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Recently, Nicky became fond of eavesdropping conversations. He would pretend that he was asleep, while actually listening, sometimes even peeking by squinting his eyes. This way he learned that recently, Mistress’s brother, whom they called Bear, had recently returned to the country; they would jokingly call him “uncle Misha”. As far as Nicky understood, he was quite an influential and flamboyant character. He also heard some insignificant stuff about their flat in Moscow, documents, etc. But still, he hadn’t learned their actual names, as they would call each other “honey” or “dear”. It was insane that after so much time with them, he barely knew anything about them… even their names. He must find a way to learn them. Naturally, in the back of his mind, he knew that they were aware of him listening to them, that is why they dropped only insignificant info, the things he was allowed to know.

– Awake now? – Master spotted Nicky. No point in hiding anymore.

The captive began tossing and turning, finding his way out of the blanket. He got on his knees. What would happen next, he wondered.

– While you were actually sleeping, instead of pretending to, your Mistress and I came up with some new rules. You are staying with us for a while. And since it’s something new in our relationships, we must find a way to coexist. Firstly, stop making sudden moves and curb your attempts to disobey, or, perhaps, something worse. Value our kindness, or else you’re never seeing it again, – the young man made a pause, and Nicky shook his head to show that he agreed.

– Alright. Secondly. As long as you recover your voice, you can remain silent. We like the way you moan and scream, so we’re ready to sacrifice some of our time. You can use our bath and toilet, but don’t overdo it. And to sum it all up, don’t forget who you are and what you are here for. If there’s something we dislike, you’ll get punished. That’s pretty much it, we’ll figure out everything else along the way. Got it?

Nicky listened to the young man and nodded. Sounded rather interesting.

– You can use the bathroom.

Nicky got out of the blanket to his fours and crawled to the bathroom, dragging the chain leash behind. Probably, shouldn’t take it off. It looked like he had to take the shower in his leather bracelets and the collar. But on his own!

He closed the door, stood up and observed himself in the mirror. Swayed his hand over the face. He still had dark circles under his eyes. They were of dark-green color, a marsh-like hue with hints of painful gleam, framed with thick eyelashes. He got skinnier, despite him being skinny in the first place. His ribs were quite visible. Pale skin. His hair got quite long, though. Already long, they grew a few more inches. Still, his Masters were careful, as his face was free of scars. He turned around in front of the mirror to get a look from behind. It wasn’t as good as the front. Sure, the marks from lashings were healing up. And quite swiftly, thanks to the salves. But there were still lots of bruises. The welts, that were a few days old already, were healing up, and now were covered in crust, overlaying the old impact trails. Nicky had to admit the fact, that the skin on his back and butt will probably never be smooth again. Nicky took the toothbrush and turned on the water.


When he came out of the shower, he naturally felt much better. He brushed his hair and gathered it in a tail, after he found a rubber on the sink. He had forgotten it yesterday before going to sleep.

When he left the bathroom, traditionally, he got on the knees and decided to take a daring initiative to crawl to his dining Masters. He nearly made it to the table, when he heard Mistress’s caring voice.

– Feeling hungry, dear? – Obviously, she was speaking to him.

“A fucked-up family, for sure”, thought Nicky but nodded his head in response, and a moment later, a slice of hot pizza fell on the pre-emptively readied dish beside Master’s feet, seducing Nicky with the smell of hot pepperoni, mushrooms and melted cheese, salivating his mouth. He stopped by the dish, waiting for the command. A whole minute later, his Master finally noticed him.

– Oh, yeah, you can eat, – and after a brief pause, he added mockingly – puppy.

Puppy, sure. If he could talk, he would bark in response. Rest assured, it’s quite difficult to eat pizza from a dish on the floor without hands. But the hunger and the fact, that it was pizza instead of dog food, greatly helped Nicky finishing his meal in no time. He patiently bowed his head over the empty plate. He wanted more but didn’t dare to ask.

– Want some more? – the woman finally noticed him, as if reading his mind. He nodded. Another slice of pizza flopped down on the dish.

– Enjoy it, while I’m kind, – Mistress smiled charmingly.

Nicky gladly obeyed to that kind of command. After the meal, Nicky received now-familiar pills from his Masters’ hands and a glass of water to gulp them down. Then, Nicky laid on his knees, and some time later, he was lying curled up beside the empty dish, observing his Masters. They were enjoying their after-meal time, having a smoke.

Some time after, the woman went out of the room and returned with some clothes in her hand. She threw them in front of Nicky’s nose.

