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Like most queers I love watching porn, particularly twinks making love.  Their young bodies are so beautiful. I love to see a twink’s mouth stretched sucking a big hard  cock. It turns me on seeing their lovely lips surrounding a gorgeous dick. Also making me hard is looking at tongue licking a pink hole.  Nothing more beautiful than seeing the tip of  a tongue on a pink hole and hearing the moan of the bitch being rimmed.  Seeing a hard cock entering that hole is another turn on. After fucking for a while the bottom’s pussy is wet.  Seeing those ass juices starting flow around the cock is a big turn on.  When the top takes his dick  out it is shiny from that wetness.   Is there anything more beautiful then a shiny gorgeous cock that has been inside a pretty boy’s pussy. Perhaps my favorite scene is when the top drops his load on the beautiful pink hole.  I will stop the video to savor seeing that lovely dick spraying cum on that beautiful pink hole. 

I am Jack and have been watching  porn with my bitch boy, Justin.   I am 33 years old, 6ft tall, and weigh 175.   I have brown hair, a shadow beard, a pearl necklace and bracelet and pearl earring.  Justin is 19, is 5,9 and weighs  155.  His body is shaved and smooth.  He wears several rings and on his long fingers with painted pink nails.  Justin is so pretty.  He is the essence of a pretty boy with his blond hair and beautiful face.  Oh how I love fucking my beautiful young boy. He is so sweet and soft. I love his pretty long eyelashes.  I have fucked so many twinks but have fallen in love with Justin.  

We have been together for  several months now and have a wonderful sex life.   We fuck at least twice day and more on weekends.  I have so many photos of us together and the scenes I described above. I love the selfies of the two us together just wearing our boots or high top sneaks.   We are both hard now from watching the porn and have started kissing. We both have fetish for boots or high top sneaks.  We  are naked except Justin is wearing new pair of high white Converse sneaks.   They look so great on Justin’s smooth body.   I am wearing a pair of high black laced Docs.   I  put them on then Justin laces them up.  While he laces them he makes love to the black leather, licking every fuckin inch of those boots.  I run my hands through Justin’s beautiful blond hair as he does my boots.  When he is done, I take one of his white boots and start to lick it and kiss it.   I love these pretty white boots.  I take the toe of the boot and suck it.  

“Do my pretty white boots, Daddy.  They look so good in your mouth.”

Justin starts to fuck my mouth with his white boot. 

Precum starts ooze out of my dick.

“Hey cocksucker, do my dick now and enjoy my precum”

Justin eagerly takes my 6and ½ inches in his mouth.  He sucks it and then kisses me so I can taste my precum.  I savor the taste on my lips.  Justin is great cocksucker and works my cock for what seems like an hour.   I grab his head and start to fuck his face.   My cock looks so good inside that beautiful mouth and face.   I stop and kiss Justin again.  I can taste my dick on his lips.  Oh fuck, this is so hot. 

“I want your pretty ass now”

Justin gets on his hands and knees and I go down on that beautiful ass that I worship.  I work it with my hands, slap it and then make love to it with my mouth and tongue.  Justin is moaning as I do his hot ass.  It is so hot, aching to be fucked by his Daddy. His hole is wet from his juices that are starting flow from his pussy.  I can’t wait to rim his beautiful pink hole that I love so much.  

“Do my hole, Boss.  Oh yeah do my hole.  It feels so good.  Oh Fuck.”

I flick my tongue on his hole for a few minutes then I enter his hole with my tongue and fuck his hole with my tongue.

“Oh yeah.  Fuck my hole with your hot tongue.”

I enter his hole with my fingers now and go deeper inside Justin.   I work his wet pussy with my fingers.  I take them out and then stick them in Justin’s mouth.

“Taste your beautiful ass, bitch”

I lick my fingers to enjoy the taste of my bitch’s ass.  It tastes so fuckin good.  I can never get enough of the taste of Justin’s ass. 

My cock is aching now and I have start fucking Justin.  I mount him with my boots on and start to pound his ass. 

“Reach for the top of my boots, bitch and hold on tight to the leather. We are going to rock for hours.”

I reach down and feel his white boots and hold them as I go deeper inside Justin.  Justin in his  pretty white boots is my woman now taking all of me. 

“I love my beautiful bitch so much”

“I love you, Daddy.  Don’t every stop fucking me.”

After fucking Justin for what seems like an hour, I pull out my cock and come on his pink hole.  OHHHHHHHHH Oh fuck, my cum looks so good there resting on his hole and hot ass.  I have to take a pic of my cock, my cum resting on Justin’s pretty pink hole and his hot ass. 

We lay there for a quite a while as  I embrace my pretty bitch and hold him close to me.

I take Justin’s white boots and start to kiss them. 

“I love your high white Chucks.  Seeing you in them makes me hard, pretty boy”

“Your high black Docs do the same for me, Daddy. I love feeling that black leather.”

“I want to lick your white boots again.”

I take his white boot and start to lick and kiss it again. I suck on the toe,

“I want to feel the toe of your boot on my hole, bitch.”

I get on my back and Justin puts the toe of his white boot on my hole.

“Yeah, do my hole with your lovely white boots. Oh fuck”

After working my  hole, I take the boot and suck the toe again enjoying the taste of my hole.  I then stick it in Justin’s mouth.

“Suck it, bitch.   Taste my ass on your pretty boot.”

Justin is on his back now sucking the toe of his white boot.  Seeing this makes me so hard again and I start to fuck Justin again.

“Oh yeah, suck your pretty boot, bitch, while I fuck you.

Sucking his white boot and feeling my cock deep inside, Justin shoots a huge load that hits my face and chest while I come deep inside Justin.  OHHHH FUCKKKKKKK

“You’re pretty white boots gave us so much pleasure.  Let’s kiss them to show our love for them..

I take off one of his boots and we both lick and kiss it and then we kiss each other.

“We love our fuckin boots, don’t we bitch?”

“We also love our cocks, our hungry holes and our hot fuckin asses”

“Yeah, bitch, I can never get enough of your  pretty pink hole, your hot ass and the juices that flow from that beautiful ass..