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We finally get to the restaurant, I was getting afraid that Clark might have wanted to stop for a blowjob, at least that was the feeling I was getting from his shorts. When he puts me down and chains the bicycle, I am once again stoned by our height difference. My head reaches only a bit higher than his cock, and with his erection his cockhead is probably above me. However, Calrk tries to readjust his monster so it’s not that obvious, it doesn’t really work.

“Okay Clark, I’m going to the locker room, you can wait around here, I don’t have money to invite you to anything”

“I’ve already told you, I’m asking for a job”

“Wait, you were serious?”

“Yeah, of course”

“Hahaha, good luck with my boss”

“What? Do you think it’s funny? I bet I can get the job, easy”

“Sure, big guy, I’m wining this bet”

“Okay then, If I win, you’ll have to do one thing I ask of you, no complaining. And if you win, I’ll do what you want”


We shake hands, his being ten times bigger than mine. I wonder what would Clark request of me, he is definitely getting dominant, but I know my boss. He is a big fat piece of shit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful that he gave me a job, but he only accepted because he is paying me minimum wage and he is getting half of my tips as well. I may as well start thinking of what I could ask Clark to do for me. I would love to fuck his big ass, but I have no dick to do that anymore.

This thought depresses me. When I’m with Clark it’s easy to accept my new reality, but now that I’m alone in the locker room, looking at myself in the mirror, I don’t recognize my reflection. I can only see the top of my body above the sink, with my white hair and grey eyes, wearing the clothes I used as a child. Everything is coming back to me pretty heavily. I start to get undressed to change in to my uniform when I hear the door. It’s my coworker, Randy.

“Hey there, big boy. Are those new clothes? Hahahah”

He is an asshole. Clark’s powers make people think I’ve always been like this, but I guess they don’t make it normal.

“Very funny, Randy”

“Have some sense of humour bro, I’m just messing with you. I mean, who doesn’t like wall-e. I guess the only difference is that you haven’t grown since they dropped it on cinemas, hahaha”

I can feel my face turning red. I quickly remove my clothes, wanting to scape wall-e, but I don’t realize it’s goanna be worse until it’s too late. Now I’m only wearing speedos, which are quite tight on my butt, but make it obvious for anyone to see my absence of package.

“Wow, that’s rich” Randy says looking at me “I would laugh but this is just sad”

I want to disappear, I try to put my uniform, but it’s just too big, it doesn’t fit. I get nervous, and cold. I start to freak out with Randy looking at me and laughing, I try to look the other way, facing my locker, but I notice him taking photos. Then I hear the door once again, this time is Clark, bringing a bunch of clothes.

“I got it, Kev! I win!”


“Yeah babe, it was easy, told you so. I even got the locker next to yours and this uniform”

Clark leaves the clothes in the bench next to my locker and kisses my forehead in excitement. Then he starts to undress while explaining how easy it was for him to convince the boss. Apparently, boss liked how directs and confident Clark is, stating that there is always work for a real man. I’m in shock, everything gets colder still in my speedos. I don’t really know how to react.

“Wow bro, you are HUGE. Who are you?”

Randy approaches Clark, taking a look not only at his height but also at his soft cock that’s already like 10 “.

“Hey, I’m Clark, Kevin’s little brother and your new coworker. You?”

“Hahahaha, his little brother? Hahahaha, wow I’ve heard about you, but I never expected you two to be so different. I’m Randy, it’s nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you too, Randy”

“I guess the younger brother took all the good genes, am I right?”

Clark looks at me with a smirk in his face. Randy pushes me a bit with his elbow while saying that. When he does this, he immediately moves back like when you get electrocuted.

“What the fuck Kevin? You are frozen. White hair, cold as fuck and 2 feet tall, who are you, Olaf? Hahahaha”

I feel so humiliated. Still unable to dress because I don’t want to put back the wall-e t-shirt in front of Randy. I notice a change in Clark face expression.