– This isn’t a Harry Potter book, and you aren’t a house elf, so these clothes won’t grant you freedom. These are temporary, – the woman laughed, and Nicky began inspecting the things she brought. Nothing special, but still, they will make Nicky’s life much warmer. Clothes gave him the illusion of safety and security. Just an illusion. A pair of simple sport pants, casual ones, just like the woman had, of white color with a rubber. And a T-shirt, that revealed his collarbones, the one that would always fall from one of his shoulder, light-grey with a black design in the middle.

– What are you waiting for, dress up, – said the woman from her armchair.

Nicky began putting on all the stuff she had brought. It was a true gift.

– Fancy mentioning your gratitude? – the woman swayed a strap-on in her hand from side to side and nodded on the lump on Master’s jeans.

Nicky quickly nodded. He wrapped the chain on his wrist and moved closer on his fours, swaying his hips. He stopped beside Master’s armchair and reached out the hand with the chain, bowing his head. Master took the chain and patted Nicky on his head. He could begin. With shaky hands, Nicky touched the jeans between his Master’s legs, who was silent and didn’t mind the bitch’s initiative. After the silent permission, he steadily undid the button and slowly opened the zipper. Carefully, as if the most precious and valuable treasure in the world, he excavated his Master’s member from the jeans. And almost instantly, he kissed it with his lips, as if he kissed the most beloved thing in the world. He blissfully sucked in the head of the swelling member. And with his soft lips, formed in the tight O-shape, he grasped the aroused flesh and started moving his head, caressing it with his tongue. He helped himself with the hand, jerking it according to the motions of his head. He got his second hand on Master’s lap and massaged the balls with his palm. Generally speaking, he was doing his best. Showing his genuine and sincere gratitude. Soon later, Master put his hand on Nicky’s head, showing his approval of the bitch’s work. And in order to prevent the hand from impaling his swollen throat on Master’s cock, Nicky was swinging for the fences, performing the best fellatio in his life. And that sign of approval motivated him even more. Master shoved him away a little, so that Nicky would release his dick, and as soon as he positioned himself more comfortably, Nicky rushed back to the cock, like a child to an unfinished lollipop. Meanwhile, Master reached out for Nicky’s butt with his free hand and lowered the rubber on his pants. He swayed his hand over Nicky’s cheeks, moved his hand over to his face and offered to salivate his finger. The bitch stopped sucking its Master’s cock, keeping it in the firm but tender grasp of its fist and wrapped its lips around the finger, caressing it with the same diligence and tenderness. At the point, when Nicky lubed the finger enough, with the hand that remained on Nicky’s head, Master moved him back to his member, which yearned to meet with Nicky’s lips again. He moved the salivated finger to Nicky’s hole. As he touched his clenched ring, Nicky still managed to jump. The finger drew some circles around the entrance and then stroke the hole itself. Because of that affection, Nicky even began moaning, so pleasurable it was. Usually, his hole had been treated differently, it usually got ravaged without lubing or stretching, with sharp thrusts. Now, he completely surrendered to the pleasure of sucking his Master’s cock. It seemed that his lips became tenderer and softer on their own. He slightly moved towards the finger.

– I see my little slut enjoys affection, – Master said, almost whispering. In a quite friendly tone, completely without mocking. Nicky would have answered, for his occupied mouth, despite the fact that he should be silent. Sure, such affection brought him much pleasure. He even liked it and didn’t mind the idea of sex. It was completely different to the experience with the guests. Their affection was gross and putrid. Quite often, it was the affection that provoked Nicky to scream, instead of the pain, it suffocated him in its slippery, sweaty and stinky embrace. Now, he had the irresistible desire to raise his eyes and look into his Master’s, to drown in these dark pools. Master’s finger pushed harder against the hole, and Nicky moved backwards to embrace it inside of him. Master allowed it, rounding up the foreplay, increased the pressure and slipped inside. Another moan. The finger began moving inside, spreading the saliva and going deeper. In his turn, Nicky took his time. He didn’t want Master to cum that quickly, so he lowered the intensity of his oral activity from time to time, sometimes he would just kiss it, allowing himself some rest. Master continued moving his finger, adding another finger, intentionally touching and massaging the sweet spot inside. Nicky was moaning from heavens, sucking his Master’s cock. His own penis was at its full mast at this point, but he didn’t dare touching it, as he was unwilling to stop sucking his Master. Soon later, the woman joined the action, by getting behind Nicky. The fingers slipped out of his hole and began swaying over his spine, lifting up the T-shirt, over the trails left by the lashes. Soft pain. Nicky couldn’t care less at this point, it only enhanced his pleasure. Master’s arm was tender.

