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Chapter 52

Calvin watches Markus get thrashed;

Tyler gets punished. Peter has his doubts.


After breakfast, Tony leaves his slave to clean up while he takes Calvin inside for a little chat.

“So I’m going to work my slave over as soon as he gets done cleaning up. He wants it and has a high pain threshold and is used to getting spanked by a number of men. I rescued him from a terrible scene a while back and I’m attracted by his single-mindedness and his craving to become a humbled faggot slave to a demanding Master. I’m not sure I’m destined to become that person, but we’re trying things out now. I’m finding him far more tender than I thought he would be. Despite his masochistic tendencies and his desire for discipline and subjugation, he still has a tender strain within him that I’m trying to acknowledge. Most Masters would simply seek to have the side of him shut down, or, as the bastard who did him in recently, would try to beat it out of the slave.”

“I can’t see you doing anything like that to your boy. I could see the tender touches that are part of your style treating him. Are you planning to give him a painful thrashing?”

“Painful is relative. I suspect that he would eagerly submit to a lot more pain that I’m going to give him tonight, but this will be the most serious beating I’ve given him up until now. Keep that in mind. And one more thing. I would like you to leave as soon as I begin to unbind him. What happens between the two of us at that point is very personal and not something I’m willing to have anyone observe. Please indicate that you understand and will do as I’ve asked you to.”

“Yes, Tony, I promise. As soon as the spanking is completed I will quietly leave. And thank you for being willing to share so much with me. There’s so much to learn.”

“True. Always. One never stops learning in this lifestyle. Those who think they already know it all become dangerous over time. As this boy has experienced.”

“And yet he still agrees to take more of it.”

“yes. But there’s a difference. With me he feels safe. With me he has safe words. With me he has promised to be honest at all times. The other time, that was nothing more than brutality. And here he is now!”

Markus has crawled into the room and grovels before Tony. “Kiss my feet, slave,” says Tony, “while I decide how I’m going to thrash you. This is not punishment today, slave. I am going to thrash you simply because I want to. When you need to be punished, I usually prefer other distasteful ways to deal with a slave. There is nothing distasteful about a slave being whipped. It is the way things have to be. But it is also something arranged between Master and slave. As my slave, you can expect to be beaten in one way or another just about every single day. That pleases me. What also pleases me is the sounds I will hear you making, and I’m ordering you never to be brave and hold back. If it hurts, I want to hear your moans, groans, cries, pleas, begging and sobbing. I beat you to humiliate you, and no one can be as humble as a slave who was just whipped simply to please its Master.

And in addition to that, there is someone here who used to know you as a free man, but now knows that’s been taken away from you and now you’re nothing more than a novice slave.” He’s going to watch me thrash you and see your reactions. Keep that in mind, slave. You are being whipped in public today, and I assure you, it won’t be the last time. Now be a good boy and crawl inside. We’ll begin with you over my knee, hands bound behind your back.

“Up, slave. Put your back to me and hold your hands behind it.” Tony binds the boy’s hands, sits down, and pulls the slave’s collar to get it to bend over his knees until he finds the position what he likes best. Then he takes a small tube of some lotion, pours a little on the slave’s ass and then massages it into both ass cheeks and also the crack and its hole. “This is to increase your sensitivity so this will hurt more than you think it might,” and he continues to massage the slave’s bottom, gently and lovingly, but then all of a sudden every now and then a sharp CRACK lands on its flesh and he continues rubbing again. This continually happens. He doesn’t hit the slave (who is already out of his mind with the mixture back and forth between pain and pleasure) any harder; it’s just that he’s now hitting the slave more frequently, and much more frequently until at last he is rapidly striking the slave’s ass and it’s crying out and writhing over its Master’s knees despite the Master’s orders to stay still. Finally he stops. He looks into the slave’s red eyes filled with tears and says, “Apparently I can’t get you to stop moving around like a fish pulled out of the water. I’m going to have to bind you so that you can’t writhe around. You going to have to learn to lie this way even if you’re not bound, but that will be far off into the future if your survive your training and don’t try to reclaim your freedom.—which, by the way, never works out.”

