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“good little fag ain’t ya..” Daniel said with a smirk, picking up Oscar’s boxers off the floor and wiping his cock on them. Now get the fuck outta my room.

As the door closed behind him, Oscar sank to the floor of the corridor with his head in his hands. What the fuck just happened. His arse was sore, and he could feel Daniels cum starting to leak out of his used hole. Even tho he knew he was bi, he’d never really done anything with guys, aside from that drunken bro job with Logan, but they didn’t really talk about it. Logan has made it pretty clear that it was a one time thing and that he didn’t swing that way. And yet now, here he sat, Daniel fucking Ricciardos cum leaking out his arse and his cock still rock hard in his pants. 

Getting up and making his way back to the lift, his phone beeped with a message, 

“Don’t you dare tell anyone about that. Not unless you want the media seeing this…” It was Daniel.. and he’d attached a video of his dick ramming down Oscar’s throat, a look if pure lust as he looked up at Daniel

Fuck. He said, as he watched it again his cock only grew harder. This was going to be a problem. Praying his dick would soften before he got out the lift, he panicked slightly when the lift stopped on the next floor down and a guy that looked familiar entered. 

‘oscar right?’

‘err yea?’ he replied, 

‘im Sean, looking forward to joining us next year are ya?’

‘ thought you looked familiar! Yea I guess, pretty sure Daniel hates me for taking his seat, but I guess he won’t be here so…. Hopefully Lando won’t hate me for replacing him either’

‘ don’t you worry about Lando.. he’s pretty cool! What you doing here anyway? Alpine aren’t staying here are they?’

‘um no.. came to see a friend, heading back to my hotel now, it’s been a long day Im exhausted’

As they exited the lift on the ground floor, Sean patted him on the back.,

‘well I guess I’ll see ya at MTC after the end of the season ay!’

Before leaning in closer ‘and you might wanna pull your jumper down a bit before you get outside, gotta bit of a wet patch, ya no..’ with a glance down at his crotch before turning the other way and heading to the bar

Looking down at his now thankfully softened cock, he could see a reasonably sized pre cum stain. Fuck. 


It was finally the last race of the season and the entire McLaren team were partying hard. Daniel was trying to be optimistic, he’d not secured a seat for next year but atleast he was going to be back with Red Bull, even if just a reserve. 

“I’m really gunna miss you Danny!” Sean said, throwing his arm around Danny’s shoulder

“Gunna miss this dick you mean…” Danny whispered into Sean’s ear as he steadied the clearly drunk now ex colleague.

“Shhhhh that’s a secret…. Still got Lando…” Sean whispered… Well.. it wasn’t that much of a whisper but thankfully it was pretty loud in the club so no one would hear

“Oh so you think landos gonna let you suck his dick do ya? Don’t think so fag…” He said.. brushing his hand over Sean’s arse briefly..

“Wouldn’t be the first time.. least he let me eat his arse…” Sean said… Bringing his fingers to his lips and making a shhh sound

“He what?! Didn’t think he had it in him…” Daniel chuckled..

“I think I need to go… I’ve definitely had enough to drink..” Sean said.. clearly realising what he’d just said…

“Yea yea… Need a hand to get that faggy arse back to the hotel? Maybe you could take this load one more time before I leave…” Daniel said… Pulling Sean closer into him to steady him as they walked outside.. 

As they waiting for a taxi back to the hotel… Daniel pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to Lando…

“Heading off now Lan.. don’t really feel like partying anymore ya no.. losing my seat and all… Taking Sean back to the hotel too… Think he’s had more than enough to drink!!”

“Danny boyyyyy byrr utsaa stiollllnesrltttt” came back almost instantly 

“Um Lando mate… I think you’ve had enough too by the sounds of it !” Daniel replied, herding Sean into the waiting car

“Can you wait there for a moment, I need to find someone else!” He said, half speaking to the driver, half making sure Sean stayed where he was as Daniel turned and headed back to try and find Lando

After searching for a few minutes, Daniel gave up looking for Lando who seemed to be impossible to find, so instead made his way back out to Sean and they hesder back to the hotel.

As they approached the hotel, Sean started to paw at Daniels crotch before whispering in his ear.. ‘gunna let me give you a proper goodbye are you?’ 

‘why else you think im taking you back to your room… Gotta get me a piece of that tight faggy arse one last time’

As they stood in the loft, dean half collapsed against Daniel, Sean said,

‘it doesn’t have to be the last time you know… You can pump and dump me anytime you bloody like..’

‘i ain’t no fag, I ain’t doing this again once I leave McLaren’ Daniel said… Trying his hardest to ignore how hard the thought of using Sean again and again was making his cock

As they made their way into Sean’s room.. Daniel threw him onto the bed…

“Get your clothes off you faggy little cunt..face down. Arse up..”

As Sean got himself ready and into position, Daniel picked up his phone, snapped a pic of Sean bent over on the bed and sent it to Lando.

“Sean tells me you like him like this…. Youve got ten minutes to get your arse here. May as well give the fag what he wants.. both of us.. together.. before I leave the team”

“Wtf? I’m not gay!” Came landos response almost immediately…

“Neither am I.. but a hole this tight… Who could resist.. don’t lie.. he told me how you enjoyed it… Told me you let him eat your ass too.. dirty bastard….” 

“I.. um… I was.. I don’t know what happened.. I shouldn’t have let him…”

“Ha! He’s a good fuck tho isn’t he.. I’ve been fucking him all season mate… Never let him eat my ass tho.. bet you liked it tho didn’t you..”

“All season ?!?!? I’ve only done it once! An yea.. can’t lie.. felt fucking amazing on my ass.. you should try it… I swear it made me harder….”

“Well hurry the fuck up and get here before I fuck him without you then….”

A few minutes later there was a soft knock at the door as Daniels phone beeped with a message from Lando telling him it was him at the door. 

Standing up from where he had been sat staring at Sean, who was still face down arse up on the bed, Daniel finished pulling his clothes off as he made his way to the door. 

“Daniel why are you answering the door naked.. I don’t wanna see that?!”

“Lando mate… We’re about to double team a fag together.. you’re gunna see my cock either way! And don’t think I can’t see you staring at it!” He said with a wink as he turned and headed back Into the room 

“And stop staring at my arse. I know it’s a nice arse but dont get any ideas” he chuckled as Lando blushed,

looked anywhere but Daniels arse and made his way into the room, shutting the door behind him….