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Reader discretion is adviced, this story contain graphic content depicting violence and rape which may not be suitable to all readers. This is a fictional story and do not portray real events or real persons.

(All characters in this story are 18+)

I walked into class just like any regular school day, and sat down into my desk. I’m a senior, 3 months out from graduation just ready to start the next chapter of my life. I am absolutely tired of everyone from this school and this town, and I just want to get away.

To describe myself my name is David, i’m not the tallest at 5’9, which is just enough to not be short but not tall enough to be tall. I have short brown hair, green eyes, and a clean smooth face. I don’t participate in any sports, but i regularly workout so I have a lean defined body. I weight at around 160 so I am definitely more on the skinny side.

One thing about me is I don’t like school. I don’t do any after school activities like sports or anything so I really have no reason to want to come everyday except to graduate. I have lots of friends at school, but i’m not really close to any of them out of school. Most of the day I don’t really talk and just keep to myself.

I don’t like my teachers all that much, but one teacher I especially don’t like is my gym teacher Mr. Gene. Mr Gene is also the head football coach, and he stands at 6’2 with a muscular body that also screams coach with a slight belly. He has a buzzed head of black hair and a thick black beard. I haven’t seen much of his other body features, but his arms are quite hairy so i’d imagine so is the rest of him.

Today I was having a particular uneventful day, gym is my last period so I tend to just wait for it to end so I can go home. However, today Mr. Gene had other plans. He decided to make us run the entire period, and I was not about to do that.

”Mr. Gene i’m not running”, I told him.

”Everyone is running David”, he declared, not even looking at my direction to argue.

Another thing about Mr. Gene is that he is a bully. He comes off as rude and demanding a lot of the time.

”I’m not running all period its the last class of the day there’s no way anyone wants to run right now”, I announced with the whole class going quiet and looking in anticipation of what might come next.

Mr. Gene slowly approached me, with a dirty look in his eyes.

”I don’t know who you think you are, thinking your gonna start some gym class uprising in my class, but your running and your gonna like it”, he declared, with sounds of oohs silencing the gymnasium.

”I’m not running because some old guy told me to”, I said, turning and walking towards the locker room.

”If you enter that door your going straight to detention!”

His threats didn’t bother me, and there’s no way i’m about to get sweaty at the end of my day for no reason, so i kept walking and entered the locker room and left the building.

After driving myself home I sat in my room doing homework and playing video games all night until I went to sleep and woke up the next day.

It was friday and I made my way to school, already knowing that i’ll have to deal with Mr. Gene today. That’s when I decided that i’ll just skip his class and go home, because there’s no way i’m going to his class and then detention on a friday. My day went by as normal, and I left the building and went home right as I was supposed to be in gym class.

It was after dinner that night when my father came bursting into my room, telling me the school had called and that I skipped detention and a class, so now I have saturday school. All this over a stupid gym class.

I knew I had to go tomorrow because if I didn’t my next consequence would be worse, but I really did not feel like being at school on a saturday. Nonetheless I woke up early in the morning, showered and headed to school.. on a saturday.

I walk in the building, expecting some other people to be here, but there wasn’t anyone.. just me. As i entered the building Mr. Gene was waiting for me inside the entrance, and told me to follow him to the locker room. 

“We’ll be spending your detention in my office and you can sit and think about your actions as I finish work”, he said with a stern tone.

His office was inside the locker room, which isn’t all that odd since he is a football coach. I sat in a chair in the corner as he sat at his desk doing whatever he was doing on his computer. It seemed like he was grading things. We sat in silence with only the taps of his keyboard filling the room. It seemed he had wrapped up his things, because after a click of a mouse, he stopped typing and we sat in silence.

“You know why you’re in here right now?” he asked.

I didn’t respond.

”Because you disrespected me.” he said, “and I don’t like when people disrespect me.”

I just sat there looking at the ground.

”And your disrespecting me now,” he said, “he at dentention on a saturday, when i’m not even supposed to be here you disrespect me.”

I still sat in silence, unsure of what he would even want me to say.

”Alright that’s it.” He said as he stood up out of his seat. He reached in his desk for a few seconds, but i couldn’t see what he pulled out. But then, he grabbed his computer and moved it to the ground, and then he moved the pictures, papers, and pencil boxes off the desk until it was empty. Now i could see what he pulled out, handcuffs.

