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Chapter 2

Naturally the week lagged, but Friday night finally arrived.   And although it wasn’t my focus, I couldn’t put Charles’s comment out of my mind when he said, “We’ll make it worth your while”.   Was he referring to a 3-way?   Was he offering Jack up to me in some kinky sort of way?   I’d find out soon enough.

I brought an expensive bottle of red wine and arrived right on time.  Charles and Jack shared a condo in a beautiful downtown high rise with their own private elevator.  I’d done well myself, but their place was extraordinary.

The elevator doors opened to reveal a sweeping open floor plan, mostly marble and glass, with a jaw dropping view of the Dallas skyline.  Upon stepping off the elevator, Charles, wearing an apron and apparently preparing dinner, welcomed me with a warm hug.  “So glad you were able to make it Pete; Jack and I have really been looking forward to spending time with you.”  Did I feel a bulge when he gave me the hug?  My mind had been working overtime all week imagining what might happen tonight…I needed to stay focused.  Helping Jack was my priority tonight, not a potential orgy.

Just then Jack came into the room, fully dressed but apparently just out of the shower.  Like Charles, he gave me a warm hug and added, “Damn, Pete, how do you stay in such good shape?   Your body is fucking amazing!”  I have to admit I loved the fact that the first thing out of his mouth was my body and not the project we were there to work on.  I tried to remain modest explaining my 15-year dedication to CrossFit and how I was now in the best physical shape of my life.  It didn’t hurt I was wearing a tight, short-sleeve shirt that hugged my chest and biceps and tight jeans that showcased my muscled ass.  Had I dressed too provocatively?  I feared I might look like I was going out clubbing, not to a colleagues’ home to continue a business discussion. 

“It’s gonna be tough keeping our hands off you tonight, Pete”, shouted Charles from the kitchen area.  It was said as a joke, but I breathed a sigh of relief that my instincts for the evening were not too forward.

Charles came back in, brought Jack and me a drink, and went on to suggest, “Why don’t you two get your business out of the way so we can relax with dinner and wine.  Feel free to use my office”, he suggested.  I looked at Jack for direction and he signaled the way to the office saying, “Great idea Charles. I’ve done my homework and am ready to dive in.”

Jack and I entered the sumptuous office and he closed the door.  We spent nearly an hour talking about his goals, his resume, where he wanted to focus in the industry, the various agency options in Dallas, and more. He was well prepared which made our time highly productive.   At one point, Charles popped in to refill our drinks, which made us even more productive.  

We concluded the meeting with a plan for me to reach out to my former agency and a couple others and introduce Jack.  Before that though, he’d polish his resume and prep for the interviews.   We had a plan and now it was time to relax.

We walked back to the kitchen where Charles was patiently waiting with wine for us both.    “Finally!   You guys were gone so long my imagination went into overdrive.  Get everything done?” 

“That and more”, replied Jack.   He looked at me and said, “I can’t tell you how helpful you’ve been Pete.  I don’t know how I can repay you.”  I thought to myself, ‘I have plenty of ideas’, but simply responded, “Not necessary. It’s what I do. Now let’s eat!”

Dinner was simple, but delicious; Charles grilled salmon on his outdoor grill overlooking the skyline and added a great salad and baguette.  We may have indulged a bit too much in the wine and before long the conversation inevitably inched toward our romantic pasts.  I shared my life with Pook in some detail, including our competitive natures and our daddy/boy relationship. I touched on our edging contests and our occasional role reversals where he’d be the daddy and I’d submit, but only vaguely.   Charles and Jack listened intently, and it almost seemed like they were taking mental notes.

They then shared how they met.  Jack and his two roommates from college, Chris and Marco, were at TownHouse South one night to meet some daddy’s.   TownHouse South was the Dallas outpost of the New York institution, The TownHouse, where affluent, mature guys meet and comingle.  Charles was there that night, Jack caught his eye and the rest was history.  Charles bought drinks for Jack and his friends, but Jack was his target and he was the lucky one Charles took home.  Jack didn’t leave Charles’s bed for the next 48 hours and they coyly hinted that restraints may have been used.  What could’ve been a one-weekend stand turned into a loving, enduring relationship, albeit with its share of kink.  They cared for each other deeply and it showed.

Meanwhile, Jack’s friends Chris and Marco were still free agents.   Jack described them in some detail….Chris had been a Division 1 basketball player at Oklahoma; 6’4”, fantastic shape and building a great career in finance.  Marco had likewise been a D1 Rugby player at OU.  Jack described both of them as “specimens” and the three of them continued to rigorously work out together.  Jack didn’t come right out and say it but hinted that he’d like me to meet them at the appropriate time.  I was flattered that he assumed they’d be interested, but the relationship with Pook had been such an investment, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back and start over.  