Meanwhile, the woman lubed her strap-on and dripped some of the cold gel on the hole. Nicky held his breath. Likewise, she entered Nicky carefully, without any sharp movements. What was going on?! Nicky was getting worried that his Master were going insane. They gave him clothes, delicious food and fucked him tenderly. Meanwhile, the worries were slipping away, as Mistress began moving inside. Once again, Nicky began moaning from pleasure and excitement. As it turned out, it can also be pleasurable. And in addition to that, it was the people from whom he had usually received pain and humiliation, that is why such tenderness was that sweet. He had to take his Master’s cock in his mouth and give away to the motions. Soon, after he got used to the tempo, he began assisting them. Master would play with his nipples with one of his hands, then with another, then with two at once, stretching, massaging them, pinching to the point of pain. At this point, Nicky was quietly moaning without stopping. He didn’t need any stimulation on his dick in order to cum, as the woman turned the vibration on. But he delayed the moment, he wanted it to last even longer, memorizing each second. Their arms slithered all over his body, soft and tender, meeting each other occasionally, stroking him in various spots, as if wrapping him in a silk cocoon. The woman loudly slapped his butt, which was a sign for him to move faster, he obeyed with great pleasure, back and forward between their bodies. The woman moved her hand into her pants between the straps and legs, as they were closer to the end. Terrified, Nicky realized that they completely forgot about him. He couldn’t ask them for the permission, he doubted that they even cared at this point. If he just came like this, they would probably never be going to have sex like this ever again. Tears burst out of his eyes. Such a shame! They came together, looking into each other’s eyes, moaning in unison, Master while cumming in Nicky’s mouth, and Mistress wile unplugging the bitch’s complaisant butthole with her strap-on. Nicky gulped down the cum, bid farewell to his Master’s penis by licking it clean; without even trying to fix his pants, he put his elbows between Master’s feet, sticked his nose into them and burst out crying.

The woman left into the bathroom, and in his turn, Master put his cock away into the pants and took up a cigarette. Lit it up. Nobody thought about Nicky, they just completely lost interest. Master shoved the crying bitch away with his foot. Nicky collapsed to the floor and curled up, hiding his face. It seemed that their tenderness was just one of their whims. And he was still just a toy and it didn’t matter if he felt pain or pleasure. He just wanted to crawl into some dark hole. He should’ve known well that pleasure is always followed by pain. He remembered these words, spoken once by his Master. And his Master remained true to it.

They paid little to no attention to him. Nicky calmed down by himself, and when his tears stopped running, he put his pants on again and crawled to the now-vacant bathroom. He cleaned his hole under the shower, freshed up his face and drank some of the cold tap water. Looked at himself in the mirror. Isn’t he charming enough to be loved? Okay, not to be loved, but did he really deserve that much cruelty and pain? No, he wasn’t ugly at all. He had a pretty, perhaps a bit thin face. His eyes were a bit swollen from the tears, and his lips from the fellatio. His hair gathered in a tail, some threads were sticking out on his face. He looked more like a girl. He knew how to make the right look to arouse people around him, how to properly open up his lips in order to be desired. He knew the right postures and moves to show, so that people would want him. Why had he never showed all of this to his Masters? Sure, they had known about his life before they took him in, so they could have desired him for these very reasons. But he had never actually tried to explicitly charm them. Actually, this must be the things that people usually lose their minds from. In conjunction with the things he had learned in the bunker, he could become a first-class slut. But the emotion he could arose, felt more similar to animal lust, the one he saw in the guests’ eyes, as they were tearing his body apart with their dicks, instead of protecting and loving him. For fuck’s sake! With a sharp move, Nicky closed off the water, stepped away from the mirror, went into the darkest corner of the room and hugged his knees. I don’t want to return to them! The thought was shining like a neon sign in his mind. I don’t!

He couldn’t say how much time passed. He nearly fell asleep, consumed by the dark thoughts, unaware of his surroundings. He was interrupted by Master, who was standing at the doorstep and observing the situation.