He grabs the slave’s balls and uses them as a handle so he can pull the slave over to where he wants it to be. A curved and cushioned mat, which Tony likes to refer to as he “spanking stool.” He has the slave lie across it and quickly assembles a whole bunch of bindings, affixing the slave’s torso to the bench in such a way that its ass is raised, presenting a perfect target. Meanwhile the slave’s legs are also bound, and finally Tony wraps a rubber ring around the slave’s balls and fastens them tightly to the “chair” as well. It is nearly impossible for the slave to move around, and if it should try to move its ass away from the beating, his balls will provide a quick reminder to stay still.

Tony next takes a bath brush, leans over to face the slave and gives it a kiss. “You’re being a good boy, allowing your inner slave to get punished the way it always should be,” he says to the boy, shows him the brush and then stands. One swat every 30 seconds and just the sound indicates how much they hurt as well as the fact that Markus is now sobbing.” He stops for a bit and then leans down and whispers into Markus’ ears: “Markus, Markus, do you need to be a slave?” “Yes, Master,” the slave forces out the words. “Do you wish to become my slave?”

“Yes, Mmmmaster, please?”

“Then I haven’t beaten you as much as you need to be beaten so you can know what it’s like to be my slave,” he says, and goes to his supplies and takes garrison belt, folds it over, and proceeds to whale the shit out of Markus’ ass until he hears Markus yell, “YELLOW!” and he knows the slave is close to panicking so he stops. He caresses the slave’s ass with his fingertips which causes the slave to howl out loud. He nods to Calvin, who quietly leaves them alone.

“Lie there for a while, boy. Soak up the pain. Don’t fight it. Embrace it. This pain is going to turn you into a real slave. Feel it taking over your mind as well as your body.” He backs off now, strips, and goes to sit in a chair so that Markus can see him watching. The slave is breathing heavily. “Slow down your breath, boy,” Tony says in a sweet voice, as if to a child.

Tony keeps working on Markus’ mind. “Become aware of every single spot on your body where I have touched you with my hand or bath brush or strap. Feel all of it. Feel the extent of my power over you, over your body, over your mind. Feel it all and never forget it because the next time I want to whip you those spots will be calling out for more attention.”

Tony gets up and takes a damp rag and very gently cleans Markus’ face from the tears and the snot and the puffiness. He doesn’t say anything but allows his hands to deliver the message.

“Markus, I want you to think of something. I want you to think about how a true slave would behave after being taken down from the whipping post. What would be its next most sincere reaction? What would it do to show the Master it understands what it is?”

Markus doesn’t need to think very hard. Already his body has been crying out to crash to the floor and drag itself over to kiss the feet of the man who whipped him.

Slowly, Tony removes the bonds and straps, saving on thing for last: the strap around its balls binding it to the stand. He removes the bonds and says to the slave, “Go and do what a slave like you is supposed to do after getting whipped by its Master.”

Markus collapses immediately to the floor and once he sees Tony’s bare feet he uses mainly his arms to drag himself over there and grovel before the Master as he kisses and licks his feet, showing his gratitude and demonstrating his true willingness to be trained, no matter what that would take.

“Keep licking and sucking slave,” says Tony as he allows a few drops of his piss to fall on his feet, and as soon as Markus gets aware of what this liquid is, he sucks quickly and fiercely. Tony decides to let this last for a while until his feet are really wet and the piss is spreading. “Quickly slave! Tony says in a stern voice “Get all that piss up and down your gut. Don’t leave any on the floor. Then make sure you also lick the bottoms of my feet because they got piss on them as well. Do it, slave! Do something that only a perverted slaveboy or bitch would be willing to do for its Master.”