After the three of us had bonded over past lives and loves, Charles suggested we refill our wine glasses and head over to the couch that overlooked the skyline.  He indicated he and Jack spend many romantic evenings on the couch admiring the view. I could see why; the view was breathtaking, but the setting remained intimate.  He dimmed the lights in the condo even further and we made our way to the couch.

After spending most of dinner recounting our myriad of sexual escapades and fantasies, the atmosphere was charged; we were high on wine and testosterone.  They directed me to sit in the middle of the couch and, almost as if planned, flanked me on either side. There was a wide, upholstered ottoman in front of the couch so we were able to kick off our shoes and put our feet up and relax.  Charles wasted no time in casually stretching his arm around the back of the couch behind me, just barely grazing the back of my head when he did.  At the same time, Jack seemed to lean into me from the other side. “Comfortable?” Charles asked.   “Oh yeah”, I replied, “this is heaven.”

Not long after we all got comfortable, Charles suggested, “Hey Jack, I bet Pete would love one of your famous foot massages.”  I was in no state of mind to resist so I said, “Sure, if you’re up to it”.  Jack fetched some special oil from the other room and returned to sit on the ottoman, placed both my feet in his lap and somewhat erotically removed each of my socks.  He tenderly, but firmly massaged the sole, heel, and each toe of one foot while I groaned approval.  When he finished the first foot, he placed it squarely into his crotch which was now extremely firm. ‘This is getting real’ I thought to myself.  I wiggled my toes to give his crotch a squeeze and let out another slightly more audible groan to let them know I was good to continue. With my left foot subtly massaging his crotch, he proceeded to massage my right foot with the residual oil from my other foot.  As this was happening, Charles’s hand had casually fallen around my shoulders and he pulled me closer into him.  He let his fingers drop onto my chest and casually brushed his fingertips over my right nipple through my shirt. I noticeably and audibly shuddered.  He repeated that a second time, lightly pinching it this time , and I physically trembled. I saw he and Jack exchange a glance; they had found my weak spot. Taking his time, Charles reached under my shirt and leisurely caressed my bare chest with his hand and, locating my other nipple, gave it a deliberate, aggressive pinch.  “Oh, oh, shit” I squirmed and moaned approvingly. This confirmed what they suspected:  touch his nipples and he’s our bitch. 

Still in no hurry, and without letting on what they had discovered, Charles said, “Let’s get you more comfortable.”  That was their cue for Charles to unbutton my shirt and help me out of it, and for Jack to reach up, unbuckle my belt and pants and pull them off me. In mere seconds, I was completely nude with them gazing at my naked body and conspicuously hard cock.  

“Fuck”, Jack said, “not only do you have a drop dead body-by-CrossFit, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thicker cock.  You are fucking amazing.”

I was speechless. I was humble about my body, because I know how much work it took to get there and was always struggling to improve.  But my cock, while not that long, is crazy thick; I’ve been blessed with excellent genetics in that department.  Pook used to beg for my cock saying he never felt as full as when I was fucking him.  Now, here are two gorgeous guys, fully dressed, and me nude with my cock on full display starting to drip. It was unimaginably erotic. Now both Charles and Jack were kissing me softly and playing with my nipples more and more aggressively.  All I remember is the harder they pinched (and then bit) them, the louder I moaned.  

“Close your eyes,” Charles whispered.  I obeyed and they continued to kiss and caress nearly every inch of my body, and every time they’d reach one of my nipples, I’d nearly convulse.  Finally, I heard the rustling of what sounded like them getting undressed.   ‘Yeah’, I thought.  ‘Does it get any better than this?’

With my eyes still closed, they pulled me down and lowered me to my knees on the floor in front of the couch.  I opened them to find Charles and Jack now both nude, sitting side-by-side on the couch, staring down at me at their feet.   Two ripped nude men, one my age, one much younger, both with rock hard cocks that were dripping as much pre-cum as I.

Stroking himself, Charles gazed directly into my eyes.  His demeanor notably hardened and with a piercing, almost menacing stare, he pinched my left tit harder than ever.  “Suck Jack”, he demanded.   He had instantly become more authoritative and demanding, and I became his willing captive.  But I felt strangely honored and leaned over Jack and took his cock fully in my mouth. They made me feel like sucking Jack was a privilege reserved for only the very few.  “Ahhhh,” groaned Jack.   “Good boy, keep it up”.  ‘Boy?’ I thought to myself.   This kid I’m helping in his career is calling me ‘boy’ while I suck him off?   But it was a huge turn on.  I quickly felt his (or was it Charles’s?) hand behind my head forcing me to suck deeper, harder and faster.  It must’ve been Charles’s because the hand abruptly pulled me off Jack and dropped my open mouth onto Charles’s cock.  “There’s our CrossFit cock-sucker” whispered Charles. “You like this boy?” he asked.