“Randy, you are ready, right? Would you leave us?”

“What? We are having some fun between coworker, don’t be…”

“I’ve said LEAVE US”

Clark tower over Randy, even for a regular guy Clark is tall, in addition to his muscles. I feel a heat wave coming from Clark, something weird is happening.

“Ehm… sure, bro… I mean… boss”

Randy says before leaving with his tail between his legs. Not even after the door closes, Clark kneels to be face to face, still nude. He grabs my head with both hands. It’s like someone grabbing a coconut for him with those hands.

“Are you alright?”

“Not really, I feel humiliated”

“Not that, I know you like that. I mean physically”

“What? No, I don’t like that”

“Kev, I KNOW you like that” he touches my package, I then realize I’m as hard as I can get, maybe I do like being compared with Clark… “I’m talking about you being cold”

“Well, now that you say it. When I’m with you I’m warm but when we are apart, I get cold all the time, but it’s been cold lately, wight? I’ve seen ice”

“Babe, it’s almost 80 degrees outside”


“Yeah, I think this is a side effect from our bond. I have been sweating a lot and feeling very hot when I’m away from you”

“You just felt so hot for a moment talking to Randy. What’2 happening?”

“Normally, when we bond the dominant one takes stuff from his sub, you know that already. On thing we doms also take is heat, to make subs dependant of our temperature. Nothing crazy, but since our case is so extreme…”

“So now I can’t be on my own?”

“No, don’t worry. This is temporary, until we adjust to our new bodies. I think you are developing ice abilities, while I have extreme heat” For once I’m getting something out of this exchange, maybe this is actually a good thing “ but…”


I can see in Clark’s face that I’m not going to like what will come next. Why can’t I have ice powers without a “but”?

“But, until we can control this, there might be times when we lose control, and we have to be very close for a long time. Specially if you don’t want me to burn down our house”

“Okay, that doesn’t sound as bad”

“Great! I thought you wouldn’t like that”

“I mean, we are already cuddling a lot, I don’t mind that”

Clark smiles at me, his dirty look and smile, I can’t resist when he gets happy about me showing up affection. It’s hard sometimes, I wasn’t gay and now I’m with the manliest man I have ever seen. But I’m getting used to it.

“Well, we should get ready to work. I brought you some clothes. I figured yours would not fit”

“Thanks! I do need them”

He is such a sweetheart, not even I thought about the clothes, but he did. Clark stands up to give me the clothes. His movement makes his giant cock fly and hit me in the face. If he notices, he doesn’t say anything about it.

“Luckly, our boss is pretty fat, so I can use some of his clothes”

At the restaurant we have to wear a green polo and brown cargos with a black belt. Clark puts on the polo, which is still pretty tight, and you can see his pecs and soe hair popping out. Then, he puts on the cargos, but these are cargo shorts, not long trousers. These shorts fit him better than my red sporty shorts, but they are tight as well. You can see the outline of Clark’s cock, specially since he doesn’t have underwear and it’s a bit stiff.

“Wait, those are shorts, you have to wear long cargos”

“Boss is fat but not very tall. His cargos weren’t long enough for me, so shorts it is. How do I look?” he spins around showing off his huge ass. The shorts are at limit stretch in his big thighs. I can’t avoid salivating while looking at him, at his hairy legs. One of his calves is bigger than my bicep “That good, eh?”

“Oh sorry, yeah you look hot”

“Thanks babe. Now your clothes, hope you don’t get mad”

“Why would I…”

I stop talking when I see Clark holding a brown mini skirt. I just stare at him for a moment, I silence.

“You are joking, right?”

“Sorry, Kev, they don’t make men trousers small enough for you, and the boss doesn’t have kid size obviously, so woman clothing is the smallest option”

“But they must have trousers, right?”