As far as Tony is concerned, Markus has indeed earned his stripes tonight. It won’t be long before each of them has to make a decision about the future, he knows, but for now, he just wants to enjoy the skill of mentoring a potential slave down the chute into a subhuman faggot slave.

They take showers together and take care of each other. Then the large fluffy towels lead them into bed. Markus waits until Tony gets comfortable, waiting for a summons or an order to go lie down somewhere else alone. His heart is throbbing. He needs it so much now, comfort from this awesome man for whom he wants to become the perfect slave, no matter what that might mean. Tony kisses him beneath his ear and whispers to him, “You are a very good boy.” And with those words echoing in his heart, the slave falls sound asleep Tony rests his head in his hand with the elbow on the bed and just lies there, watching the beautiful face of this boy who needs so much love, wondering if it would demand too much of him, wondering if it’s time to send the boy off in search of the next Dom to take charge of him who won’t be distracted by any emotional attraction but only on the raw experience of training and disciplining a novice slave.

. . .


 Tyler is in chains, around his neck, connected to his manacled hands and feet, locked away in what his Master calls the “thinking place,” a tiny room about the size of a broom closet. All he can do there is think since most motion is impossible. And so he thinks:

“Peter is a sadist. I’ve known that before I ever agreed to be with him. In fact, that is why I wanted to be with him. Needed to be with him Needed to be taken to the lowest place in the Master/slave hierarchy, an owned piece of property subject to intensive correction, humiliation, punishment and training, require to give pleasure to the Master by taking the pain, the control and the total subjugation and absorbing it into himself, “singing,” groaning, crying, sobbing in reaction to Master Peter’s intense training. That is what I am. That is what I need to be. That is why I begged Peter to try me out and see what he could get from me.”

“And then today, I blew it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Master was raping my throat, as is his right, and in the midst of gagging and choking and almost vomiting while struggling to get enough breath to survive, instead of gratefully appreciating Master’s effort to train me how to take his cock, I let fear and pride take over. Fear that I couldn’t handle it, that I could never measure up to what he wants in a slave, pride that he was breaking my spirit and taking over my throat without any regard to my discomfort, and this damn pride poked its head into the scene suggesting to me that I am not that low, that I cannot tolerate being treated this way, even though in my heart of hearts I knew that was exactly what I wanted and needed. And I let it affect my mood. And Master knew something was off with me, and that displeased him.”

“When he pressed me to reveal what was going on with me, all I could do was break down crying and sobbing like some stupid little boy, and having the audacity to cry to him that I wasn’t good enough to be the type of slave he wanted. In my stupidity, I failed to realize that my tears and my sobs as I crouched down there naked were the very things that give him the most pleasure of all. Even while crying to him that I was not enough of a slave to please him, I was giving him pleasure by pouring out my heart and my doubts and my fears, stripping my mind as naked as my body is at all times.”

“Then Master pointed out how stupid I was being. Master reminded me that in my stupidity I forgot that he had given me safewords, and that only reason the way his cock was assaulting me the way it did was because I had never indicated that it was too much for me by actually using the safe words he has given me so I could indicate things were getting too difficult for me! Stupid, stupid, stupid. I deserved the face slapping, the fact that my face is still stinging, the spit covering my face, I deserve to be bound this way like a recalcitrant slave and locked in this tiny space where I could have the privacy and the silence to think over how defective I had been for the Master who is trying so brilliantly to break me and control me and it was all my fault.”

“I will remain here for as long as he thinks I need to. It feels like its been hours already but I’m sure that isn’t true. I also know what when Master Peter decides I’ve had enough time to think about what I am and what I want to become and how I need to change my attitude, especially when things get really difficult, then he will unlock the door and remove my chains and then I will crawl to him and beg to be punished for my stupidity. I cannot do that unless I really mean it because Master has repeatedly told me that when he is punishing me safewords are invalid, that I will simply endure what he thinks I deserve, and dammit, I’d better be ready to taste the pain and absorb it and let it feed my masochism. I’d better be ready to once again surrender to Master Peter’s desire to turn me into the type of object he’s always been looking for. And the truth is that deep down inside, I crave his discipline. It feeds my own twisted needs. It is gift that he along can give me. Yes, I’ll get afraid. Yes, the pain will be great. Yes, I will cry out and probably break down. And Yes, I deserve it for being so stupid and for not being able to hide my inner distress from him. I have to realize that of all the stupid things I had done, hiding my truth from him was the worst offence of all.”

