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Chapter 3

(The Quiet and the Storm)

Stan was the first to awaken at around 9:00 A.M. the following day; he went to the restroom, urinated, washed his hands, and returned. He shook Jeremy gently, and his lovely dark eyes soon opened and looked up at him. He sat up and rubbed the sleepiness from his eyes.

“What time is it, Stan?”

The blond looked at him and said, “The clocks they have hanging around the place say it’s a little after 9:00 A.M. Didn’t the LT say they were set to Eastern Standard?”

Jeremy got up, and Stan handed him his bathrobe. He slipped it on and tied it securely around him.

“Thank you, Stan, I guess we should go see what’s up with the LT?”

Jeremy led the way, and Stan was right behind him; there was no one in the kitchen area. The den was clear. There was no sign of anyone.

They looked around the kitchen area, and all the shelving and refrigerators were full of stuff.

Jeremy looked at Stan, “I don’t know, maybe he’s outside doing something? There is plenty of stuff here. Help me cook breakfast?”

“Sure, but I am not too handy in the kitchen.”

Jeremy looked around to make sure the LT was not there and reached and got Stan’s closest hand and put it inside his bathrobe on his cock and balls.

“Just keep doing like you do when we play that game. Keep picking all the right cards and doing what I want.”

Stan slid his hand inside and cupped his balls, and smiled at him.

He said, “You are a cruel taskmaster who restrains me and has a chest full of all kinds of painful devices.”

Jeremy smiled back and said, “Oh, I have had a good look at that thing, and there is some stuff I want to use on you. Have breakfast and see if we can figure out where the LT is first.”

They worked together, and Jeremy knew his way around a kitchen well. They made pancakes and eggs, and Jeremy even fried some bacon. He got some stuff out of the refrigerator, including a fresh can of Redi Whip. He had a smile on his face.

He told Stan, “Tilt your head back and open your mouth, go on.”

The blond did, holding it in place to squirt into his mouth.

Jeremy went, “Oh, that it, Stan, I am about to,” and he began squirting small blasts of Redi Whip into his mouth. Some had landed outside his mouth, and Stan was trying not to grin.

He looked at Jeremy, reached his fingers up, and seductively scooped the Redi Whip into his mouth.

He went, “Mum.”

They sat to eat, and Jeremy said, “You are such a naughty boy. I love naughty boys, one whose name is Stan, and made me feel so good last night.”

Stan sat down, “I wonder what is up with the LT; he didn’t bring us food last night either.”

Jeremy said, “I don’t know, but I will admit something after reading up on those artifacts yesterday and just being in that damn room. I don’t spook easily, but man. Now the LT is not here, and where the fuck are the other five researchers?”

Stan chewed his food, “I am sure there is a rational explanation for all of this. If something emerges from those artifacts and attacks us, I will throw you at it while I escape.”

Jeremy held the Redi Whip back up, and Stan opened for it.

In his most southern accent, he said, “Hey boy, you got a pretty mouth. I am going to fill it with Redi Whip.” He squirted the blonde’s mouth full of it again.

Stan just looked at him and grinned, “What is your M.D. in diabetes?”

Jeremy got up and said, “Help me straighten the dishes up, or I will make you suck my dick.”

Stan got up and began helping him clear the dishes,

Jeremy said, “I wasn’t expecting cooperation. Is it too late to change it to help me clean these dishes up? Then I will make you suck my dick?”

Stan looked at him and smiled, “I have fallen in love with another, and his name is Redi Whip.”

Jeremy couldn’t help but laugh, “You traitorous whore!”

They went down, dressed, and looked all around, but no LT remained. They went to the security station, and the outside cameras were all white.

Jeremy asked, “Are these things malfunctioning?”

Stan told him, “Look closer,” you could occasionally see a small break; it looked like a fucking ice cloud outside.

Jeremy said, “All of that money isn’t worth a fuck if you don’t live to spend it.”