– Haven’t I told you not to overdo it? – explicit menace in his voice. Nicky jumped and looked at him, realizing that the punishment was imminent. Master approached him, and Nicky, by being stuck in the corner, had cut himself short of any chance to escape. Master grabbed his hair, putting him down on his knees. Nicky had no strength to oppose it, so he obliged. The first hit landed from the side on Nicky’s jaw, punching the blood out of his mouth. The drops fell on the T-shirt and the white pants. That’s how it goes, speak of the tenderness! The blood looked aesthetically pleasing on the white. Master dragged him higher by his hair, Nicky grabbed his arm with his hands, rising on his knees.

– In my eyes! – he ordered, and Nicky raised his eyes. The darkness in his Master’s eyes, so terrifying and bone-chilling. With monsters lurking inside. Like in the same darkness of the bunker, the day he was left alone suspended, drugged and tied up, with an enormous vibrator inside. That time he was also punished, although, Nicky couldn’t remember what for. The next punch came into Nicky’s stomach, Master immediately released Nicky’s hair, so the bitch collapsed to the floor, gasping and holding its stomach. I don’t want you to beat me! It’s unfair! Master gave him around ten seconds to catch a breath and ordered.

– Get up!

Nicky began moving up, rising on his knees and wincing in pain, biting his lip.

– In my eyes! Always in my eyes! If you look away or look back not quickly enough, or I get a feeling of you being disobedient or resisting, – the menacing voice was feeling the bathroom. Nicky raised his eyes. Darkness, the pupils were nearly invisible, as they merged with the iris. These were the very eyes Nicky wanted to see in his search for affection. Another hit in his face, a sharp one, no warnings. This time, it hit him right in his eye. Instead of stars, he was now seeing only pitch-black. Nicky groaned in pain, pressing his hand to the eye. There’s going to be a black one, for sure. As soon as he caught some breath, he raised his now only seeing eye back to his Master, while holding the palm against his face, waiting for the follow-up. His guts were turning inside, as a new wave of tears was about to emerge. The next punches hit his lower stomach. Nicky was whirling on the floor, but he stood up after each hit. Also, his Master managed to split his lip, hefty drops of blood were falling on the floor and clothes. Nicky found it harder and harder to stand up and look with his soaked eyes on his Master.


“Kill! Just one accidental punch! Please, kill me already! You maim my soul and body without letting me go. Why? I always give you all the tenderness I am capable of, making my body open to you. Just like it is now. I have nowhere to hide or run. I can’t protect myself. And you, just as always, relish in my pain and tears. I can’t anymore. Take it all! I don’t need it. Do what you please, but kill me already!”


– Kill! Kill me! Kill! – Nicky whispered through tears and pain. – Please kill me! – hoarse screams in the end. Nicky was screaming into the floor, completely lost in hysteria. The pain from the inside overwhelmed the physical one. Master looked at his condition, and without further ado, he pulled the bitch by its hair to the toilet across the floor and dipped him in. Nicky pushed against the seat from both sides with his arms, but his resistance was easily overcome. Master flushed the toilet, as he spoke:

– You tears and words are as valuable as shit! – then, he released him and went to the door, saying, – you have five minutes, then you return to your shit-stained mat, and get chained to the wall, – he slammed the door.

Nicky puked out everything he had eaten previously. Now his stomach was empty. His body was still shivering, despite the hysteria subsiding, or taking a brief pause. Tears were just leaking out without him noticing. He sat in front of the toilet, hugging himself, swinging back and forward. Nicky didn’t want to go back. A single solid thought beside all the others. No! If you aren’t going to kill me, I’m going to do it myself. What point for such freak like me to exist! How should he do it? He frantically searched the room. The blades were locked away. Water! That’s it! He stood up and limped to the bath, plugged the drain and turned the water on, fully opening the tap. He removed the clothes and the collar, that fell on the pile with a clink. He would die free of it. He got in, with his face under the water stream, that washed the blood away. Please, fill up quicker. There was no latch on the door, seemingly, Masters got rid of it as soon as they captured Nicky. He couldn’t lock the door by any means, so he could be found out at any moment. The tub was almost half-full, the tap opened to the full was doing its job well. Please, hurry up, dear. Suck my dick, you fuckers! He laid with his head on the bottom of the tub, the water almost covered his whole face, but it also pushed him out to the surface. As it will engulf him fully, the only thing he had to do was one breath, welcoming it into his lungs. The most difficult breath ever.

He looked at the ceiling. For some reason, tears stopped running. Some kind of shock from his decision was paralyzing him. He was breathing heavily, he memorized the air and the embrace of water, stroking his future killer with his hands, watching it running through his fingers, he memorized the smell of blood, the noise coming from the ceiling that echoed roaring in his head, the piercing light. Soon, there won’t be any of it. He didn’t even know the names of his Masters. No one to curse before he dies. Bastards! No way you get me from there! You can leave your remains of affection to each other, and better choke on them! I need nothing! It only made it worse; things had been much better before without it.