“And so, I know that when he releases me from this imprisonment, he will punish me the way he sees fit, and it will be beyond my limits to endure. I deserve it. I need it. I want him to possess me the way he wants to, not the way I want to.”

While tyler is mindfucking himself in that little closet, Peter is in his office on the phone with Tommy.

“Tommy, I’m not going to be able make it over tonight. The slave is going to be punished for holding itself back from me and by the time I’m finished with it, it will be in no condition to leave the house at the time we agreed to meet. I’m sorry to have to cancel, but the training of this slave has to take priority for me right now, and, as you know, I operate out of a very different philosophy that you have, and rightfully so. You two are beautiful. I cannot allow this slave to be exposed to that beauty right now. The day will come when it will have little effect, but what I have to do with it tonight will help us take a step in the right direction.”

“Peter, I respect your single-mindedness and support you in doing what you feel needs to be done to help tyler find the proper place for him to be in the hierarchy. I’m looking forward to the time when things will be settle with him. Tell me, are you still planning to allow him to attend the wedding with you?”

“I can’t say for sure right now. We still have three days. Miracles can happen. No matter what the situation is, I will bring a guest with me for sure, someone who I know will appreciate being part of the love-feast you two are planning. Thank you for understanding. You and your boy are very precious to me, and precious to the slave as well, even if it is possibly not in a place where it will be able to appreciate what will be happening on Saturday. I’ll be in touch, my friend. I’ll be in touch.”

The call is disconnected.

Tommy goes to the bedroom where dylan is busy folding the laundry for the two of them. “What a sweetheart, being so domestic, doing things that I really hate doing.”

“Of course, Sir. I’m here to make your life easier in whatever ways I can.” Tommy hugs him from behind and nibbles on the back of his neck for a while. “Baby, don’t make me sore back there or it might be a problem wearing the new collar you got for me to wear in New York City.”

Tommy stops nibbling and instead, smacks his lover on the ass. “Smart-ass.”

Dylan mumbles something that Tommy doesn’t catch. “What was that, boy? Tell me what you just muttered.”

“I was just remarking that sometimes I’m the one who has to be the smart-ass.”

Tommy laughs. “I hear you! But you know that sometimes a smart-ass gets turned into a sore-ass. . . . “

“Bring it on. I am your slave.”

“Maybe some OTK time later on. I need to tell you something right now.”

“What’s that?”

“There’s a possibility that tyler will not be allowed to come to the wedding with Peter. That’s all I can say about it. You know how Peter can be. Just imagine what that’s like for tyler being there full-time now.”

“Yes, and I keep saying, baby, that it is not wise for tyler to be there 24/7 so soon in their relationship. It’s going to be too much in the long run.”

“You may be right, sweetheart, but look at it this way: You would be very unhappy—angry even—with anyone who tried to influence that way I’m handling you.”

“You’re right. Damn angry.”

“Of course. But then doesn’t that mean that we really have to hold off butting into whatever is going on with Peter and tyler?”

“Sometimes, baby, you make so damn much sense . . .” and Dylan drops to the ground to lay a few nice kisses on Tommy’s feet. Tommy helps him up.

. . .

PETER unlocks the door to tyler’s prison and orders him to crawl out. Once he’s out, Peter takes his keys and unlocks the chains and manacles, leaving the slave completely free of any bonds at all.

“I assume you have reached a proper mindset for someone who claims he wants to be my slave.”

