breath. Show Daddy how much you cherish him.”

Abel hesitated for a second, steeled himself and lowered his face back into the boot, then took three deep breaths.

“Very good boy,” Frank praised, “Now the other.”

Abel moved his face into the left boot, took three deep breaths and sat back.

“Very good boy! Daddy is very proud of you. That is the proper way to greet Daddy. Stand up now, it’s time to take you upstairs.”

The burly 49 year old contractor led the young boy up the stairs and into the master bedroom. Abel sucked in a deep breath when he took in the sight of the large four poster bed, with several metal rings drilled into each post, and a huge mirror mounted above in place of a canopy. 

Frank started to undress and said “Crawl onto the bed and get on your hands and knees, Daddy needs to inspect his new boy.”

“Yes Daddy,” Abel said, then positioned himself on the bed as directed, vulnerable and on full display. He gave a small moan as he felt Frank behind him, running his strong calloused hands over Abel’s smooth body.

Frank spread Abel’s cheeks and traced his fingers over Abel’s hole. He let out a groan of approval then said, “Look at that perfect boy hole – so tight and smooth. Flip over boy.”

Abel flipped over on his back and took in the sight of his naked Daddy. Frank’s muscled naked body was on full display. He was strong and tan from a lifetime of hard work outside. His chest, arms and legs were covered in thick, mostly gray body hair. Abel took in the sight of Frank’s semi hard thick 8.5 inch cock and his mouth watered. He watched Frank cross to the dresser and return with a set of ropes. Abel watched Frank in the mirror over the bed as he began to thread the rope through the loop holes screwed into the bedposts and then expertly tie them around Abel’s wrists and ankles.

While Frank bound Abel to the bed he said, “Daddy is going to secure you into the perfect position boy.” He tied Abel’s wrists to the top two bedposts and then took the ropes tied to his ankles and pulled them through two other loopholes on the same bed posts so that Abel’s ass was lifted up off the bed slightly, his ankles pulled toward his shoulders. Frank put a pillow under Abel’s back and asked “How’s that feel boy? Are you comfortable or does Daddy need to adjust anything?”

Abel had never felt so helpless or exposed in his life, but strangely he’d never felt more secure either. Staring at his bound reflection in the mirror he said “It’s fine Daddy… It’s great.”

Frank crawled onto the bed and stroked Abel’s leaking cock. “Have you ever been tied up like this before boy?”

“No Daddy.” Abel whispered.

Frank continued stroking the boy and began to rub the boy’s hole with his other hand. “You’re such a smooth boy. Daddy loves it. You’re almost perfect… we just need to shave those pubes off and you’ll be Daddy’s perfect smooth boy.”

“Yes Daddy. If that’s what you want, I can shave before next time.”

“Good boy. If you don’t know how, I’d love to do it for you… shave my boy and make him perfect.” Frank said in a deep, soft voice.

“I’d like that Daddy. I want to be your perfect boy.” Abel said with a shy smile.

“I can do it now boy. Would you like that?” Frank asked. Abel nodded yes and Frank said “Good boy.” Frank rose from the bed, disappeared into the bathroom and returned a few minutes later carrying a tray with a razor, towel, bowl of hot water and shaving cream.

Frank gently spread the shaving cream onto Abel’s groin and balls. Abel was a little nervous but also extremely turned on; he’d always dreamed of being the object of an older man, but he had no idea how amazing it would be to surrender so completely. 

Frank began to delicately shave the boy. “Is this the first time a man has shaved you boy?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Daddy is going to take very good care of you,” Frank paused to shoot a warm smile at Abel and the boy beamed at the affection. “When was the last time you had a dick in you boy?”

Abel blushed and didn’t respond, his struggling emotions clear on his face. Frank continued shaving the boy and reassuringly continued “Whatever you’ve done in your past, it’s okay. You’re my boy now and that’s all that matters. Daddy is just asking, you should never be embarrassed with me about anything. Understand boy?”

“Yes Daddy,” Abel said resolutely.

“When was the last time you had sex boy?”

“My first week at school, the guys I was with earlier tonight, took me to a party and at the party one of them took me into a bathroom and I… I sucked his dick.” 