Stan put a calming hand on his shoulder, “Look, that is what this place is designed for, we’ll be fine. There was enough food in there to feed an army. If one of us gets ill, you are a medical doctor, and we have a fully stocked pharmacy and treatment facility. I am unsure, but he said extra supplies when we saw him last. That looks like something that could come on quickly. Maybe he’s having to wait it out at the other station.”

Jeremy looked at him and said, “You are correct. This place has me spooked. So, what do we do?”

Stan grinned at him again, “We go back to that creepy crawly room, we have a job to do, and that was a very nice lab. Find the necessary equipment, and I will begin writing a program. We are being paid a great deal of money to do this.”

They set off, and Jeremy said, “Sounds like a plan, Stan.”

Then, they went down and opened the lab with the artifacts, and working together, they assembled the equipment they needed. This was more Stan’s area, but Jeremy was a hawse at lifting and carrying things and also quite intuitive about things. Once, they believed they had everything Stan thought they would need. He used his ID to log into one of the computers.

He told Jeremy, “Oh, sweet.”

Jeremy said, “What? Looks like a computer to me.”

Stan said, “See this diagram of all the nodes; there is a central core here that is a supercomputer, a potent one.”

Jeremy said, “And?”

Stan looked at him and said, “And, my job just got a whole lot easier; this is state-of-the-art A.I. I haven’t even seen the military have stuff like this. That Google-y-eyed fucker must have spent a fortune on this place.”

He worked coding for a couple of hours with the A.I.’s help, and they both realized they had been at it for nearly nine hours.

Jeremy said, “That’s enough for today. Let’s go to the den and see if we can make something for dinner.”

Stan Set the A.I. to continue coding as he had been; he would correct any mistakes it made tomorrow, and it would learn from him.

An hour later, they were sitting in the den, having a scotch; after a nice meal of grilled steaks and baked potatoes, Jeremy had primarily prepared, but Stan had helped what he could. The cameras still showed the storm outside raging; the LT was not there.  They had their own Doppler Radar that Stan was able to learn to read. This shit was probably going to last for the next 3-4 days if the predictive models were accurate.

They were both tired. Working in that lab wore one out. Stan sat there, and Jeremy had laid on the couch and put his head on his lap, and fell asleep. The blond didn’t want to move and disturb him, so he slept for about an hour as well on the couch.

This time it was the older of the two waking up Stan; only an hour had passed, but he felt much better.

Stan said, “Who, what?”

Jeremy said, “It’s me, Stan.”

He handed Stan a fresh drink.

“Oh, thank you, Jeremy; I was having a marvelous wet dream.”

Jeremy smiled at him, “My head was buried in your crotch. Nice way to wake up.”

Stan asked, “What time is it?”

Jeremy said, “For our purposes, it is about 10:42 P.M. As I am the one in charge of medicine and general health, I am afraid that I must make a recommendation to you, Stanley.”

Stan said, “Something wrong?”

Jeremy said, “For stress relief and your overall good health, I must recommend a good session with me in the bedroom with the game, this time at level 6.”

“Doctors orders?”

Jeremy had bedroom eyes. ” I’m Afraid so. You signed the contract with primary regulations. Me keeping you healthy is of prime importance.”

Stan said eagerly, “Grab the bottle.”

Down in the bedroom, stan had taken his clothes off and was lying in his usual position on his stomach with his feet stuck up bent by the knee. Jeremy was reading the possible/equipment list that may be needed; this was getting more advanced. He was stacking it all around the bottom of the bed.

He said to Stan, “So you get nine cards. This time, you may burn two and get different cards. This looks as though it gets more in-depth, slowly but surely. We will use the modified rule and build an action deck. If you agree, then it’s on full throttle.”

He pulled deck six out and dealt them each matching series of cards. Stan was a little nervous. Some of the stuff he got out did look more hardcore.

Jeremy could see the concern in his eyes, “Relax, Stan, I would never really cause you harm.”

So, they began running through the first few quickly as they knew each other’s responses.”