At least, the part of his mind reliable for love was still intact. But the devious part of his mind was fucked beyond recognition. It was a good thing that he hadn’t fallen in love with them, sick and freakish love, the same kind of sick that filled the whole bunker with its insanity. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made this choice, now he only needed to breathe in. No air, just water. Only water. Only water. It will all be much better now. Nicky closed his eyes, stretched his split lips, which left red trails in the water, and with a mad smile, made a breath. To forcefully hold his body underwater, to subdue the will to resurface. No! My ever-faulty body, you’re not gonna steal my death away from me. Nicky opened his eyes. Threads of blood floated above his head, drawing curious designs. The light that pierced the water from above, dissolved into the darkness of the tub, as dark and captivating, as your eyes. It lasted less than a second, his body urged him to breath some more, water in this case, Nicky felt sick. It turned out to be much harder than he thought. He thrashed in the water and instinctively rushed to the surface. Coughing, he turned his stomach inside out. Tears! Again! He could not kill himself! No second chances. This was the end.

At that moment, Master entered the room, and without much hesitation, turned off the water and dragged Nicky out of the bath by his hair to the floor. The water was leaking down his body, and Master didn’t notice it soaking the rug, running towards the carpets in the other room. Nicky kept coughing and crying, the darkness surrounded him, as he barely understood what was going on. The endless pit of sorrow he was falling into. Master grabbed him by the hair and dragged him to the room. Nicky grabbed Master’s hands, but couldn’t even get a proper grip of them. The woman was speaking with Gero by the door of the monitor room. Nicky couldn’t make a word, as there was still the sound of non-existent roaring water in his head.

– Max, get him off the floor, dry him or wrap him in the blanket. Hold and keep him still. Make sure he coughs out all the water, – the woman was clearly talking to anyone but Gero, as she turned around and went towards the monitor room with the dreadlocks guy.

– Where’re you going, Alice?

– Be right back, just don’t let him slip! – a second later she added, – don’t let him slip anywhere.

Master went to the bathroom and came back with a large towel in his hands. He clenched Nicky’s hands together and looked into his face. Nicky wanted to laugh. He learned their names! To laugh right into the eyes full of pitch-black darkness. Master put him on his stomach and lifted him with one of his hands, Nicky began coughing, as the remains of water escaped his lungs. “Get the hell out of me” – thought Nick, – “good for nothing bastard”. Master covered him with the towel and carried to the bed, wrapping him up in the blanket. He lay beside and pressed Nicky against himself. Nicky tried to break away by making limp attempts to push him back, but he did his best. He was unable to escape the silk cocoon of the firm hands.

– Max! Master! Don’t touch me! Please, don’t! It hurts! – Nicky couldn’t understand if he was whispering out loud or screaming it in his head. Soon later, the woman and Gero came back, they unwrapped him, and despite all his attempts to break free, managed to hold him still and pricked him in his butt with a syringe, they removed the towel and re-wrapped him in the blanket cocoon. Mistress remained in the room and lay in front of Nicky’s face, while Gero left to his room.

– Here we go again. There’s no way you recover and talk ever again like this. I would like to listen to you right now. Please, don’t cry. You’ve scared us. My dear, stop crying. Please, kitten, look into my eyes. Listen to me. Listen closely to what I say, – the woman spoke softly and suavely, like all the times she wanted something, or to make him do as she pleased, engulfing him in her voice, wrapping him up in the silk threads, similar to the ones holding his body. Should he look in her eyes, he would fall right into her trap. – Don’t be afraid, I want to soothe you. I want to help you. There now. Just look into my eyes. Look and listen to me, – the woman stroked Nicky’s face, throwing away some of the wet hair. He raised his face a little by the chin. Completely surrendered, Nicky raised his eyes and looked through the gloom into the emerald-green, there were glimpses of concern in her eyes. – Well done. My good boy. Listen to me. You are the best, the prettiest, the most desired. Your screams and moans of pain and pleasure is the most beautiful music to our ears. We are not letting you go. You are ours. And you are our most beloved one. Please, stop crying for now. Believe the feeling that is already running in your blood. Believe my words. Calm down. Why, my sweetheart? No more tears. No more crying. Stop struggling, and Max will ease his grip.