“Yes, Master. Your slave realizes its stupidity and even pride. You slave admits that the way it was thinking was the cause of its discomfort and bad mood. Your slave begs for whatever appropriate discipline you may decide it needs.”

“Stand up.”

tyler stands, his insides in an uproar because he knows punishment will be swift and severe because that’s what a slave like him needs.

“Follow me.”

Peter leads him into the garage, which is basically equipped as a dungeon. He binds tyler around the waist and locks him into position. The only purpose of this is to make sure that tyler can’t move away from the punishment it is about to receive.

Peter picks up a thick leather strap about 18 inches long.

“Hold out your hand, palm up, fingers out straight.”

tyler does as ordered With one quick slash Peter brings the strap down upon tyler’s upturned palm. Tyler screams and pulls his hand away but can go no farther.

“The other hand.” tyler tremble while holding his palm out. THWACK! tyler screams and shakes his hand in the air as an attempt to relieve the pain. Tears are already flowing down his cheeks.

Peter isn’t finished. He looks at the slave and says “The other one,” and with a look of fear on his face, tyler struggles to raise his hand and get it into position. And for the second time the strap comes down on his already wounded hand! Now he scrams out loud again, but Peter speaks over his screaming. “The other one!” he demands and lashes the slave again.

A third round is completed and now both of tyler’s hands are practically unable to even hold a pencil.

Tyler takes the strap off tyler’s waist and has him stand out in the center of the room. He binds the slave’s aching hands behind its back.

“Spread your legs, faggot!”

Peter lifts one foot off the floor and delivers a hard blow to the slave’s balls, causing it to bend over from the pain. All in all, Peter delivers ten swift kicks to the sobbing slave, who has now collapsed onto the floor, trying to hold its balls with hands that can hardly hold anything else.

Peter speaks again, “Take those hands and open my belt. Take out my cock.”

It take the slave quite a while to do this and every motion it has to make to obey its Master brings even more pain to its hands and fingers. Finally, Peter’s cock, semi-hard, is out in the open air.

“Put your mouth over my crown and get ready to gulp,” orders Peter, “in gratitude for the way I am training you.”

That makes it even ten times more humiliating. “Eat the humiliation” tyler reminds himself.

The flow begins slowly but then grows to a full stream and tyler keeps swallowing its Master’s piss, careful not to let any escape from its mouth. This takes quite a while now and Peter enjoys hearing the sound of his slave gulping it down.

“Let me see your eyes while you’re gulping down my piss, slave,” says Peter and in the slave’s eyes he sees just how humiliating this is for the boy who had rarely ever tasted piss until begging Peter to train him to be a total slave. “And by the way, I’m not done punishing you. I just wanted you to realize how I’m turning you into a fucking piss-drinking faggot slave. Just like you were begging for without realizing it.”

Finally, Peter is finished. “Suck the tip clean, faggot. Get that tongue into my slit.”

He takes his cock out of the slave’s mouth and then slaps it across the face several more times. “Get your face on the ground and your ass up,” he says as he goes to pick up the strap he had used on the slave’s hands earlier.

He strikes the slave’s ass and the crack of the strap is immediately followed by an outcry from the slave. “That’s right, tyler, sing for your Master.” And he strikes the boy again, this time in the top of the back of its legs, and tyler cries out, “this slave deserves this beating!” and  starts to sob as he feels the heat and sting of the lash setting deep into its nerves.

“The next time you consider hiding yourself from me or trying to run away, remember what is happening to you now. It will be worse if it happens a second time.” And down comes the strap again, right across the center of tyler’s ass. “I fucking told you that corporal punishment is my main tool when training a slave, and still you begged me to take you as my own property. So this is how it feels when you fuck up,” and down comes yet another lash, crossing the previous one.

tyler is amazed that there are still levels of pain its Master hasn’t yet reached, but that the depths of pain seems unending as each lash introduces the slave to a new level of agony. “Yes, faggot. This is the way I intend to train you to behave like the slave I want you to be.” Another lash, upper legs again and tyler now goes into a panic and rolls over, trying to get away from Peter’s strap. So Peter throws the strap to the floor and picks up the whip made of rawhide laces and lashes the slave anywhere he can get to as the slave continues to howl and crawl about the room trying to escape the lashes from its Master’s whip. Peter seems to be enjoying the chase, judging by the way he laughs whenever he lays a good solid blow on the slave’s body.