This one had a surprise right off the bat, and Jeremy expected Stan to burn it. He marked his, and Jeremy marked his. They turned them over.

Stan:1. I will worship the other player’s feet.

Jeremy. I want the other players to worship my feet.

Next, they got into the duplicates, though it was worded differently

Stan:1. I will submit to the other player

Jeremy. I want the other player to submit to me.

Now, this was different,

Stan:1. I will worship any body parts the other player tells me to.

Jeremy. I can make the other player worship any part of my chosen body.

This was missing from the last one, and it had a third option that interested Jeremy.

Stan:1. I want to suck the other player’s dick and swallow his cum.

Jeremy:3. I want the other player to suck my cock, then swallow my cum if I want, and to let me pee in his mouth.

Jeremy looked at Stan as he thought,

Stan finally said, “I will agree to option three since you seem to want to push boundaries.

The next card was new territory, and he wondered if Stan would burn it.

Stan:1. I will let the other player drip hot wax on me from a candle.

Jeremy. I want to drip hot wax from a candle on the other player.

Oh, this was new and quite different. Stan looked at it for a minute. He marked had and turned it over.

Stan:1. I want the other player to ball gag me and blindfold me.

Jeremy. I want to gag the other player and blindfold him.

Next was the first time they had seen one of these. It simply said wild card; the Dominant may do any one thing they like. Draw two more cards.

Stan didn’t burn it, and he was breathing harder—next to a usual suspect. I just worded it differently, then thought, no reason to burn it, same thing.

Stan:1. I will ride the other player’s cock and let him come in me if he wants.

Jeremy. I will have the other player ride me and may come inside him if I want.

Something told Stan this next one would be in every draw session.

Stan:1. I will submit to the other player restraining me in any way they want.

Jeremy. I want the other players to let me retrain them however I want.

Jeremy said, “That is like every good day I ever had lying in that action deck. Indeed, we will play this,
Stan took a big drink of the Scotch. He was beginning to like that stuff.

Stan looked into his eyes, “I am not going to waste all that time drawing cards and stuff. Yeah, it’s on my medical buddy; gather up what you need,”

Jeremy smiled and said, “I have. I am going with the handcuffs and ankle cuffs again, as you can easily manage them that way. There is no reason to run rope all over the place.”

He got Stan’s hands cuffed behind him and got the ankle cuffs snugly into place. Then he produced one of those long lighters, which must have been in a cabinet that might take them to see Aslan, but they would soon be at war when they saw all of those implements.

Jeremy began lighting several candles and placing them carefully on the bedside tabletop. He then got up on the bed and with his legs spread under Stan. He pulled a pillow out and, too, his empty drink glass.

“Now, Stan, open your mouth wide, and I am going to stuff my balls in there. I will let you do that for a while, so get comfy as well as you can.”

Stan opened his mouth wide, and Jeremy slowly got them all stuffed in there.

“Now, my little submissive, be mindful of your teeth and lick on those big nuts like they are the center of your world. If you want to pull them off and tongue-bathe them from the outside, no worries. I will help get them back in there when it is time. Chop-Chop.”

Stan began licking his balls thoroughly and looked up at Jeremy, who, judging from the look on his face. Was happy with the way this was going.”

Jeremy was lying with his shoulders close to the bottom of the bed. He reached down and got something Stan could not make out well. He leaned up and wrapped it around, covering his eyes; now Stan could see nothing. He was now blindfolded.

Jeremy’s voice said, “What if the LT is not at the other base, and I fooled all of the psychological testing so that I could have someone to torture and do whatever I wanted to all alone in the most remote, unreachable place in the world?”

Stan was not impressed, “Uhm-Hum.”

Jeremy said, “Well, it’s a suggestion in the game box for isolated folks. Add some creep and thrill to it.

Stan eased from his balls and began to lick their exterior.

He paused long enough to say, “Point one, you overpower that monstrosity of a man, the LT. Point two: anyone with tasty balls like this that smells that good cannot be a psychopath or a sociopath. I think it would break some rules or something.”