“Mmmmph…mmmph…mmmmph” was all I could utter, trying to register my approval.    “Good, keep sucking, you’re doing great boy.”  There it was, ‘boy’ again.  Was I imagining this?  And why was I so turned on?  Every time I heard the word “boy” he’d pinch or roll my nipple and I’d suck even more vigorously.  Was this a deeply repressed fantasy?  Either way, I was enjoying it way more than I had any right to be.  Two hard cocks, competing for my attention and my nipples receiving constant abuse. I was in a heaven I never knew existed.

“Now my balls”, ordered Jack, with the same authority Charles had demonstrated moments ago. Whatever had come over them was simultaneously sexy and scary.

Jack, who had spread his legs to expose his balls, was now ordering me to lick them.   Again, his dominating tone made me even hornier.  I dived into his musky balls and slurped and licked like I was a starving man.  “There’s my hungry boy,” Charles observed, “Now back to me”, as he pulled my head back onto his cock where I resumed sucking him as hard and deep as I could.

They volleyed me back and forth between them for what felt like at least a half hour and even though my jaw was starting to ache, I wanted this to go on all night.  Occasionally I’d try to stroke myself off but every time I did, either Charles or Jack swatted my hand away.  “No, boy”, they’d say.   While sucking them, every time I’d slow down to catch my breath, one of them would find one of my nipples and give it a deliberately painful squeeze.  That feeling travelled straight down to my cock and hole and pushed me to suck them harder. I loved the feel of their cocks and balls in my mouth, so I really didn’t care if I got off.  Inexplicably, I was more sexually turned on by their dominance than had they been sucking me off.  What had I become?  I couldn’t understand it and didn’t even want to tryI could feel both getting close which motivated me to work harder to suck out their cum.  I wanted them to blast in my mouth and all over my face. I wanted it more than I’ve ever wanted anything.

“Here I cum”, warned Charles.  “Me too,” groaned Jack.   I was furiously pumping both of their cocks with each of my hands and I leaned down and somehow managed to take the tips of both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time. I could feel the cum explode into my mouth from both cocks and did everything possible to swallow all of it.  I’ve never been so turned on in my life and I wasn’t even the one being pleasured.  But the feeling they were getting was incredibly rewarding to me. I loved being the source of their ecstasy.  I magically pumped every last drop into my mouth and then leaned down to suck it off the last few drops I missed off their abdomens. They both were groaning and pumping their hips until every drop was gone and their cocks started to soften.  With the size of their cocks somewhat deflated, I was able to take both of them into my mouth and happily sucked on their softening cocks together as one.  They groaned even more and then passionately embraced and kissed while I kneeled below them.  We continued like that for minutes, me kneeling, lodged between their legs sucking and licking their cocks and balls clean, and them in a passionate kiss, almost ignoring me.  It was heaven.

Finally, Charles reached down to pull me into the embrace and asked, referring to my mouth, “Any cum left in their for us?”.   “Nope,” I laughed, “I swallowed every last drop”.   “Good boy, you’re a great cocksucker”, Charles said, pulling me into him.   Jack added, “Damn, boy, you’re a GREAT cocksucker.   That Pook was one lucky guy.   Did you suck him off like that every night before he went to sleep?”

“Well, not exactly”, I replied, recalling that Pook sucked me off a lot more often than I sucked him off.   But I didn’t want to quibble.  I was still enjoying my post-sexual glow. “Hey, it’s getting late”, Charles offered.  “Pete, you’re staying the night.  We’ll pick up in the morning where we left off tonight,” he said with a leer.

My cock was still rock hard and I expected them to get me off like I did them.  I didn’t know if I could wait until the morning.  But they weren’t offering, and it would’ve been awkward to ask.

“Of course I’ll stay”, I replied as if I had been asked and not ordered.   “I’d be honored.”   Again, what’s with the formality?   What was getting into me?  A week ago, I was being recognized as one of the leading business people in Dallas.  Now, I’m begging these two near-strangers for their cum and thanking them for complimenting my cock sucking skills.

With all three of us still nude, and me displaying an erection the size of Dallas’s Republic National Bank Building, we cleaned up for bed with me in the middle of the two of them, all on our backs.  They cleverly rested their heads on my chest with my arms wrapped around each of them resulting in me having no access to my achingly hard cock.  I hoped and prayed one of their hands would slide down to grasp my cock, but it didn’t happen.

In fact, they seemed to doze off within minutes while I laid awake, relishing the feeling of these two men dozing on my chest.   I tried to fall asleep, but my mind ricocheted between two entirely different things:   the first was all the erotic ways they might get me off in the morning.  The second, admittedly at odds with the first, was the authoritative, even aggressive posture they took tonight in not allowing me to cum.

My answer would have to wait until morning.