“When’s the last time you were fucked boy?” Frank asked, finishing up the shave and wiping Abel down with a damp towel.

“I’ve never done anything before that Daddy,” Abel replied almost inaudibly.

Frank looked up into Abel’s eyes, “Are you a virgin boy?”

“Yes Daddy… is that okay?”

Frank took a deep breath, set the shaving tray aside and moved onto the bed next to Abel, taking the boy’s face in his hand. “That’s wonderful boy.” Frank kissed Abel deeply and then looked back into his eyes, “You’ve been saving yourself for me haven’t you boy?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“And now you’re going to give yourself to me completely aren’t you boy?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good boy. Daddy is going to make you feel so good, teach you so many things.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

Frank kissed the boy again deeply and then moved to the end of the bed and leaned down, spreading Abel’s cheeks. “Such a perfect smooth virgin hole,” Frank cooed and then thrust his tongue into Abel’s hole, lapping and licking greedily. Abel let out a shocked moan; he’d never felt such an amazing sensation as the grown man ravaging his hole with his tongue. Frank moaned into the boy’s hole, pulling back to blow gently on the tight boy hole and then slowly start to work it with his fingers, opening up the hole and then diving back in, eating out his new boy’s virgin pussy with everything he had.

“Daddy, yes! That feels so good!” Abel cried out, straining against the ropes with pleasure.

Frank got up and walked over to the boy and thumped his rock hard Daddy cock on Abel’s face. “Open up and suck Daddy’s cock boy.”

Abel opened his mouth wide and Frank thumped the head of his cock on Abel’s tongue before shoving his cock in the boy’s mouth.

“Fuck, yes! That’s a good boy!” Frank moaned as Abel slurped on his cock, moaning happily. With the boy sucking on his cock, Frank reached for a bottle of poppers on the nightstand, took two hits and then aggressively fucked his cock into the boy’s mouth, causing Abel to sputter and choke. Frank pulled his cock out of the boy’s mouth and looked down at him, his face flushed and his eyes watering. “You ever tried poppers boy?” 

“No Daddy, what are they?” Abel asked.

Frank smiled mischievously and put the bottle under Abel’s right nostril and pressed his left nostril closed and said “Breath deep boy.” Abel took a big sniff and Frank moved the bottle to Abel’s other nostril, “Again boy.” Abel took another big sniff and Frank pulled the bottle away and watched as the boy’s face and chest flushed red and his head lulled back, his eyes taking on a far away look. Frank took two more hits then shoved his cock back in the boy’s mouth and fucked his face savagely. As Frank fucked his boy’s mouth he grabbed some lube from the nightstand and applied it to his fingers, then leaned over to lube up the boy’s hole before gently working a finger into his boy. 

Abel moaned onto Frank’s pistoning dick as he felt his Daddy’s thick finger press into his hole. It burned at first, but as he felt his Daddy rub his prostate he felt his entire body come alive, precum leaking from his boy dick.

“Good boy, open up for Daddy,” Frank moaned and then worked a second finger into Abel’s hole.

Abel pulled away from Frank’s cock as the second finger entered him and stretched his hole; he cried out “Fuck Daddy!” before he felt Frank turn his head back and felt the thick, hard cock shoved back in his mouth, fucking his face while two thick fingers fucked into his hole.

“That’s it baby boy! Open up your throat and your hole for Daddy! You belong to Daddy!” Frank commanded. 

Right as Abel felt himself drawing close to the edge of blowing his load, Frank pulled his cock and fingers out of the boy, leaving him feeling more empty than he ever imagined he could, “Daddy please!” Abel cried at the loss of his Daddy filling him.

Frank put the poppers under the boy’s nose again, “Breath deep boy, Daddy’s going to breed his virgin boy!” Frank gave him four hits from the poppers, sending Abel’s head flying and then moved to position himself over the boy, lining his huge cock up against the boy’s virgin hole. “Who’s hole is this boy?”

“Yours Daddy,” Abel said with lust-filled eyes.

Frank slowly pressed the head of his cock into the boy’s hole, making Abel cry out. “Breath boy,” he said, inching his fat cock in a bit further. “Who owns this hole now boy?”

Able grunted, “You do Daddy!”