“Keep quiet and on task, you submissive slut…lol. Now lick your way up my cock, you get up there. I will lend a hand to get you started. Get you another mouthful of that good Odell cock. I am slowly making you addicted to it. With my secret pheromone technology, I am a genius?”

Stan could not see, but his nice cock was easy to follow with his tongue. He finally reached the head, and Jeremy stuck it out to get it in his mouth. He could taste the precum that had been excreted as he worked his balls. He went down as far as he had this time and pushed his impulse back to gag. Then he glided up and down it, pulling good suction and licking heavily. A hand seized his head and slowed him down.

Jeremy told him, “Take your time. I want this to last a while.”

Neither knew how long he slowly sucked Jeremy’s big cock, but it was some time, and he was not letting him go fast enough to make him shoot. Eventually, Jeremy’s big hands pulled him off it, and Stan was moving behind him on the bed.

“Okay, my submissive Stan, the tanned man, open our mouth kind of wide.”

Stan did, and Jeremy placed a not-overly-large ball gag into his mouth. He fastened it on the back of his head and got it snug.

He told Stan, “If you can breathe, okay, would you please do me the very great favor of generating some noise.”

Stan did what he could, “Mihm-Um.”

“This may surprise you, and you will think it is burning; I assure you it is not. I should have to explain the laws of thermodynamics to you. Now stay still and trust me.

Not much Stan could do; his hands were cuffed behind him, he was wearing ankle cuffs, he was blindfolded, and ball gagged. Now, he felt a great deal of distortion on the bed. Jeremy was up here with him now.  He was walking on the bed and thought of himself straddling the center of his back and sitting on it. So, add a bigger man holding him down with his weight.

Jeremy was sitting on Stans’s back smiling; he was facing towards his feet and holding one of those long candles that had a healthy kind of center for the wick. They did not burn as hot as regular candles, but it would be a surprise, nonetheless. He got it where he wanted it, grinned bigger, and tilted the candle slightly. A line of liquid wax landed on his submissive perfect looking, tanned right-ass cheek.

Stan drew in a sharp breath, “Mihm-Mum.”

Jeremy smiled and said, “Sorry, I am not fluent in Mihm-Mum; he tilted the candle again and got a good line of hot wax down the other cheek. Where he had applied the first line of wax had solidified, so he flaked some off, just a slight redness that would not qualify as a first-degree burn.

He said, “You may want to pay attention to this.”

He aimed the candle carefully, keeping it high enough that it was losing great heat when he let it fall through the air. He reached down, grinning, took his hand, and pulled his action pile submissives ball sack back into view. He took the candle, tilted it, and let some run onto his scrotum.

“Mihm! Mum! Mm! Mm!”

Now that got Stan’s attention, so he set the candle back on the table. He got up and laid on his nicely tanned backside.

He licked him behind his right ear and whispered, “Now there are two ways this can go, Stan, the restrained man. If you are interested, I can remove your gag, but you must beg me to fuck you up the ass. In such a case, then we will do something about that lovely cock of yours because I know you are burning. If you are unwilling to do that, I will return to work with the candles, and it could be a while. In such a case, who knows if you will get attention? Interested?”


Jeremy’s eyes were full of lust, and he quickly had his gag lose and free from his mouth.

“I think you had something to ask me about Stan?”

Jeremy was wild, but he was hot, “Uh, Sir, would you please fuck me?”

Jeremy was already lubing his dick up and pouring some over Stan’s hole.

In little time, Jeremy was in him, and he was going at a good pace and would lick the back of that ear occasionally.  Occasionally, he would pull all the way out and wait for a few moments and then shove it back in Stan.

“Oh, Stan, but that does feel lovely, you are fucking right it does.”

Stan occasionally said, “Mihm.”

Jeremy had pushed a hand under Stan’s body and located his hard cock.