– Max, – Nicky breathed out with his lips, went limp and stopped struggling. Perhaps, it was the medicine, perhaps it was the name being the final line in this web of greenness and soothing words.

– See, it’s all better now. – Master really eased his grip, and Nicky raised his hands to cover his face. – Just relax and calm down. You won’t fall asleep, if you’re afraid. Won’t fall asleep if you don’t want to, – the woman took his hand in hers, interwining their fingers, pressing their palms together, – soon, you’ll feel warmer and stop shivering. I will prepare delicious tea for you by myself with some food to eat; if you want, I can bring some ice for your pretty face and smudge some spots, were it hurts. Right?

Nicky nodded; he still couldn’t avert his eyes. Her palm filled his body with warmth. What a day!


Nicky calmed down and completely stopped crying. He couldn’t imagine what his split and tear-swollen face must’ve looked like, probably ugly and repulsive. When the woman stood up and left to the monitor room, Nicky was left alone with his Master. He began turning in the blanket and rolled around, facing him, throwing away all his fear, looking him straight in the eyes.

– Do you like me? – he asked hoarsely. It was painful to speak. The question was intended to make him feel uneasy. Although, he could easily catch another punch or two for such manner of speech. The hysteria was long gone, so there was no way to justify his behavior.

– Baby, – Master chuckled. Of course, he understood, but his reaction was unpredictable. – Would you like me to kiss you?

Nicky was shocked for a couple of seconds. His mind was racing, trying to process the information. Did it mean “yes, and I don’t care”, or did it mean “yes, I really like you”? He wanted to kiss him. To be more precise, it was him asking Nicky if he wanted to be kissed. Master. Kissed.

– Where? – the dumbest answer he could’ve come up with. He had been beating him not that long ago, completely defenceless in the bathroom, punching his lips to the point of bleeding. He was the reason Nicky had tried killing himself, if he were lucky enough, his soul would’ve been on its way to Heaven, and sad Max would’ve been getting his lifeless body out of the tub.

– Let’s say, right in the lips. – Max was softly smiling. Deep inside, Nicky was screaming, but despite all the common sense, he nodded.

Master softly took Nicky’s head into his hands and moved closer to the split lips. Nicky felt motionless, like a trapped bird. He couldn’t avert his gaze from these eyes. Their lips softly touched, bestowing a kiss, and moved away for a second, in which Nicky thought that it was the end. But Max didn’t stop, he kissed him more and more, licking the blood with his hot and a bit scratchy tongue, kissing one lip after another, spreading them. As he was inside, he swayed the tip of his tongue over Nicky’s teeth, making him open up, and then he went deeper in. He found Nicky’s tongue with his, touched it, and made a few gentle circles around it. Played with Nicky’s tongue ring a little. Persistently at first, then smoothly, then he would return his attention to the lips. The taste of blood spiced up their kiss. Nicky made a deep breath and responded with his tongue meeting his Master’s, trying to invade his mouth. He closed his eyes, unable to look into the deep unfathomed dark anymore. Completely surrendering to the kiss.

Sure, there are many kinds of kisses. There are quick and sharp, like a bird’s peck on your mouth. There are soft and tender. There are the long-awaited and passionate ones, the ones that induce dizziness and desire. It was the very kind of kiss they were having, but at the same time, it was also soft and tender. The kiss he payed the most expensive price for. He wanted to start crying again, that is why Nicky got his hands out of the blanket and curled them around his Master’s neck, moving closer to him. Nicky wanted him to keep on kissing, so that he won’t fall back into his inner emptiness. Max was biting his lips a little, which hurt Nicky a bit, filling his mouth with blood. Nicky made no attempts of breaking away. He was exhausted and was kissing the sadist right into the lips. The worst mistake for Nicky right now would be to start swinging his rights. Nicky only allowed himself to bite a little in response. Painless bites, just playing with fire. Their kiss came to an end, and Max leaned back, ending it in the same manner as he started. Nicky’s whole mouth was covered in blood. Master smiled in his face.

– You’re so beautiful, my kitten. Don’t worry, the bruises will heal up.

Nicky sobbed and pressed himself against him. The phrase didn’t bring him any comfort, but instead it broke something inside. His Master’s lips were crimson, painted in his blood, and Nicky knew too well how he looked from his Master’s perspective and why his Master liked him so much. Was he ready to pay such price for such kisses, the ones that turn his inner world upside down? The heat was taking over, to the point of taking the breath away. The words didn’t soothe him, instead they dragged him deeper into the insanity.