Frank pressed the rest of his cock into the tight hole, feeling his body press fully against the boy, who cried out in pain. “Breath boy, breath for Daddy,” Frank commanded, holding still while he watched Abel’s face, pull tight with pain, sweat dripping down the side of his face, and then slowly relax as he adjusted to the feeling of a cock inside him for the first time. “Good boy,” Frank said, slowly pumping in and out of the tight hole, “That’s it,” he said picking up speed, “That’s Daddy’s perfect boy.”

“Fuck me Daddy!” Abel moaned as the thick 8.5 inch Daddy cock broke him open and pushed against his prostate, lighting his whole body on fire. He stared up into the mirror at the view of the sexy, older man driving a thick cock into his ass. This was it, he’d somehow found the world’s hottest daddy and he wanted him, he was fucking him! “Make me your good boy Daddy, take my hole please!”

“Who’s hole boy?!” Frank demanded as he gripped Abel’s legs tightly and pounded his hole. Frank spit on the boy, hitting him right in the face. “Who’s fucking hole did you say boy?!” he yelled and spit again, hitting Abel right in his mouth.

Able licked up what spit he could and cried out “Your hole Daddy! Take your hole!”

“Are you going to let Daddy take his hole and his mouth whenever he wants boy?!”

“Yes Daddy!”

“Daddy can use you however he wants? Tie you up like that boy from the club and fuck my hole in front of everyone?!”

“Yes Daddy!”

“Share my hole with my friends so they can feel what a perfect fucking boy hole you are?!”

“Yes Daddy! Anything you want Daddy!”

Abel felt his balls tighten up and his cock exploded cum all over his chest, neck and face. He’d never cum so hard in his life and he cried out with relief while Frank roared with praise, “Good fucking boy! Cum for Daddy!”

“Daddy!” Abel cried out.

“Daddy’s close boy, he’s going to fill you with cum and you’ll belong to me always, you want Daddy’s load boy?”

“Yes Daddy please!”

“You want this Daddy cum filling up that tight little virgin boy pussy?”

“Cum in me Daddy! Fill your pussy! It’s yours Daddy!”

Frank let out an earth trembling roar as he exploaded cum into Abel, shooting rope after rope of jizz, until he was drained, leaving his cock in for a few aftershocks and then giving a final thrust. Frank leaned onto the boy, heaving to catch his breath, their sweaty bodies pressing against each other. Abel sought out his Daddy’s mouth for a kiss and Frank gave into the boy, kissing him deeply. 

“That was incredible boy,” Frank said, “You were incredible. Daddy is so happy.”

“You were perfect Daddy, it was perfect. Thank you.” Abel said with an exhausted grin lighting up his face.

Frank kissed the boy again and then got up and untied his ankles and hands. Frank laid on the bed and pulled the boy onto him, holding him tightly and giving him gentle kisses.

They lay there for a few minutes before Frank quietly asked, “How do you feel boy? After your first time?”

“Tired but amazing Daddy,” Abel said, happy and content. “And kinda sore, but in a good way.”

Frank chuckled, “Good. I feel very lucky to have a boy like you. I’m going to take such good care of you.”

Abel curled his fingers in Franks sweat-soaked chest hair and looked up into Frank’s deep eyes, “Did you mean all the stuff you said when you were fucking me Daddy, about using me in public and sharing me with other guys?”

Frank stroked Able’s blond hair and looked deeply into the boy’s wide, blue eyes. “Would you like that baby boy?”

“Would you Daddy? You wouldn’t like, get upset?”

“You’re my boy – you belong to me and only me. I like so many things, so many things I’d like to show you, some of those involve sex in front of other people or with other people, watching you with other people- it would make Daddy very proud to see other guys fuck you, feel how amazing you are, and know that you belong to me. Does that sound like something you might want to try eventually, boy?”

Abel thought about all of the firsts he’d experienced tonight, how even the stuff he was unsure of had given him so much pleasure because it had pleased this big, strong amazing man that was holding him in his arms. He looked at Frank and said “I want to do anything you want Daddy, try anything you say. I trust you. I’m yours and you can do whatever you want with me.”

Frank kissed the boy hard and deep. This was his boy and he would show him all the pleasures life had to offer.