”What are you doing with those?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything, then he came over to me and grabbed me by the throat and picked me up. I started to squirm but he pushed me to the desk, grabbed my arms and cuffed them. He turned me so my back is pushing into the desk, and he stood between my legs so I couldn’t kick. 

“If you want to disrespect me then i’ll do this my way”, he said.

He grabbed my throat again and squeezed, and with his other hand reached back and slapped me across the face with it. I had handcuffs on my hands behind me so there was nothing I could do. He pushed me down to the ground so I was on my butt with my handcuffs still on, head leaning against the desk.

He still stood between my legs so I couldn’t kick, and he reached down and unzipped his jeans, took off his belt, and reached into his pants. He looked me in the eye as he reached and pulled out soft cock probably around 4 inches, but I could see the slight pulses making it grow harder. He stood there holding it in front of me, my eyes widened, as it slowly grew to the size of 8 inches. He slowly moved his hand up and down on it with it still nearing my face.

”What the fuck are you doing,” I asked in a panic trying to turn away.

He pushed my head hard against the desk and pressed his dick to my lips. I kept my mouth closed until he used his other hand to pull my hair until I screamed, giving him way to shove his entire dick in my mouth. I screamed through his cock, but all that came out were muffled noises.

”You won’t ever treat me with disrespect again,” he said in a state of rage.

He then slowly inched out and rammed his whole dick down my throat. I instantly gagged and nearly threw up there. He then again slowly inched out and rammed it back in. I again felt the gagging happen and felt the need to throw up. I screamed but nothing could be heard, and tears filled my eyes as I was being violated by my gym teacher.

”Suck or it’ll be more difficult,” he said.

I didn’t know what he meant, but I didn’t want to find out, so I slowly pushed my mouth down on his dick and back up. I repeated this slow a few times until I pulled all the way out.

”I’m not gay and i’m not sucking your dick.”

”Suck, now,” he said.

I shook my head, and with that he grabbed my head and rammed his dick into my throat again. Only this time, he didn’t come back up, he held it in place. I felt his dick lodged into my throat, and his thick black pubic hairs brushing my nose and chin. I felt like I was gonna throw up, but my body just wouldn’t. I wanted to cry but my body wouldn’t let me. As his dick was rammed down my throat, he pulled his jeans and underwear down to his ankles, and kept hold of my head until I struggled to breathe. Then, he let go and backed away for a second.

“Stay,” he demanded.

I didn’t know what to do, but I just sat there helpless on the ground handcuffed. He stepped out of his jeans and underwear, took off his buttoned shirt, and stepped out of his shoes. Then he removed his socks and stood over me naked.

He lifted my whole body onto the desk and layed me there, there wasn’t a thing I could do. He grabbed my legs and tied rope to either side of the desk so my ass was up and stomach was down. He cut off my sweatpants and underwear, so I was naked from the waist down. He walked over to the side my head was on, and he stood over me

”You really should’ve listened,” he said evilly, “Now you have to make my saturday worth it.”

He put his dick back in my mouth and he didn’t have to tell me twice to suck. I was scared shitless and figured if I just got it over with he would let me go. I bobbed back and forth on his dick for a few minutes until I felt the pulsing, then he stopped. He pulled out and just sat there thinking.

”Please let me go, I did what you wanted just please let me go” I pleaded, but he was having none of it.

He didn’t say a word, instead he grabbed his sweaty underwear and shoved it in my mouth. It smelled like sweaty man and musk, and tasted even worse. I gagged at the thought of it. He walked to the back of me and grabbed hold of my ass.

”I don’t like hairy asses”, he said.

With that I heard the sound of an electric razor, and I felt a cold buzzing on my ass. He shaved my entire ass and asshole, occasionally slapping my now smooth ass as hard as possible. After some shaving he stopped, walked over to me, and bent himself over right in front of me and pushed his ass into my face. I screamed into it, but nothing came of it. He reached around and ripped the underwear from me and pushed his ass into my face harder.

”Lick my asshole,” He demanded.

”No way!” I screamed.