I already know the answer. My boss is quite sexist, so he didn’t bother in making trousers for female employees, that’s probably why there aren’t any women working here. Clak looks at me with a “sorry buddy” expression that doesn’t fool me, he is having fun with this. I give up and take the skirt and a girl polo, which at least is just the usual green polo.

“You look adorable”

“Yeah yeah. Having fun, aren’t we?”

I start getting cold again, even if I’m wearing cloths now.

“I’m serious. I love to see your tiny hairless legs in those. And with these clothes you will be able to work properly”

When he makes this comment, I can’t keep myself from comparing our legs. If you could combine both my les in one, one of Clark’s legs would still be way bigger. His tanned skin and dark hair make his muscles look even bigger. Meanwhile, my legs are pale and hairless, with barely any muscle. I’m starting to get horny again.

“I guess you are right”

“Aren’t I always”

Clark pets my head with one of his enormous hands and bends down to kiss me in my forehead before whispering in my ear.

“I think you look so cute that we can play for a bit before work”

“Here? Are you mad? If they see us, we are fired”

“They won’t, don’t worry” with all his mighty strength, Clark stans up and moves one row of lockers to put it in front of the door, sealing the entrance “Besides, I can’t work like this, can I?”

He says this while holding his package with one hand. The outline of his hard cock goes along right under his belt, almost disappearing behind him. My nostrils get dilatated as I look at his fat sausage of a cock. Clark takes of his polo, revealing his godly torso, with his giant and hairy pecs.

I’m mesmerized as he comes closer taking out his belt and releasing his beast. When he stops right in front of me, playfully moving his cock to my face without touching it, I have to look all the way up to see his face, god he is so big, we are both standing and still…

“Enjoy” he says

Not wasting a second, I start to kiss and lick everything I can reach. Starting with his hairy belly, I move all my face around it like a pig looking for truffles. I take in his scent, so manly, so sweaty. Since he is standing I can’t reach his pecs with my mouth (not even on my tippytoes), so I start touch and squish them with my small hands, unable to hold the entire muscle with one hand. My mouth gets impatient, and I start to lick I kiss Clark’s thighs, bending a bit under him. I get some hair in my mouth, but who cares. Then Clark closes his legs, trapping my head between his gigantic muscles.

“Uffff, how hard I have to resist not to squish your tiny head. You look so fucking small down there, I can’t barely see you below my pecs and cock. Fuck! You better start sucking, bitch”

 After holding my head tighter and tighter, almost breaking my neck, Clark finally releases me. I start taking air throw my mouth as fast as I can, this made me realize how much I am at his mercy, I’m like a toy for him. But before I can take much air, Clark grabs my head with one hand and pulls me to his gigantic balls.

“Come on cocksucker, show me what you can do down there. Since you are at my cock level you should get used to kiss me there rather than my mouth. Come on cutie, try to swallow one, yeah go for it”

After some minutes of worshiping Clark’s balls, the boss starts knocking at the door, calling for us. Clar bends and pulls my speedos down, leaving the mini skirt on. After that, He stands up again, hitting my face with his cock like before, but harder. This time I’m sure it’s been on purpose. Then hi grabs me by my armpits and lifts me like if I weight nothing to him.

“Okay, let’s finish quickly, shall we cocksucker?”

Using me like a literal sex doll, Clark puts me upside down, moving my mouth directly to his thick cock and pushing it all the way into my throat. With no hesitation, he starts to fuck my mouth like a beast.

Not leaving me without any fun, Clark moves my ass to his face. First, he kisses and licks my asshole anxiously, at the same time as he fuck my face. But then his tongue goes further. Once again, our size difference is noticeable, and his tongue feels big in my hole.

After a while of fucking, not allowing me to breath with his horse cock, Clark cums ate the same time as I have my orgasms. He releases way to much cum.

“Swallow everything cocksucker” its hard to do being upside down and with his monstruous dick deep into my throat, but I do as ordered.

Part 5, end.