Jeremy’s dark eyes glimmered, “Oh, Stan, you got such a nice cock all trapped under you, and nothing you can do about it as someone seems to have handcuffed you.”

He licked his ear again, “Oh, fuck yes, you are making me feel so good. I might be persuaded to intervene and do something about that.”

“Oh, Stan, I got something for you first.”

The expression on Jeremy’s face changed as he started shooting his load up deep inside Stan’s ass.

“Oh, fuck me, or you, or just anybody that feels good. Can you feel my cock as it pumps up inside of you?”

Stanley also felt good and wanted to shoot his load so much.

“Uhm-Yeah, I can feel it; I like it, thank you.”

Jeremy finally finished and rolled Stan over onto his back again and applied another line of lube up the shaft and on the head of his cock. He laid the upper part of his body on top of his so he could shove his tongue in his mouth. He took his left hand and reached down and felt around till he found the target, Stan’s nice cock.

He began jerking him slowly, and they kissed roughly. He began to speed up, sliding his lubed hand up and down Stan’s cock. He lay there and got faster and faster. He had his captive’s mouth occupied. He pulled off from kissing him.

“Tell me when Stan.”

Stan said, “I would say it is pretty close to when.”

Jeremy stopped jerking him and slid down and locked his lips tight around his pretty cock. He began to slide his lips up and down on it at a quick rate.

“Oh, Jeremy.”

The aggressive Jeremy just went faster, and Stan’s cock exploded in his mouth, blasts of cum, and Jeremy was able to swallow it and keep going fast.

Stan was getting close to post-orgasmic torture, and Jeremy was tempted, but not yet. When he had milked Stan dry, he stopped and laid back down beside him.

They just stared at one another once the blindfold was removed into each other’s eyes. Jeremy liked Stan’s hair, and he reached over and ran his fingers through it for a few moments. He then reached down and rubbed on his pleasant, tanned chest and abdomen. He took off his restraints and threw them to the side.

“Let’s take a shower, Stan, the man.”

As the water washed over them, Jeremy said, “You were something in the lab today.”

Stan grinned, “I have my moments. You were great just now, making breakfast and dinner and in the lab. Pretty great all day.”

Jeremy looked at him and said, “You seriously mean that?”

Stand replied, “I don’t typically say things I don’t mean.”

Jeremy said, “Well if I must be in an underground bunker in a frozen wasteland, I can’t think of a better candidate than you to spend it with. Unless you have a damn billiards stick.”

Stan laughed, and they went into the bedroom and got in the bed once Jeremy had put the instrumentation away.

He climbed in and got under the cover, and hugged Stan close, who didn’t mind it one bit.

Stan said, “I am getting curious to see exactly what we are dealing with now.”

“I don’t know if I would say that, but it looks like we will find out.”

“Goodnight, Stan.”

“Goodnight, Jeremy.”

Stan said, “Stop being insecure, I will play that damn game with you anytime you want.”

“Something to look forward to.”



In the basement, getting the signal back on and the camera images took a lot of effort. It had been worth the effort, in Dr. Culver’s opinion.

The images were up on the screen for all to see. Two of the most significant center screens, one was a close of Jeremy’s big cock going in and out of the hot blond. The other was of Jaremy dealing with the handsome young scientist’s cock at the end. These people were the worst of the terms, vicarious perverts.



Dr. Culver said, “Ooh, Hot-Hot!”

The voice that could only be a psychologist said, “People’s behaviors can be peculiar, but hell, I like peculiar.”

The Scratchy Voice said, “It sure took long enough to get that signal back on.”

Cigarette blew out a puff of smoke, “That’s because Culver’s an ass.”

Dr. Culver exclaimed, “That twenty-year-old, isolated on a desolate wasteland with some of the newer A.I. helping, is fucking out programming one of the largest and well-staffed IT departments in the whole country! Then he spends half the day fucking!”

Cigarette blew out another puff, “It’s because you are an ass, Culver.”

Dr. Culver replied, “Apparently so.”