After a good long while, Peter decides the slave has had enough. With his foot he manages to get the slave flat on its back. He places one foot on its chest and holds it down while he leans forward and spits onto the slave’s face several times, then moves his foot down and presses its balls into the ground, looking down at tyler’s face red with tears and puffy eyes a wet face and snot dripping down to its chin.

“You look so fucking beautiful like this. A picture of a slave being trained by its sadist Master. I’ll have to snap your pic like this the next time I get you to this state. So anyway, I’m done. Crawl inside and get yourself cleaned up as best you can. When you’re done go cook my supper. 5 egg omelet with mushrooms, onions and cheese. One dish. You can lick up my leftovers like you did at breakfast. Ring the bell when it’s ready. Fresh coffee, too, and you can have some as soon as you make it.”

Without another word, tyler drags himself along the ground into the bathroom, still sobbing, caught up as he realizes that this was the most severe punishment he has ever received from anyone, more than any Masters he’s ever had to serve. Most humiliating, too. And it really hurts a lot and he’s glad he can feel all of it. This is what he’s always needed, as strange as that may sound to some. He doesn’t even try to understand it. He just lives in search of what he’s craving for and now, body aching and throbbing in so many places and the bite of the strap felt more deeply than anything else except when Master’s whip hit him square on the nipple and a couple times across his balls. He promise himself that he’ll never again entertain any secret thoughts to keep from the Master, and never again think of giving this up and walking away from it. He begins to realize that he really is becoming a bound prisoner with a fantastically jealous and sadistic Master. He doesn’t know where to go next with his thoughts. Amazing the way he’s been broken today. He runs cool water over his still throbbing hands and then gradually gets it a little warmer so he can wash his face of tears and snot, then rinses it out and tries again with hotter water, hoping to settle down some of the puffiness in his face. He looks over his body and puts a cooler cloth over some of the places that seem to have taken the most, realizes that he will be black and blue for a few days, and actually hopes that the Master doesn’t plan to expose him to others like this.

Meanwhile, Peter calls Tommy again.

              “Tommy, we definitely will not be able to make it tonight. My apologies. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday and to celebrating what you two have found in each other. I’m not sure whom I’ll be bringing; perhaps tyler, perhaps not depending on his condition and attitude. I won’t bring him unless he’ll be a positive presence at this special event in your life.”

“Peter, I don’t completely understand, but I appreciate your call and will be interested in who you bring Saturday if not our friend tyler. Someday, I’m sure I’ll finally get to understand all this.”

“That’s fine, buddy. Ask your boy about it. Maybe he can help you understand more.”

“Exactly what I’m planning to do right now, in fact. See you on Saturday, Peter.”

Hmmmmm. Tommy isn’t even sure he wants to understand what’s going on over there. Anyway, he  goes to find dylan and when he does, he puts his arms around him from the back and walks him into the bedroom. He gently pushes dylan down on the bed and hops on alongside him. “Gotta ask you something, slaveboy.”

dylan smiles. “You can ask me anything, Master. You own me, remember?” and he kisses Tommy’s cheek.