– I want, – he breathed into his ear. I want it right now! Just stay the like this. Please. – Nicky reached his hand to the lower part of Master’s body, searching for the zipper of his jeans, everything was fine down there. As Nick had expected, his Master’s flesh was up and ready. He took his hand off the neck and began battling the zipper and the button with his unruly fingers. – Please, – still, his tears made their way outside, overfilling his eyes. – Please.

Master responded to his request, by helping him getting out of the blanket, pulling him closer. Yes! Nicky’s lips stretched in a smile. Yes! The slut inside him had won, overwhelming all his thoughts and vision with heat and the irrepressible desire. Yes! He mounted him on the top, following the hands that guided him, and leaned against Master’s chest with his hands. Lube! Where should he get one? Nicky quickly looked around the bed, but failed to find anything sufficient. Saliva! Nicky removed one of his hands from Master’s chest, and would surely had lost his balance, for Master holding him tightly. He put three fingers at once into his mouth, spreading saliva mixed with blood. Master stroked Nicky’s belly, his ribs, the footprints left by his beating. Nicky hastily lubed up his hole, unwilling to make his Master wait any longer. So badly did he want to feel him inside! So badly… Moans. Drops of blood from his lips on his shirt. He should lube it up some more, or it won’t do. Saliva isn’t a perfect lubricate, but if saliva it is, he should add more of it. Nicky rushed downwards in an attempt to wrap his lips around the penis, but suddenly stopped. He was expecting at least one more kiss as passionate as the previous one. And after some oral activity, his Master could refuse. Back away! It would be painful, but let it be. He was ready for it. He was on the top, anyway, so he could make it pleasurable for himself. With his free hand, he wrapped his fingers around Master’s cock, fondling it and spreading the pre-cum. Nicky gazed into his Master’s eyes, studying the lips, so desperate for them. To stain him with his blood, as Master had stained Nicky. Soon he would be bombarding his mouth with kisses. Nicky aimed the tip to his clenched ring and relaxed himself. Then he pressed against it and began his steady decent. His breath became more frequent. Finally, he lowered to the base and loudly breathed in. His whole body began shivering. Nicky felt the electricity in the air, he could even taste it in his mouth. Finally, after relishing the moment, he began slowly moving. He liked taking it slow, feeling the fullness inside. He pressed his lips to his Master’s. Like he wanted, he kissed him in the lips, outlining them with his tongue, making soft bites, receiving harsher ones, in return. Now, in the lustful rush and due to chemical reactions in his brain, he couldn’t comprehend just how strong his Master was biting him. Tearing them into flesh. Doesn’t matter! He didn’t care about the blood running down his chin. Nicky backed down and wiped off the blood on his face, without even noticing it. He lifted his Master’s shirt and began sucking his nipples, caressing them one at a time. His Master’s arms were running all over his body, stroking his back, drawing lines across the ribs and sides, fondling the butt cheeks, helping Nicky with his movements, without distracting from the rhythm, chosen by Nicky himself.

It brought so much pleasure to Max. The exhausted bitch was jumping on his dick towards the orgasm, somehow managing to find enough strength for that, allowing to bite its lips with the eyes closed from the pleasure. From a suicide attempt, his mind spiraled upwards, making its way towards pure madness. Max saw it burning in the little beast’s eyes, and he accompanied him in this amusing trip.

Nicky bent out and made a loud moan, no matter how hard he tried to postpone it, the finale was close. Master raised himself into sitting position, Nicky hugged him with both of his arms and legs as hard as he could. The movements became faster and sharper. Nicky was impaling himself to the point it hurt him, to the point of him screaming. He wanted it so badly! Once again, he deeply kissed his Master by pressing his head tight against his face, digging his hand in Max’s hair, unknowingly inflicting pain with his frantic grasp. Master’s hand slipped downwards to Nicky’s scorching organ. Moans, moans, that turned into screams. He couldn’t last any longer.

– Can… I… please… – Nicky whispered right into Master’s mouth. Tears were running down his face.

– Yes, my boy, go on, – Max said it the same way as Nicky did and intercepted the initiative by kissing him and starting moving by himself. Their tongues intertwined. A few sharp pushes.

An explosion! No better way to put it. An atomic bomb. No! A million of atomic bombs, no less. The warmth was spreading across the body, making him shudder in convulsions, thrashing in Master’s arms, screaming through pain with his impaired voice. Nicky went limp, like a marionette doll in his Master’s hands. The ending tore out the remains of his strength, fueled by the mad lust. He was exhausted.