He turned towards me, grabbed my neck and started to choke me.

”I said lick my asshole!” He yelled.

He turned again, and this time i stuck out my tongue and moved it up and down his hairy stinky asshole. I wanted to throw up this was discusting. It tasted and smelled just like his underwear except worse. He ever so slightly moaned and played with his dick.

”Oh yeah that feels good,” he said, backing up into me.

A spark raged in him and he turned and started fucking my mouth. He plunged his dick back and forth into my mouth at quick speeds until his dick started to shake and I felt the first shot fire into me. I screamed into his dick at the cum, but more and more cum spurted into me. It started dripping out as he pulled out and shot another load on my forehead, and then one in my eyes and on my nose. I sat in discust and embarrassment, unable to do anything.

He walked away and grabbed his phone, and as he walked back he took a picture of my face cover in cum, with the view of my ass poking up in the background.

“Listen to my every instruction or else this picture will get “leaked” into the school.” He said.

My anxiety spiked as I knew if I didn’t listen everyone would see my face covered in Mr. Gene’s cum.

Mr. Gene untied the ropes from my legs, and undid the handcuffs.

“Follow me,” he said.

I followed him as he walked into the gym, and turned towards the wrestling room. We entered and he locked the door behind him. The wrestling room had no windows and was incredibly hot at all times, with padded floors to wrestle of course.

“Take off your shirt,” he demanded.

I knew he had those photos, so I took off my shirt and now I was butt ass naked and so was he. He walked over to me and grabbed my cock, and he pulled it to his and told me to jerk them both with one hand. I rubbed over cocks together, and he grabbed my throat and forcefully kissed me. He shoved his tongue into me and swirled it around in my mouth.

Out of nowhere he pushed me to the ground hard. He stood over me and slapped me in the face again. He then sat on my face, bent forward, and sucked my dick in 69 position. I took the hint and started and lick his asshole as I played with his dick with my hand. Although I didn’t want to be here, his mouth felt good and my dick started to betray me and got hard, as he continued to suck my 7 inch hairless dick. He sucked and I licked and it started to feel really good. His hairy ass was discusting, but I started to get turned on and got into it.

We continued for about 10 minutes until I felt like my dick was gonna explode, and it did right in his mouth. He held it all in his mouth, and he stood up, leaned over my face and grabbed my face, opened my mouth, and spit it all in my mouth. I tried to spit it out but he grabbed his underwear and shoved it in my mouth again. Now I had a mix of my own cum, Mr. Genes saliva, and his sweaty underwear in my mouth.

He stood up and flipped my over on my hands and knees. He grabbed my hips and lifted them until my ass was in the air and he began licking my asshole. It felt incredibly good, so I backed my ass up into him as he kept going. I couldn’t talk through the cum and the underwear, but I didn’t have to for him to know I was enjoying it.

Then out of nowhere he stood up and rammed his entire dick into my ass. I screamed for him to stop and scratched at the floor.

”You better stop screaming and enjoy it,” he said.

I listened and I tried not to scream, even though he was violating my undiscovered asshole, literally tearing me in half. I continued to just take it, knowing there wasn’t a single thing I could do to get out of this situation. The pain was unbearable, and his pace was quick so I had little time to adjust to it.

After a couple of minutes it started to feel good and shortly after I was moaning. I didn’t know what happened that switched it so fast but now i was feeling incredible and begging for more.

”See you like it you little whore,” he said.

And the truth is I was starting to like. I was starting to find the whole situation hot, and I wanted more. I backed up into him more and continued moaning loud. He kept the pace and continued giving me a fucking. He winded his hand and slapped my ass hard, but I didn’t budge and just kept moaning. He slapped me again, and again, and he kept slapping me.

This went on until he gripped my ass with all ten fingers and drove his dick into my asshole a few more times and stopped, and I felt it pulse and a load of warm fluid filled my asshole. He grabbed my dick under my leg and jerked it, causing it to erupt after just a couple of strokes. He kept his dick in my ass with his cum seeping out of it.

”This is why you don’t disrespect me boy,” he said.

He pulled out of me and walk towards the door.

”When your ready come back to my office,” he said, “and if you keep being bad i’ll have to bring some more teachers to our detention sessions.”