“So here’s what just happened. I don’t completely understand. Peter called me to tell me they can’t make it tonight, that tyler isn’t in good physical or mental space at the moment and he’s not even sure he’ll bring him Saturday—unless, he says, tyler will be able to provide a pleasant experience of his presence and attitude. He says he might decide to bring someone else instead. I really don’t care about that part. What I’m trying to figure out is what’s going on over there between the two of them. What do you think since you’re a slave just like tyler?” and with this he winks at dylan.

dylan is silent for a good period of time. Tommy gently tows with his nipples. “Okay. I might be completely wrong but this is what I’m thinking: 1) tyler got in trouble.  2) tyler got punished, and don’t forget that the both of them are into heavy pain, so it must have been a real serious punishment. And after that I’m not sure. Probably tyler won’t be able to come because of his physical condition. or tyler isn’t handling it well being punished like that and now he’s in a funk or angry or spiteful or something like that.”

“Wow. So much involved. All I know is that you’re always in good space and grateful to me when I do something to keep you in line.”

“Sure, but I’ve never done something that made you feel I deserved to be punished.”

“True. So you think that punishment was probably heavy-duty and that it’s possible tyler is resentful or even angry now?”

“Right. One of these days we’ll find out. I’m sure I’ll have chances to talk to tyler about it, maybe not right away, but later on. But from what I know of tyler, I don’t really think he’d get resentful. I mean, after all, he’s always told me he wants humiliation, discipline, control and tough training and it seems like Peter can provide all that.”

“Unless, of course, once it happened to him for real he might realize that he really can’t handle it. It was a fantasy that was much rougher than anything he  can handle.”

“You’re such an adorable cuddly sweetheart, Tommy. Of course you’d like to see something happen to not be so dangerous for him. You are always the one to look out for everyone’s good, even if you don’t fully know what to do. That’s one of the many things I love about you, Sir. That’s why I always know I’m safe when I’m with you.”

“Here’s a crazy idea, pup: Do you think that tyler feels safe with Peter the way you are with me?”

“What a WILD thought!!!!!  I’m definitely going to ask him that one day. . .  Me hungry, Daddy.”

Tommy smiles at him and pats his cheek. “PP&J hungry or hot dog hungry,”

“Hmmmmmmmmmm,” thinks Dylan, “hot dog hungry, daddy, with onions and hot sauce. the thick ones,”

“Okay baby. Go put on your blue shorts and a dark blue t-shirt and I know where I’ll take you. You’re gonna love it.”

“Underpants, Daddy?”

“No, boy. We’ll only be out for a while.”

dylan presents himself dressed the way Tommy told him to dress, slips on his flipflops and they’re off. Tommy’s favorite Jewish Deli Restaurant. They get hot dogs and toppings and a potato pancake with applesauce and dylan gets a crème soda while Tommy has a beer. “You’re driving home, boy, because I feel like getting a little buzzed.”

“yes, Sir. And if you get a little buzzed, I should probably get to be a little worried, Tommy.”

Tommy chuckles. “right. worried but safe!” They both laugh and then get quiet because the food comes. Awesome. Won’t need much supper tonight.

. . .


One of the rules that Peter wisely set in place right from the beginning is that every single time Peter does anything to cause a slave pain, after it’s all over it must get down and lick its Master’s feet to show its gratitude (and to indicate that it’s in good space). He’s had enough experience with subs and slaves to know that they can be somewhat unpredictable after a scene has ended. He’s seen a couple of examples in clubs where a guy got worked over and as soon as it was over he suddenly got angry and went to assault the guy who had worked him over, even though everything that happened was something he was into and he appeared to be turned on through the entire thing, not even using any safe words. So anyway, Peter knows it can happen, so he’s pleased that before tyler made it way into the kitchen to prepare supper, it crawls u to Peter in his office and begins to lick his feet to show its surrender and gratitude. That doesn’t mean everything’s completely okay with it, and Peter will have to look it over in a little while. It just means that it’s grateful to its Master for taking control of its life, especially when it deserves to be punished or that Peter has an important point to make. Certainly, Peter is pleased to get the signal because he had really pushed the envelope that way he punished his slave before.

Another reason that Peter has put this policy into place is so they don’t constantly have to have conversations—Are you Okay?—at a time when it is better for the slave to be able to suffer the pain of the punishment in silence without being asked any invasive questions. They communicated without words.