Delicious tea and ice in a bag. Tarts with cream and soft fingers stroking his belly. The noise of the TV. The silk of the soft bed. And promises. Nicky promised that he would never do that again. He promised, that it was the last time he scared them so greatly. The light in the room turned into intimate semi-darkness. Pills and uneasy dreams in their embrace. No escape. Only staying with them.


He was the last to wake up, his Masters were long awake and were minding their business. Nicky began turning in their spacious bed, enjoying the soft touch of the silk. There was a neatly made pile of freshly washed clothes on the edge of the bed. Like a snake, there was a collar on the top of it. So cute! Nicky pulled the collar by reeling the chain on his hand. There’s no way of escaping you, ugly leather stripe. Next came the clothes, completely clean, smelling nice and fresh. No traces of the yesterday’s drama. Nicky put on the clothes and dangled his legs from the bed. He swayed his head from side to side to evaluate his condition. He had a headache, his stomach hurt. Nicky pulled up the shirt and dreadfully observed the damage. All his lower torso was colored in blue and every other possible hue. This looked bad. Now he needed a mirror. Nicky got on the floor and crawled towards the woman, sitting in the armchair. At first, she didn’t notice him, as she was captivated by something in her laptop, right until he rubbed his head against her leg. She took her eyes off the laptop and began rubbing Nicky behind his ear.

– Hello, darling. Be quiet, you don’t need to respond. Shall we go to the bathroom?

Nicky nodded. Yesterday, they had decided that he would go to the toilet and shower only under the condition of being supervised. As if the ever-present cameras weren’t enough. Well, there was no point in arguing, anyway. Nicky extended the leash, giving it into her hands, and she got off the armchair, putting the laptop away. They walked to the bathroom door, the woman pushed it and released the chain. Nicky went forward.

– Stand up. It’s not that comfortable on your fours.

Nicky got on his feet, by leaning against the wall, the woman sat on the edge of the tub and lit a smoke. The mirror. Nicky got closer to it and turned the water on. He raised his head. Yeah… A pitiful sight. Sure, the swollen parts were getting better thanks to Mistress’ treatment and the ice. He was terrified to imagine what would it be for these measures. His eye was swollen and turned into a slit, his eyeball was completely red, everything around it was purple. It wasn’t any better down his face. His lower lip looked like a slab of meat, swollen twice its size if not more. No botox needed. Nicky began groaning and covering his face with hands.

– It will heal up, don’t you worry, honey. Just don’t cry, or else the swelling will appear even bigger.

Nicky nodded, unwilling to look any longer into the mirror, reached out for his tooth brush. Simply brushing his teeth was another challenge. The woman softly stopped him and handed him some liquid from the shelve and ordered Nicky to flush with it. He carefully washed his face with cold water and pressed his face against the towel, letting it absorb the moisture. The next part of their schedule was the toilet. Nicky relieved himself without any complications. His inner organs seemed alright. Now for the shower. Nicky put off the T-shirt, got out of his pants and froze in hesitation.

– Get in, I’ll help you out, – the woman took the shower hose and adjusted the water temperature.

They decided not to wash the head. The woman rubbed him with a soft sponge, the cool water rinsed away the soap.


As they got out of the bathroom, Master was sitting on the bed cross-legged, scrolling through channels with the remote. There was a tray with breakfast in front of him. As soon, as he looked in their direction, Nicky tried to conceal the ugliness of his face, but then he recollected himself and allowed his Master to witness the fruits of their activity. Not a single muscle twitched on Master’s face.

– Hello, my crazy slut, – he smiled and added – in a couple of days you will be good as new.

Nicky nodded.

– Come here now, the cartoons are about to begin.


The day passed uneventfully. They ate, Nicky took his pills and pressed ice to his face. The woman gave him salve, and as soon as it got into his skin, Nicky would re-apply it to the damaged zones. He also pressed ice to his lips, applying some healing lip-balm. They would eat together, and then, Nicky would fall asleep on their bed, usually in someone’s hug. As the night came, the woman led him to the toilet and gave him sedative. It was a calm night. The next day was just like the previous one, the only difference was that his swellings getting smaller, he now was able to open his eye, his lips were becoming normal again. The next few days passed in the same manner. They didn’t even talk about sex. Nicky felt much better. Fever bothered him no longer, his spine was almost completely healed, and with every peek at then mirror, his face resembled more and more of a human.